3500. Yether
Strong's Concordance
Yether: Moses' father-in-law, also the name of several Israelites
Original Word: יֶתֶר
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Yether
Phonetic Spelling: (yeh'-ther)
Definition: Moses' father-in-law, also the name of several Israelites
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from yathar
Moses' father-in-law (see NH3503), also the name of several Isr.
NASB Translation
Jether (8), Jethro (1).

III. יֶ֫תֶר proper name, masculine (abundance; on form and meaning of this and the following proper name see LagBN 52, 198) —

1 father of Moses' wife Exodus 4:18 a (E; probably text error, elsewhere יִתְרוֺ, q. v.)

2 eldest son of Gideon Judges 8:20, ᵐ5 Ιεθερ.

3 father of Amasa 1 Kings 2:5,32; 1 Chronicles 2:17, ᵐ5 Ιεθερ; = יִתְרָא 2 Samuel 17:25, ᵐ5 Ιοθερ, Ιοθορ; ᵐ5L Ιεθερ.

4 men of Judah, ᵐ5 Ιεθερ:

a. 1 Chronicles 2:32 (twice in verse).

b. 1 Chronicles 4:17.

5 a man of Asher 1 Chronicles 7:38 ( = יִתְרָן 1 Chronicles 7:37), ᵐ5 Ιεθερ, A Ιεθηρ, ᵐ5L [1 Chronicles 7:39] Εθραν.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
Jether, Jethro

The same as yether; Jether, the name of five or six Israelites and of one Midianite -- Jether, Jethro. Compare Yithrow.

see HEBREW yether

see HEBREW Yithrow

Forms and Transliterations
יֶ֑תֶר יֶ֖תֶר יֶ֙תֶר֙ יֶ֥תֶר יתר לְיֶ֣תֶר ליתר lə·ye·ṯer leYeter ləyeṯer ye·ṯer yeter yeṯer
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Englishman's Concordance
Judges 8:20
HEB: וַיֹּ֙אמֶר֙ לְיֶ֣תֶר בְּכוֹר֔וֹ ק֖וּם
NAS: So he said to Jether his firstborn,
KJV: And he said unto Jether his firstborn,
INT: said to Jether his firstborn Rise

1 Kings 2:5
HEB: וְלַעֲמָשָׂ֤א בֶן־ יֶ֙תֶר֙ וַיַּ֣הַרְגֵ֔ם וַיָּ֥שֶׂם
NAS: the son of Jether, whom he killed;
KJV: the son of Jether, whom he slew,
INT: Amasa the son of Jether killed shed

1 Kings 2:32
HEB: עֲמָשָׂ֥א בֶן־ יֶ֖תֶר שַׂר־ צְבָ֥א
NAS: the son of Jether, commander
KJV: the son of Jether, captain
INT: and Amasa the son of Jether commander of the army

1 Chronicles 2:17
HEB: וַאֲבִ֣י עֲמָשָׂ֔א יֶ֖תֶר הַיִּשְׁמְעֵאלִֽי׃
NAS: of Amasa was Jether the Ishmaelite.
KJV: of Amasa [was] Jether the Ishmeelite.
INT: and the father of Amasa was Jether the Ishmaelite

1 Chronicles 2:32
HEB: אֲחִ֣י שַׁמַּ֔י יֶ֖תֶר וְיוֹנָתָ֑ן וַיָּ֥מָת
NAS: of Shammai [were] Jether and Jonathan,
KJV: of Shammai; Jether, and Jonathan:
INT: the brother of Shammai Jether and Jonathan died

1 Chronicles 2:32
HEB: וְיוֹנָתָ֑ן וַיָּ֥מָת יֶ֖תֶר לֹ֥א בָנִֽים׃
NAS: and Jonathan, and Jether died
KJV: and Jonathan: and Jether died
INT: and Jonathan died and Jether without sons

1 Chronicles 4:17
HEB: וּבֶן־ עֶזְרָ֔ה יֶ֥תֶר וּמֶ֖רֶד וְעֵ֣פֶר
NAS: of Ezrah [were] Jether, Mered,
KJV: of Ezra [were], Jether, and Mered,
INT: the sons of Ezrah Jether Mered Epher

1 Chronicles 7:38
HEB: וּבְנֵ֖י יֶ֑תֶר יְפֻנֶּ֥ה וּפִסְפָּ֖ה
NAS: The sons of Jether [were] Jephunneh,
KJV: And the sons of Jether; Jephunneh,
INT: the sons of Jether Jephunneh Pispa

8 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 3500
8 Occurrences

lə·ye·ṯer — 1 Occ.
ye·ṯer — 7 Occ.

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