Acts 27
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1And Festus commanded concerning him to be sent to Caesar to Italia and he delivered Paulus and the other prisoners with him to a certain Centurion from the regiment, Sebasta, whose name was Julius. 2And when it was time for us to journey, we boarded a ship, which was from the city Adramantius and it was going to the region of Asia, and Aristarkus, a Macedonian, entered the ship with us who was from the city Thessalon?qa. 3The next day we came to Sidon and the Centurion treated Paulus with compassion and allowed him to go to his friends and be refreshed. 4And from there we sailed, and because the wind was against us, we went around unto Cyprus. 5And we passed through The Sea of Qiliqia and of Pamphylia, and we arrived at Mura, a city of Luqia. 6And the Centurion found a ship there from Alexandria that was going to Italia and he put us on it. 7And because it was hardly moving for many days, laboring we came next to the island Qnidus, and because the wind would not permit us to go straight, we went around to Crete, opposite the city Salmona. 8And we labored as we sailed around it and we came to a place called Lemana-Shappira and it was near a city whose name was Lasea.

9We were there for a long time until the day of the fast of the Jews had passed, and it was fearful for a man to travel by sea, and Paulus was counseling them, 10And he said, “Men, I have seen that our voyage will be with calamity and great loss, not only of the cargo of our ship, but also of ourselves.” 11But the Centurion was listening to the Helmsman and the Shipmaster rather than to the words of Paulus. 12And because it was not suitable to winter in that port, many of us wanted to journey from there, and if it was possible for us, to arrive and to winter in a certain port which was in Crete, called Phoenix; and it faces toward the south.

13And when the south wind blew and they hoped to arrive according to their desire, they went around Crete.

14And after a little while, the wind of a hurricane came upon us called “Typhoniqos Euroqlydon”. 15And the ship was carried by force and could not stand against the wind and we surrendered to its power. 16And when we passed an island called Qeuda, we were scarcely able to hold the lifeboat. 17And when we took it up, we girded it and retained it to the ship, because we were afraid lest it fall in a declivity of the sea, and we took down the sail, and so we moved on. 18And when the storm arose upon us, it was severe; the next day we threw goods into the sea. 19And the third day, we cast away the implements of the ship with our hands. 20And as the storm held it for many days and the sun had not appeared, neither the moon nor the stars, all hope for our lives was entirely cut off.

21And when no one was able to endure the situation, then Paulus arose in their midst and said, “If you men had believed me, we would not have sailed from Crete, and we would have been spared this loss and this suffering.” 22“And now I counsel that we shall be without harm, for the life of none of you will be lost, but only the ship.” 23“For tonight, an Angel of The God whose I am and whom I serve, appeared to me”, 24“And he said to me, 'Do not fear, Paul, for you will stand before Caesar and, behold, God has given to you as a gift all who travel with you.' “ 25“Therefore, take heart, men, for I believe God, that it is so according to what was spoken to me.” 26“However, we must be cast upon a certain island.”

27And after fourteen days, we wandered and we were buffeted in the Hadrian Sea; at midnight, the Sailors thought that they were approaching land. 28And they cast an anchor and they found twenty fathoms and they journeyed again a little more and they found fifteen fathoms. 29And we were afraid lest we would be found in places that have rocks in them; we cast four anchors from the prow of the ship, and we were praying that day would come. 30But the Sailors sought to flee the ship and lowered the lifeboat from it to the sea, in the pretense that they would go in it and tie the ship to land. 31And when Paul saw it, he told the Centurion and the Soldiers: “If these do not stay in the ship, you cannot survive.” 32And the Soldiers cut the ropes of the lifeboat from the ship, and they left it adrift.

33And while it was yet morning, Paulus persuaded all of them to take food, as he said to them, “Behold, today it is the fourteenth day of peril and you have eaten nothing.” 34“Therefore, I beg you to take food for the sustenance of your lives, for not a hair of any one of your heads will perish.” 35And when he said these things, he took bread and praised God before all of them, and he broke it and began to eat. 36And they were all comforted and received nourishment. 37And we in the ship were two hundred and seventy six souls. 38And when they were filled with food, they lightened the ship, and they took wheat and threw it into the sea.

39And when it was day, the Mariners did not know what land it was, but they saw beside the dry land a certain bay of the sea where they were wondering if it were possible to drive the ship. 40And they cut the anchors from the ship and left them in the sea and loosed the rudder bands of the rudder, lifted the small top sail to capture the wind, and they were sailing toward dry land. 41“And the ship touched a prominence between two deep channels of the sea, and it was stuck in it and stopped upon its front end, and the end of it did not move, but the stern was destroyed by the force of the waves. 42The Soldiers had wanted to kill the prisoners, lest they would take to swimming and escape from them. 43And the Centurion denied them this because he wanted to save Paulus, and those who were able to take to swimming he commanded first to swim and to pass on to land. 44And they sent the rest of them on boards and on other wood of the ship, and thus all of them escaped to land.

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