Psalm 6
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Do Not Rebuke Me in Your Anger
(Psalm 38:1–22)

1To the chiefe musition on Neginoth vpon eyght, a psalme of Dauid. O God rebuke me not in thine indignation: neither chasten me in thy wrath.

2Haue mercy on me O God, for I am weake: O God heale me, for my bones be very sore.

3My soule also is greatly troubled: but O God howe long shall I be in this case?

4Turne thee O God, and deliuer my soule: Oh saue me for thy mercies sake.

5For in death no man remembreth thee: and in the graue who can acknowledge thee?

6I am weerie of my groning: I washe my bed euery nyght, and I water my coutche with my teares.

7Mine eye is almost put out through griefe: and worne out through all mine enemies.

8Away from me all workers of iniquitie: for God hath hearde the voyce of my weeping.

9God hath hearde my petition: God wyll receaue my prayer.

10All myne enemies shalbe confounded and sore vexed: they shalbe turned backe, they shalbe put to shame sodainlye.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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