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way·ḵa·hên — 2 Occurrences

Numbers 3:4
HEB: הָי֣וּ לָהֶ֑ם וַיְכַהֵ֤ן אֶלְעָזָר֙ וְאִ֣יתָמָ֔ר
NAS: and Ithamar served as priests in the lifetime
KJV: and Ithamar ministered in the priest's office in the sight
INT: no had served Eleazar and Ithamar

Deuteronomy 10:6
HEB: וַיִּקָּבֵ֣ר שָׁ֔ם וַיְכַהֵ֛ן אֶלְעָזָ֥ר בְּנ֖וֹ
NAS: his son ministered as priest in his place.
KJV: his son ministered in the priest's office in his stead.
INT: was buried and there ministered and Eleazar his son

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