Mark 1:37
And when they had found him, they said unto him, All men seek for thee.
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1:29-39 Wherever Christ comes, he comes to do good. He cures, that we may minister to him, and to others who are his, and for his sake. Those kept from public ordinances by sickness or other real hinderances, may expect the Saviour's gracious presence; he will soothe their sorrows, and abate their pains. Observe how numerous the patients were. When others speed well with Christ, it should quicken us in seeking after him. Christ departed into a solitary place. Though he was in no danger of distraction, or of temptation to vain-glory, yet he retired. Those who have the most business in public, and of the best kind, must yet sometimes be alone with God.All men seek for thee - That is, many men, or multitudes. The inquiry after him was general. They told him this, evidently, with a view to induce him to leave his place of retirement, and to prevail upon him to appear publicly to instruct the multitudes. 37. And when they had found him—evidently after some search.

they said unto him, All men seek for thee—By this time, "the multitudes" who, according to Luke (Lu 4:42), "sought after Him"—and who, on going to Peter's house, and there learning that Peter and a few more were gone in search of Him, had set out on the same errand—would have arrived, and "came unto Him and stayed Him, that He should not depart from them" (Lu 4:42); all now urging His return to their impatient townsmen.

See Poole on "Mark 1:36"

And when they had found him,.... In the desert and solitary place, where he had been praying:

they said unto him; in order to engage him to go with them, and as the reason why they sought him with so much eagerness and diligence,

all men seek for thee; not all the men in the world, nor, it may be, all the inhabitants of Capernaum, but a large number of them, who were inquiring after him, some for one thing, some for another; some to see him, what manner of man he was, and some to hear him, what sort of doctrine he preached, and others to see his miracles, or to have themselves, or their sick healed; and the disciples were loath that such an opportunity of doing good should be missed, and therefore sought for him, till they found him.

And when they had found him, they said unto him, All men seek for thee.
Mark 1:37. πάντες ζητοῦσί σε, all seek Thee, not merely all the people of Capernaum, but all the world: “nemo non te quaerit,” Fritzsche; a colloquial exaggeration.

Mark 1:37. Εὑρόντες, when they had found Him) He therefore had not told them whither He was going. [When He had passed the greatest part of His years in solitude, He at length presented Himself to be beheld in public; yet still His manifestation was subject to this condition, that even then He most prudently blended secret communion with His heavenly Father along with His public intercourse with men.—Harm., p. 259].—πάντες, all) why should not we also? saith Peter.

Verse 37. - All are seeking thee. The "thee" is here emphatic (πάντες ζητοῦσίσε). Mark 1:37All

All the people of Capernaum, all are seeking thee. The continuous present tense. So Rev., better than A. V. The all is peculiar to Mark.

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