1 Chronicles 9:30
And some of the sons of the priests made the ointment of the spices.
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(30) A parenthetic remark. The Levites had charge of the stores of spicery, but only the priests might lawfully prepare the holy ointment and oil wherewith the sacred tent, the ark, the table, &c, were anointed (Exodus 30:23-29).

1 Chronicles 9:30-31. The sons of the priests made the ointment — This is added to show, that though the Levites were intrusted with the keeping of this ointment, yet none but the priests could make it. Over the things made in the pans — Was to take care that fine flour might be provided, that when occasion required they might make cakes in pans.9:1-44 Genealogies. - This chapter expresses that one end of recording all these genealogies was, to direct the Jews, when they returned out of captivity, with whom to unite, and where to reside. Here is an account of the good state into which the affairs of religion were put, on the return from Babylon. Every one knew his charge. Work is likely to be done well when every one knows the duty of his place, and makes a business of it. God is the God of order. Thus was the temple a figure of the heavenly one, where they rest not day nor night from praising God, Re 4:8. Blessed be His name, believers there shall, not in turn, but all together, without interruption, praise him night and day: may the Lord make each of us fit for the inheritance of the saints in light.By tale - literally, "by number." The vessels for service taken out of the treasury were counted, that the same number should be returned to the treasury after the service was over, 18. the king's gate—The king had a gate from his palace into the temple (2Ki 16:18), which doubtless was kept constantly closed except for the monarch's use; and although there was no king in Israel on the return from the captivity, yet the old ceremonial was kept up, probably in the hope that the scepter would, ere long, be restored to the house of David. It is an honor by which Eastern kings are distinguished, to have a gate exclusively devoted to their own special use, and which is kept constantly closed, except when he goes out or returns (Eze 44:2). There being no king then in Israel, this gate would be always shut. This is added to prevent a mistake, and to show that although the Levites were intrusted with the keeping of this ointment, yet none but the priests could make it. See Exodus 30:22, etc. And some of the sons of the priests made the ointment of the spices. For though the Levites had the care of the spices, they might not make the ointment with them, only the priests, see Exodus 30:23. And some of the sons of the priests made the ointment of the spices.
30. A Priestly Duty

30. the sons of the priests] This phrase means merely “members of the priesthood, priests.” Cp. 2 Chronicles 25:13, “the soldiers of the army” (lit. “the sons of the troop”) and the common expression “the sons of the prophets.”

the ointment] R.V. the confection. See Exodus 30:23-25. This “ointment” was peculiarly holy. The Levites might have charge of the oil and spices (1 Chronicles 9:29), but only the priests might make the confection. With the word “confection” cp. “confectionaries” (1 Samuel 8:13, A.V. and R.V.), “perfumers” R.V. mg.They (those ordained by David) and their sons (descendants) were at the doors of the house of Jahve-of the tent-house (האהל בּית is added to בּית־יהוה, in order that the latter might not be confined to Solomon's temple); for the watch (משׁמרות of persons, as in Nehemiah 12:9; Nehemiah 4:3, Nehemiah 4:16), according to the four winds (quarters) were they, i.e., the doorkeepers stood so, in accordance with the arrangement made by David; cf. 1 Chronicles 26:14.
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