Song of Solomon 7
Holman Christian Standard Bible  Par ▾ 
1 How beautiful are your sandaled feet, princess!a, b

  The curves of your thighs are like jewelry,

  the handiwork of a master.

  2Your navel is a rounded bowl;

  it never lacks mixed wine.

  Your waistc is a mound of wheat

  surrounded by lilies.

  3Your breasts are like two fawns,

  twins of a gazelle.d

  4Your neck is like a tower of ivory,e

  your eyes like pools in Heshbon

  by the gate of Bath-rabbim.

  Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon

  looking toward Damascus.

  5Your head crowns youf like Mount Carmel,

  the hair of your head like purple cloth —

  a king could be held captiveg in your tresses.

  6How beautiful you are and how pleasant,h

  my love, with such delights!

  7Your stature is like a palm tree;

  your breasts are clusters of fruit.

  8I said, “I will climb the palm tree

  and take hold of its fruit.”i

  May your breasts be like clusters of grapes,

  and the fragrance of your breath like apricots.j

  9Your mouthk is like fine winel —

W flowing smoothly for my love,

  gliding past my lips and teeth!m

  10I belong to my love,

  and his desiren is for me.o

  11Come, my love,

  let’s go to the field;

  let’s spend the night among the henna blossoms.p

  12Let’s go early to the vineyards;

  let’s see if the vine has budded,

  if the blossom has opened,

  if the pomegranates are in bloom.q

  There I will give you my love.

  13The mandrakesr give off a fragrance,

  and at our doors is every delicacy —

  new as well as old.

  I have treasured them up for you, my love.

a. 7:1 Lit daughter of a nobleman or prince
b. 7:1 Ps 45:13
c. 7:2 Or belly
d. 7:3 Sg 4:5
e. 7:4 Sg 4:4
f. 7:5 Lit head upon you is
g. 7:5 Sg 4:9
h. 7:6 Sg 1:15-16
i. 7:8 Pr 5:19
j. 7:8 Sg 2:3
k. 7:9 Lit palate
l. 7:9 Sg 5:16
m. 7:9 LXX, Syr, Vg; MT reads past lips of sleepers
n. 7:10 Gn 3:16; 4:7
o. 7:10 Sg 2:16; 6:3; 8:6
p. 7:11 Or the villages
q. 7:12 Sg 6:11
r. 7:13 Gn 30:14-16
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