Cherubim Cherub
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Strong's Hebrew
3742. kerub -- probably an order of angelic beings
... Word Origin of uncertain derivation Definition probably an order of angelic beings
NASB Word Usage cherub (25), cherubim (65). cherub, plural cherubims. ...
/hebrew/3742.htm - 6k

Whether the Highest Angel among those who Sinned was the Highest ...
... is stated (Ezech.28:14): "Thou wast a cherub stretched out, and protecting, and
I set thee in the holy mountain of God." Now the order of the Cherubim is under ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether the highest angel among.htm

The Anathematisms of the Emperor Justinian against Origen.
... If anyone says or thinks that the Word of God has become like to all heavenly orders,
so that for the cherubim he was a cherub, for the seraphim a seraph: in ...
/.../schaff/the seven ecumenical councils/the anathematisms of the emperor.htm

Dundee. CM Majesty. Ps. 18.
... of the sky. 2 On cherub and on cherubim Full royally he rode; And on the
wings of mighty winds Came flying all abroad. 3 He sat ...
/.../ otterbein hymnal/82 dundee c m majesty ps.htm

The Four Gospels.
... they are the chariot of God, who sitteth between the cherubim; like them ... to fertilize
the whole earth; 3d, the prophetic symbol, the winged cherub of fourfold ...
/.../schaff/history of the christian church volume i/section 78 the four gospels.htm

Whether Sufficient Reason Can be Assigned for the Ceremonies ...
... These are signified by the two cherubim, looking one towards the other, to show ... high
places." For this reason, too, there was more than one cherub, to betoken ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether sufficient reason can be.htm

The Redeemer's Return is Necessitated by the Present Exaltation of ...
... In Old Testament prophecy he is denominated "The anointed Cherub" (Ezek.28:14) and
from other Scriptures we learn that the "cherubim" are the highest order ...
/...// redeemers return/v the redeemers return is.htm

Our Lord Subdued his Might and Constrained It, that his Living ...
... because of his transgressions he is shut up here; Cherubim and Seraphim await not ...
that into Paradise, they have entered and escaped, a mighty Cherub guards it. ...
/.../hymns and homilies of ephraim the syrian/hymn xxxvi our lord subdued.htm

On Rational Natures.
... From the day when thou wert created along with the cherubim, I placed thee in the ...
And a cherub drove thee forth from the midst of the burning stones; and thy ...
/.../origen/origen de principiis/chapter v on rational natures.htm

Hymns of Praise and Worship.
... On cherub and on cherubim Full royally He rode, And on the wings of mighty winds
Came flying all abroad. Thomas Sternhold was born in Gloucestershire, Eng. ...
/.../brown/the story of the hymns and tunes/chapter i hymns of praise.htm

The Old and New Testaments have Many Things in Common -- Far More ...
... It is the word used of the wings of the cherubim in Ex.25:20 and Ezek.10:5, etc.
And in Psa.18:10 we read of Jehovah that "He rode upon a cherub, and did fly ...
// antichrist/the old and new testaments.htm

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Cherubim Cherub

The symbolical figure so called was a composite creature-form which finds a parallel in the religious insignia of Assyria, Egypt and Persia, e.g. the sphinx, the winged bulls and lions of Nineveh, etc. A cherub guarded paradise. (Genesis 3:24) Figures of Cherubim were placed on the mercy-seat of the ark. (Exodus 25:18) A pair of colossal size overshadowed it in Solomon's temple with the canopy of their contiguously extended wings. (1 Kings 6:27) Those on the ark were to be placed with wings stretched forth, one at each end of the mercy-seat." Their wings were to be stretched upwards, and their faces "towards each other and towards the mercy-seat." It is remarkable that with such precise directions as to their position, attitude and material, nothing, save that they were winged, is said concerning their shape. On the whole it seems likely that the word "cherub" meant not only the composite creature-form, of which the man, lion, ox and eagle were the elements, but, further, some peculiar and mystical form. (Some suppose that the cherubim represented God's providence among men, the four faces expressing the characters of that providence: its wisdom and intelligence (man), its strength (ox), its kingly authority (lion), its swiftness, far-sighted (eagle). Others, combining all the other references with the description of the living creatures in Revelation, make the cherubim to represent God's redeemed people. The qualities of the four faces are those which belong to God's people. Their facing four ways, towards all quarters of the globe, represents their duty of extending the truth. The wings show swiftness of obedience; and only the redeemed can sing the song put in their mouths in (Revelation 5:8-14) --ED).



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