2 Chronicles 32
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1After these accounts and this truth that Hezekiah did, Sankherib King of Assyria came and he encamped against Yehuda by the strong fortresses, and he said to their inhabitants: “Take the right hand and come to me!” 2And Hezekiah saw that Sankherib King of Assyria and their armies came for battle to Jerusalem. 3And he took counsel, he and his Governors and his mighty men, to cover the waters of the fountains that were outside of the city, and his Governors helped him. 4And the people of Israel, a great multitude, was gathered, and they covered all the fountains and the great brooks that were within the land, because they were saying: “Lest the King of Assyria will come and they will find the many waters 5And they would strengthen themselves, and they would build a wall against another wall, and they would stop up the canal that David made.” And Hezekiah made a supply of many arms and shields and spears. 6And he appointed men, workers of war, over the people, each over ten, and he gathered them to him in the street of the city, and he spoke with all of them and said to them: 7“Be valiant and be strong! You shall not be afraid and you shall not tremble before the King of Assyria and before the armies that have come with him, because that which is ours with us is greater than that which is with him! 8With him is the power of the flesh and with us is LORD JEHOVAH God who shall help us, and he shall fight in our battle!” And the heart of the people was encouraged because of the statement of Hezekiah, King of the house of Yehuda.

9And after these things, Sankherib, King of Assyria, sent Rab Shaqeh, and he came to Jerusalem and his Servants with him, and he was encamping at Lakish, and his Governors with him, against all of the house of Yehuda that is in Jerusalem, and he said to them: 10“Thus says Sankherib King of Assyria: ‘On whom do you trust, you who are dwelling in prison in Jerusalem? 11Hezekiah is deceiving you to betray you, that you shall die in famine and in thirst, and he deceives you and says to you: LORD JEHOVAH our God will save us from the hands of the King of Assyria! 12Where is Hezekiah who removed the high places and the altars and said to those of the house of Yehuda and to its inhabitants of Jerusalem: ‘Before one altar you shall worship and on it you shall offer up incense’? 13And doubtless you will know whatever I have done, I and my fathers, to all the Gentiles in the cities, the gods of these Gentiles were unable to save their cities from my hands! 14Who is there among all the gods of these Gentiles whom my fathers killed with the sword who were able to save their cities from my hands, that LORD JEHOVAH is able to save you from my hands? 15Also now, do not let Hezekiah deceive you, and do not let him cause you to trust on this. You shall not believe him, because your God cannot save you from my hands! All the nations and kingdoms were unable to save their cities from my hands and from the hands of my fathers, neither can your God save you from my hands!”

16These things his Servants were speaking before LORD JEHOVAH God, and before Hezekiah his Servant. 17And he wrote letters reproaching LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel, and saying to the people of Israel: “The gods of these cities could not save their cities from my hands, neither can the God of Hezekiah save his city from my hands!” 18And they called in a loud voice in the language of the Judeans to the people who were sitting on the wall of Jerusalem that they would terrify them and they would shake them, so that they would seize the wall of the city. 19And they spoke by the gods of the Gentiles of the Earth, also by the God who was Ruler in Jerusalem, that he would pay them for the works of their hands.

20And Hezekiah and Isaiah son of Amuts the Prophet prayed because of this, and LORD JEHOVAH listened to the voice of their prayer. 21And LORD JEHOVAH sent an Angel from before him, and he destroyed all the mighty men of the army and the Counselors and the Governors who were in the camp of the King of Assyria. And the King of Assyria returned to his city, as his face was ashamed, and he came to the house of his gods, and his sons who had come out from his loins murdered him there with a sword. 22And LORD JEHOVAH saved Hezekiah and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem from the hands of Sankherib, King of Assyria, and from the hand of all the Lords of their borders. 23And many of the children of Israel were bringing gifts to LORD JEHOVAH to Jerusalem and were giving gifts to Hezekiah, King of the house of Yehuda, and he was lifted up higher than all the nations.

24And after these things, in those days Hezekiah became ill unto death, and he prayed before LORD JEHOVAH, and he said: “You have done many miracles for me, and you have turned toward me, not according to the work of my hands.” 25And this illness with which Hezekiah was ill was because his heart was lifted up, and there was anger upon him and upon those of the house of Yehuda and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 26And Hezekiah became ill by the pride of his heart, he and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the anger of LORD JEHOVAH did not come upon them in the days of Hezekiah.

27And Hezekiah had riches and honor in great abundance, and he made himself storehouses for silver and for gold, and for precious stones, and for sweet spices, and for round shields, and for pleasing and desirable vessels. 28And storehouses for crops of grain and of wine and oil and green vegetation for all the animals. 29And fields for domestic animals and for sheep and for oxen and for beasts, because LORD JEHOVAH had given him very much property. 30And Hezekiah covered the outlet of waters of the upper spring with earth and he cast them to the west side of the city of David, and Hezekiah was successful in all his works. 31And he was seeking the Law of LORD JEHOVAH, just as it was given in the land, and it knew everything that was in his heart.

32And the rest of the accounts of Hezekiah, and his grace and his beautiful ways, behold, those are written in the Prophecy of Isaiah, son of Amuts the Prophet, also in the Book of the Kings of Yehuda and of Israel. 33And Hezekiah fell asleep with his fathers, and they buried him in the city of David, and all the house of Yehuda did great honor to him in his death, and they returned to Jerusalem, and Manasheh his son was made king after him.

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