Psalm 6
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Do Not Rebuke Me in Your Anger
(Psalm 38:1–22)

1Oh LORDE, rebuke me not in thine anger: Oh chaste me not in thy heuy displeasure.

2Haue mercy vpon me (o LORDE) for I am weake: o LORDE heale me, for all my bones are vexed.

3My soule also is in greate trouble, but LORDE how longe?

4Turne the (o LORDE) & delyuer my soule: Oh saue me, for thy mercies sake.

5For in death no man remebreth the: Oh who wil geue the thankes in the hell?

6I am weery of gronynge: Euery night wasshe I my bedde, & water my couche with my teares.

7My coutenauce is chaunged for very inwarde grefe, I cosume awaye, I haue so many enemies.

8Awaye fro me all ye wicked doers, for the LORDE hath herde the voyce off my wepinge.

9The LORDE hath herde myne humble peticio, the LORDE hath receaued my prayer.

10All myne enemies shalbe cofounded & sore vexed: yee they shalbe turned backe and put to shame, and that right soone.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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