Mark 3:9
And he spake to his disciples, that a small ship should wait on him because of the multitude, lest they should throng him.
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(9) That a small ship should wait on him.—The fact thus mentioned incidentally shows that in what is recorded in Matthew 13:2 our Lord was but having recourse to a practice already familiar.

3:6-12 All our sicknesses and calamities spring from the anger of God against our sins. Their removal, or the making them blessings to us, was purchased to us by the blood of Christ. But the plagues and diseases of our souls, of our hearts, are chiefly to be dreaded; and He can heal them also by a word. May more and more press to Christ to be healed of these plagues, and to be delivered from the enemies of their souls.A small ship - Rather a "boat." There were properly speaking, no "ships" on the Sea of Tiberias. This was probably a small boat that belonged to the disciples, in which he could draw off from the shore, and teach the people without being pressed by them.

Lest they should throng him - They pressed upon him in great numbers. He had healed many, and those who were still diseased pressed or crowded on him, so that his labors were interrupted and embarrassed. He therefore withdrew from the multitude, and sought a situation where he might address them to greater advantage.


Mr 3:1-12. The Healing of a Withered Hand on the Sabbath Day, and Retirement of Jesus to Avoid Danger. ( = Mt 12:9-21; Lu 6:6-11).

See on [1411]Mt 12:9-21.

Ver. 9. See Poole on "Mark 3:6"

And he spake unto his disciples,.... In an authoritative way; he ordered and commanded them,

that a small ship should wait on him: that a boat should be got ready, be near at hand, and attend him, who was on shore; that he might go into it, should there be any occasion for it; and from thence preach to the people:

because of the multitude; which came from the above parts, and all together made a very numerous body of people:

lest they should throng him; crowd, press, afflict, and distress, and make him uneasy, that he could not be able to stand conveniently, and preach to them: so that should this be the case, as it was very likely it would, having a small vessel near the shore, he could go into it, and free himself from such an inconvenience.

And he spake to his disciples, that a small ship should {g} wait on him because of the multitude, lest they should throng him.

(g) Should always be ready for him.

Mark 3:9. ἵνα πλοιάριον προσκαρτερῇ: a boat to be always in readiness, to get away from the crowds. Whether used or not, not said; shows how great the crowd was.

9. a small ship] The life on the sea, in the ship which was now His chief place of instruction in opposition to the synagogue, henceforth had its commencement.

Mark 3:9. Πλοιάριον, a small ship) Nominative.—προσκαρτερῇ, should wait on) Not merely at that time alone.—ἵνα μὴ, that not) Having thus a regard to His due convenience.

Verse 9. - And he spake to his disciples, that a small ship (πλοιάριον) - literally, a little boat - should wait on him προσκαρτερῆ αὐτῷ) - literally, should be in close attendance upon him - because of the multitude, lest they should throng him. This shows in a very graphic manner how assiduously and closely the crowd pressed upon him, so that he was obliged to have a little boat always in readiness, in which he might take refuge when the pressure became too great, and so address them with greater freedom from the boat. St. Luke (Luke 5:3) says, "He sat down, and taught the people out of the ship," making the boat, so to speak, his pulpit. Mark 3:9
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