Daniel 10:10
And, behold, an hand touched me, which set me on my knees and on the palms of my hands.
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(10) An hand.—This hand was that of the person who appeared, but it is spoken of as “felt,” not as seen. But though supported by this hand, the prophet is unable to stand upright. He crouches in a terrified posture. It should be noticed that the equivalent of “set” is translated “scatter” (Psalm 59:11 [12]). It is used in the same sense in the passage before us. (See Amos 9:9.)

Daniel 10:10-12. And behold, a hand touched me — This was not the same angel, or personage, who is described Daniel 10:5, but some other of not so great brightness, probably the angel Gabriel in a human form, who had before been sent to Daniel on the like occasions. Whoever it was, his touch revived Daniel, and enabled him to stand upright. And when he had spoken, I stood trembling — Though Daniel was not so greatly disturbed and terrified as at the appearance described Daniel 10:5, yet he could not forbear trembling at the appearance of this angel, though of an inferior order, and probably in a human form. Then said he, Fear not, Daniel — And his word was with power: see Matthew 28:5-10; Luke 2:10. From the first day thou didst set thy heart to understand — As soon as thou didst set thy mind to consider concerning the state of thy people, and how, and in what degree, or time, their restoration would be; and to chasten thyself before thy God — When thou didst begin to testify the concern thou wast in upon that account, by fasting and mourning, and didst humble thyself before God; thy words were heard — As God graciously answered those prayers which thou didst address to him in thy former humiliation, (see Daniel 9:2-22,) so now God is pleased, in answer to thy repeated humiliation, and solicitous concern for thy people, to send me, to inform thee what shall be their state and condition in after times. What an encouragement is this to us, to spread our wants before God, and present to him our lawful requests; for we find twice in this book an angel assuring Daniel, that as soon as he began to pray, God began to grant his petitions.10:10-21 Whenever we enter into communion with God, it becomes us to have a due sense of the infinite distance between us and the holy God. How shall we, that are dust and ashes, speak to the Lord of glory? Nothing is more likely, nothing more effectual to revive the drooping spirits of the saints, than to be assured of God's love to them. From the very first day we begin to look toward God in a way of duty, he is ready to meet us in the way of mercy. Thus ready is God to hear prayer. When the angel had told the prophet of the things to come, he was to return, and oppose the decrees of the Persian kings against the Jews. The angels are employed as God's ministering servants, Heb 1:14. Though much was done against the Jews by the kings of Persia, God permitting it, much more mischief would have been done if God had not prevented it. He would now more fully show what were God's purposes, of which the prophecies form an outline; and we are concerned to study what is written in these Scriptures of truth, for they belong to our everlasting peace. While Satan and his angels, and evil counsellors, excite princes to mischief against the church, we may rejoice that Christ our Prince, and all his mighty angels, act against our enemies; but we ought not to expect many to favour us in this evil world. Yet the whole counsel of God shall be established; and let each one pray, Lord Jesus, be our righteousness now, and thou wilt be our everlasting confidence, through life, in death, at the day of judgment, and for evermore.And, behold, an hand touched me - The hand of the angel. Compare Daniel 8:18.

Which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands - Not "upright," as in Daniel 8:18. That is, he had not strength given him at once to stand erect, but he was partially raised up and enabled to move, though in a feeble and tottering manner. The word used here (נוע nôa‛) means to move to and fro; to waver; to vacillate; and the sense here, as expressed by Gesenius (Lexicon) is, "lo, a hand touched me, and caused me to reel (i. e., to stand reeling and trembling) upon my knees and hands." He was gradually restored to strength.

10. an hand—namely, of Gabriel, who interpreted other revelations to Daniel (Da 8:16) [Theodoret].

set me upon my knees—Gesenius translates, "cause me to reel on my knees," &c.

What a poor worm is man to crush or to raise by the mighty hand of God! This dealt the angel Gabriel with him before, Daniel 8:16,17. And, behold, an hand touched me,.... Not the hand of the man clothed with linen, whose voice he heard, and whose hand was like polished brass, Daniel 10:6, but the hand of one distinct from him, one of his attendants, Daniel 12:5 that had the similitude of the sons of men, Daniel 10:16, and whose hand was softer, and nearer a human one; very probably the hand of the Angel Gabriel in human form, who had touched him before, when in the like circumstances, Daniel 8:16,

which set me upon my knees, and upon the palms of my hands; or, "which caused him to move" (t); from the prostrate condition in which he was, and raised him up a little upon his hands; so that, with a little difficulty, he might be able to raise himself to stand upright.

(t) "movere fecit me", Pagninus, Montanus; "commovit me", Junius & Tremellius, Cocceius; "movit me", Tigurine version, Michaelis.

And, behold, an {g} hand touched me, which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands.

(g) Which declares that when we are struck down with the majesty of God we cannot rise, unless he also lifts us up with his hand, which is his power.

10. An invisible hand, touching him, reassured him, and partly raised him up.

set me] lit. caused me to move to and fro or totter (see on Amos 4:8), i.e. here, as the context shews, ‘set me tottering upon my knees,’ &c.: so R.V. marg. Cf. 2Es 5:15.

10–18. Daniel is gradually revived and reassured.Verse 10. - And, behold, an hand touched me, which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands. The LXX. agrees with this, but does not bring out any more than this the pregnant sense of the Hebrew. This is given in the margin of the Revised, "Set me tottering on my knees," etc. Strangely enough, the LXX. renders, "soles of my feet " - an impossible attitude; that this is the true reading of the LXX. is confirmed by Paulus Telleusis. Theodotion omits "the palms of the hands." The Peshitta renders as the LXX. The Vulgate renders כַּפות by articulos, "joints." An hand touched me. The hand of him that appeared to him - though Daniel does not say. It is needless to multiply angelic agencies. A discussion has been raised on the question whether this is Gabriel who appeared to Daniel in the eighth chapter, or Michael, or the angel of the presence. It is not a matter of importance, but Michael is excluded by ver. 13, and also, to our thinking, "the angel of the presence," if by that title the Second Person of the Trinity is indicated. Which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands. Although the touch communicated to Daniel some strength, yet he was unable to raise himself so as to look up - his face was still to the ground, his attitude was still one of abasement, and he was trembling. היכלא denotes the holy place of the temple, the inner apartment of the temple, as at 1 Kings 6:3; Ezekiel 41:1. אשׁתּיו for שׁתיו, with אprosthet., cf. Winer, chald. Gr. 23, 1.
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