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hā·’ar·bā·‘îm — 3 Occurrences

Genesis 18:29
HEB: אֶֽעֱשֶׂ֔ה בַּעֲב֖וּר הָאַרְבָּעִֽים׃
NAS: [it] on account of the forty.
KJV: I will not do [it] for forty's sake.
INT: do account of the forty

Numbers 33:38
HEB: שָׁ֑ם בִּשְׁנַ֣ת הָֽאַרְבָּעִ֗ים לְצֵ֤את בְּנֵֽי־
NAS: there in the fortieth year
KJV: and died there, in the fortieth year
INT: there year the fortieth had come the sons

1 Chronicles 26:31
HEB: לְאָב֑וֹת בִּשְׁנַ֨ת הָֽאַרְבָּעִ֜ים לְמַלְכ֤וּת דָּוִיד֙
NAS: and fathers' [households], in the fortieth year
KJV: of his fathers. In the fortieth year
INT: and fathers' year the fortieth reign of David's

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