1 Chronicles 14
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1And Khiram, King of Tsur, sent Messengers to David, and he sent him cedar wood and Stone Masons of building, and Carpenters of wood to build him a house. 2Then David had known that LORD JEHOVAH had chosen him that he would be King over Israel, and his kingdom was exalted above, that he would be King over his people Israel.

3And David took wives from Jerusalem after he came from Khebron, and sons and daughters were born to David. 4And these are the names of the sons that were born to him in Jerusalem: Shamua and Shakub and Nathan and Solomon. 5And Yabkhar and Elishema and Eliphlat. 6And Nikh and Nephag and Naphi. 7And Elisha and Elida and Eliphlat.

8And the Philistines heard that David was anointed to reign over all Israel, and all the Philistines had come up to seek David, and David heard and he went out to meet them. 9And the Philistines came and they camped in the Valley of the Giants. 10And David asked of LORD JEHOVAH and said: “Shall I go up against the Philistines, and will you give them into my hands?” And he said to him: “Go up, and I shall give them into your hands.” 11And they went up to the Valley of the Gap and he destroyed them there, and David said: “LORD JEHOVAH broke through my enemies before me like a gap of waters.” Because of this, they called the name of that place Peqatha d’Turatha. 12And they left their idols there, and David said to his mighty men: “Burn them in fire and scatter their ashes to the wind!”

13And the Philistines continued to go up and encamp in the Valley of the Giants. 14And David asked again of LORD JEHOVAH, and he said to him: “Do not go up, but turn yourselves from them and go take them from their front.” 15And when you will hear the sound of wailing on the top of the mountain, then go out for battle, because then LORD JEHOVAH will have gone out before you to destroy the encampment of the Philistines.” 16And David did so just as LORD JEHOVAH had commanded him, and he destroyed the encampment of the Philistines from Gebun even unto Gadar. 17And David was going out to all the cities, and LORD JEHOVAH put his fear upon all the nations.

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