2661. kataxioó
Strong's Concordance
kataxioó: to deem worthy
Original Word: καταξιόω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: kataxioó
Phonetic Spelling: (kat-ax-ee-o'-o)
Definition: to deem worthy
Usage: I deem (count) worthy.
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2661 kataksióō (from 2596 /katá, "down, exactly according to," which intensifies 515 /aksióō, "weighing as much as, proportional") – properly, to weigh in exactly (on a balance-scale) which determines exact worth; weighing that reflects actual, precise worth; hence, to count (weigh) something as worthy (accurately assessing its exact worth). See 515 (aksioō).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from kata and axioó
to deem worthy
NASB Translation
considered worthy (3).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2661: καταξιόω

καταξιόω, καταξιω: 1 aorist passive κατηξιωθην; to account worthy, judge worthy: τινα τίνος, one of a thing, 2 Thessalonians 1:5 (Polybius 1, 23, 3, etc.; Diodorus 2, 60; Josephus, Antiquities 15, 3, 8); followed by an infinitive, Luke 20:35; Luke 21:36 (T Tr text WH κατισχύσητε); Acts 5:41, (Demosthenes 1383, 11 (cf. Plato, Tim. 30 c.)).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
count worthy.

From kata and axioo; to deem entirely deserving -- (ac-)count worthy.

see GREEK kata

see GREEK axioo

Forms and Transliterations
καταξιωθεντες καταξιωθέντες καταξιωθηναι καταξιωθήναι καταξιωθῆναι καταξιωθήτε καταπαίξεται κατάπασαι καταπασάμενοι καταπάσασθε κατέπαιζον κατέπαιζόν κατεπανουργεύσαντο κατεπάσατο κατηξιωθησαν κατηξιώθησαν kataxiothenai kataxiothênai kataxiōthēnai kataxiōthē̂nai kataxiothentes kataxiothéntes kataxiōthentes kataxiōthéntes katexiothesan katexiṓthesan katēxiōthēsan katēxiṓthēsan
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Englishman's Concordance
Luke 20:35 V-APP-NMP
GRK: οἱ δὲ καταξιωθέντες τοῦ αἰῶνος
NAS: but those who are considered worthy to attain
KJV: But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain
INT: the [ones] however having been accounted worthy to the age

Acts 5:41 V-AIP-3P
GRK: συνεδρίου ὅτι κατηξιώθησαν ὑπὲρ τοῦ
NAS: rejoicing that they had been considered worthy to suffer
KJV: that they were counted worthy to suffer shame
INT: Council that they were counted worthy for the

2 Thessalonians 1:5 V-ANP
GRK: εἰς τὸ καταξιωθῆναι ὑμᾶς τῆς
NAS: so that you will be considered worthy of the kingdom
KJV: ye may be counted worthy of the kingdom
INT: for to be accounted worthy you of the

Strong's Greek 2661
3 Occurrences

καταξιωθῆναι — 1 Occ.
καταξιωθέντες — 1 Occ.
κατηξιώθησαν — 1 Occ.

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