155. aitéma
Strong's Concordance
aitéma: a request
Original Word: αἴτημα, ατος, τό
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: aitéma
Phonetic Spelling: (ah'-ee-tay-mah)
Definition: a request
Usage: a petition, request.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from aiteó
a request
NASB Translation
demand (1), requests (2).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 155: αἴτημα

αἴτημα, (τος, τό (αἰτέω) (from Plato down), what is or has been asked for: Luke 23:24; plural (A. V. requests), Philippians 4:6 (cf. Ellicott at the passage); things asked for, 1 John 5:15. (See the preceding word, and Trench, § li.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
petition, request, required.

From aiteo; a thing asked or (abstractly) an asking -- petition, request, required.

see GREEK aiteo

Forms and Transliterations
αιτημα αίτημα αίτημά αἴτημα αιτηματα αιτήματα αιτήματά αἰτήματα αιτήματί αίτησιν αίτησις aitema aitēma aítema aítēma aitemata aitēmata aitḗmata
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Englishman's Concordance
Luke 23:24 N-NNS
GRK: γενέσθαι τὸ αἴτημα αὐτῶν
NAS: pronounced sentence that their demand be granted.
KJV: that it should be as they required.
INT: to be done the demand of them

Philippians 4:6 N-ANP
GRK: εὐχαριστίας τὰ αἰτήματα ὑμῶν γνωριζέσθω
NAS: with thanksgiving let your requests be made known
KJV: let your requests be made known unto
INT: thanksgiving the requests of you let be made known

1 John 5:15 N-ANP
GRK: ἔχομεν τὰ αἰτήματα ἃ ᾐτήκαμεν
NAS: that we have the requests which
KJV: we have the petitions that
INT: we have the requests which we have asked

Strong's Greek 155
3 Occurrences

αἴτημα — 1 Occ.
αἰτήματα — 2 Occ.

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