Ezekiel 47
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1And he moved and he brought me to the door of the house, and I saw the waters that went out from under the eastern porch of the house, and those waters descended from the side of the house, from the south of the altar 2And he brought me out by the north gate, and he took me around from outside by the gate of the courtyard that faces to the East, and I saw the waters going out its right side

3And while a glorious man went out and a measure in his hand, also he measured one thousand cubits and he brought me into the water unto the ankles 4And he measured one thousand cubits and he brought me into water unto the knees, and he measured one thousand cubits and he brought me in water unto the groin 5And he measured one thousand cubits, a stream that no man can cross, because the waters had increased, and the stream had become powerful, and no man was able to cross it 6And he said to me: “Behold, son of man!” And he carried me and he set me on the bank of the torrent 7And as I sat, I saw on the bank of the torrent very many trees, on this and on that side 8And he said to me: “These waters that go to Galilee to the east and go down to the north, and they go down into the Sea into stagnant water, and they sweeten the waters 9And every living soul that is brought forth where the waters of the torrent are, lives, and there are many fish, because of those waters that go down there, and they sweeten the waters 10And fishermen were standing by it from EynGad and unto EynEglyn. It shall be the spreading the nets, and there shall be many fish in it, like that of the Great Sea 11And its exits and its entrances shall not be sweetened, but they shall be salt 12And in the torrent, all food trees shall grow up on its sides, from here and there. Their leaves shall not fall and their fruit shall not rot, and on the first of every month they shall be bringing new fruit, because the waters that they drink are going out from The Holy Place. Their fruit shall be for eating, and their leaves for healing

13Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: ‘The valleys of the border which they inherit for the land, for the twelve tribes of Israel, and for a portion of Yoseph 14For you shall inherit it, a man from his brother, for I have lifted my hands to give it to your fathers, and the land shall be divided to you for an inheritance

15And this is the border of the land to the north of the Great Sea: the road of Khethrun that enters to Tsadad 16And Khamath and Beruth and Sepharvaim that is between the borders of Darmsuq and the borders of Khamath and Khatsar, the middle of which is on the border of Khuran 17And the border will be from the Sea to Khatsar Ainan that is on the border of Darmsuq and Tsephon that is in the North, which is on the border of Khamath; this is the north side

18And from the east wind from between Khuran and from between Darmsuq and from between Galeed and the land of Israel, and Jordan the border on the Sea east of Tamar; this is the East side

19And the south wind of Tamar and unto the waters of Maribath Qadish, the inheritance of the Great Sea

20And the border unto Nakakh that is in the entrance of Khamath; this is the West side

21And you shall divide this land for the tribes of Israel 22And when you shall divide it as an inheritance for yourselves, and those who are converted to me who dwell among you, and they give birth to children among you, they also shall be as the children of Israel and they shall divide the inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel 23And the tribe that has in it one who is converted to me shall give him an inheritance in it, says THE LORD OF LORDS

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