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ū·mir·‘eh — 2 Occurrences

Ezekiel 34:14
HEB: בְּנָ֣וֶה טּ֔וֹב וּמִרְעֶ֥ה שָׁמֵ֛ן תִּרְעֶ֖ינָה
NAS: in rich pasture on the mountains
KJV: and [in] a fat pasture shall they feed
INT: ground good pasture rich and feed

Nahum 2:11
HEB: מְע֣וֹן אֲרָי֔וֹת וּמִרְעֶ֥ה ה֖וּא לַכְּפִרִ֑ים
NAS: of the lions And the feeding place of the young lions,
KJV: of the lions, and the feedingplace of the young lions,
INT: is the den of the lions and the feeding he of the young

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