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Strong's Hebrew
736. orechah -- a traveling company, caravan
... Word Origin active participle of arach Definition a traveling company, caravan
NASB Word Usage caravan (1), caravans (1). traveling company. ...
/hebrew/736.htm - 6k

3669. Kna'aniy -- inhab. of Canaan
... of Kenaan; by implication, a pedlar (the Canaanites standing for their neighbors
the Ishmaelites, who conducted mercantile caravans) -- Canaanite, merchant ...
/hebrew/3669.htm - 5k

734. orach -- a way, path
... Word Origin from arach Definition a way, path NASB Word Usage caravans (1),
childbearing* (1), course (1), highways (1), path (13), paths (19), traveler (1 ...
/hebrew/734.htm - 6k


Return of the Apostles. --Miraculous Feeding of the Five Thousand. ...
... Multitudes still thronged about him, seeking aid for soul and body; the
caravans, gathering to the Passover, increased the press. ...
/.../section 176 return of the.htm

Journey to Jericho. --The Healing of Blind Bartimeus. (Matt. ,
... of the Sanhedrim; or to meet the Galilean multitudes on whom his ministry had produced
such powerful effects; or, by means of the festal caravans, to carry out ...
/.../section 236 journey to jericho the.htm

The Earliest Chapters in Divine Revelation
... The later identification of the divine powers with the sun, that gave light and
fertility to the soil, or with the moon, that guided the caravans by night over ...
/.../iii the earliest chapters in.htm

From the Flood to Abraham
... Long before the time of Moses a stream of caravans were on the road between
Egypt and Babylon, passing through Canaan. Treaties ...
/.../tidwell/the bible period by period/chapter iii from the flood.htm

A Prince's Bride
... Costobarus," she said. "Of a certainty you will not take Laodice out into
a country perilous for caravans and armies!". "These very ...
/.../ city of delight/chapter i a princes bride.htm

Results of Transgression
... Through this territory ran many natural highways of the world's commerce, and
caravans from distant lands were constantly passing to and fro. ...
/.../white/the story of prophets and kings/chapter 4 results of transgression.htm

Two Famous Versions of the Scriptures
... the merchants of the world to her markets; and her harbour was constantly filled
with ships laden with silver, amber, and copper; while caravans were arriving ...
/.../duff/the bible in its making/chapter vii two famous versions.htm

God's Exhaustive Knowledge of Man. [*Continued]
... that have trailed over the spaces of the soul, but which have been as unwatched
and unseen by the self-inspecting eye of conscience, as the caravans of the ...
/.../shedd/sermons to the natural man/gods exhaustive knowledge of man 2.htm

Palm Branches.
... road of the entry of Christ, not only because, as just stated, it is, and must always
have been, the usual approach for horsemen and for large caravans such as ...
// of bethany/xviii palm branches.htm

The Entry into Jerusalem.
... crosses the southern slope. It was by this last route the pilgrim caravans
were accustomed to enter the city. On the occasion of ...
/.../ii the entry into jerusalem.htm

Caravans (5 Occurrences)
...Caravans (5 Occurrences). Judges 5:6 "In the days of Shamgar, son of Anath, in the
days of Ja'el, caravans ceased and travelers kept to the byways. (DBY RSV). ...
/c/caravans.htm - 7k

Caravan (8 Occurrences)
... The inhabitants of Palestine were familiar with the caravans-the goods trains of
the Semitic world-which traveled between BabyIon and Syria on the one hand to ...
/c/caravan.htm - 11k

Inn (7 Occurrences)
... 1. Earliest Night Resting-Places: The Hebrew word malon means literally, a "night
resting-place," and might be applied to any spot where caravans (Genesis 42:27 ...
/i/inn.htm - 17k

Dedanites (1 Occurrence)
... In Isaiah 21:13 allusion is made to the "caravans of Dedanites" in the wilds of
Arabia, and Ezekiel mentions them as supplying Tyre with precious things ...
/d/dedanites.htm - 7k

... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) A kind of inn, in the East, where caravans rest at
night, being a large, rude, unfurnished building, surrounding a court. Int. ...
/c/caravansary.htm - 6k

Vulture (16 Occurrences)
... They fed on carcasses of animals that killed each other, ate putrid fish under the
nests of pelican and cormorant, followed caravans across the desert, and ...
/v/vulture.htm - 14k

Ja'el (6 Occurrences)
... (DBY RSV). Judges 5:6 "In the days of Shamgar, son of Anath, in the days of
Ja'el, caravans ceased and travelers kept to the byways. (DBY RSV). ...
/j/ja'el.htm - 8k

Laden (14 Occurrences)
... Ezekiel 27:25 The ships of Tarshish were your caravans for your merchandise: and
you were replenished, and made very glorious in the heart of the seas. ...
/l/laden.htm - 10k

Ladder (1 Occurrence)
... here, or at en-Naqurah, but the term applied to the whole promontory, which offered
a serious obstacle to the passage of armies, or even caravans, since the ...
/l/ladder.htm - 10k

Gaza (22 Occurrences)
... The plain around is fertile and wells abound, and, being on the border of the desert
between Syria and Egypt and lying in the track of caravans and armies ...
/g/gaza.htm - 19k

Bible Concordance
Caravans (5 Occurrences)

Judges 5:6 "In the days of Shamgar, son of Anath, in the days of Ja'el, caravans ceased and travelers kept to the byways.

Job 6:18 The caravans that travel beside them turn aside. They go up into the waste, and perish.

Job 6:19 The caravans of Tema looked. The companies of Sheba waited for them.

Isaiah 21:13 The burden on Arabia. In the forest in Arabia you will lodge, you caravans of Dedanites.

Ezekiel 27:25 The ships of Tarshish were your caravans for your merchandise: and you were replenished, and made very glorious in the heart of the seas.



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