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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. i.) To tremble or shake with fear, horror, or aversion; to shiver with cold; to quake.

2. (n.) The act of shuddering, as with fear.

5425. phrisso -- to be rough, to shiver, shudder
... to be rough, to shiver, shudder. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: phrisso Phonetic
Spelling: (fris'-so) Short Definition: I shudder Definition: I shudder ...
// - 6k

4102. pistis -- faith, faithfulness
... Faith is always work. Our believing has eternal meaning when it becomes "-believing"
by the transforming grace of God. : Demons believe (and shudder) . . . ...
// - 18k

Strong's Hebrew
6426. palats -- to shudder
... to shudder. Transliteration: palats Phonetic Spelling: (paw-lats') Short Definition:
tremble. ... root Definition to shudder NASB Word Usage tremble (1). tremble. ...
/hebrew/6426.htm - 5k

8175c. saar -- to bristle (with horror)
... Word Origin denominative verb from sear Definition to bristle (with horror) NASB
Word Usage afraid (2), shudder (1). 8175b, 8175c. saar. 8176 . ...
/hebrew/8175c.htm - 5k

7460. raad -- to tremble, quake
... trembling (2). tremble. A primitive root: to shudder (more or less violently) --
tremble. 7459, 7460. raad. 7461 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/7460.htm - 5k

7461. ra'ad -- a trembling
... trembling Or (feminine) radah {reh-aw-daw'}; from ra'ad; a shudder -- trembling.
see HEBREW ra'ad. 7460, 7461. ra'ad. 7461a . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/7461.htm - 5k

2729. charad -- to tremble, be terrified
... A primitive root; to shudder with terror; hence, to fear; also to hasten (with anxiety)
-- be (make) afraid, be careful, discomfit, fray (away), quake, tremble ...
/hebrew/2729.htm - 6k


Nor Does Ps. Lxxii. Apply to Solomon, Whose Faults Christians ...
... Chapter XXXIV."Nor does Ps. lxxii. apply to Solomon, whose faults Christians
shudder at. "Further, to persuade you that you have ...
/.../chapter xxxiv nor does ps lxxii.htm

The Blood of the Testament
... BLOOD IS ALWAYS a terrible thing. It makes a sensitive mind shudder even to pronounce
the word; but, to look upon the thing itself causes a thrill of horror. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 58 1912/the blood of the testament.htm

Meanwhile, Angela Sovrani was Detained in Her Studio by the ...
... the theatre to look at him and I almost fancy I am in love with him instead of
Fontenelle, till I remember he stage-manages;"ah!"then I-shudder!- -and my ...
/.../corelli/the master-christian/xi meanwhile angela sovrani was.htm

Epistle Lviii. To Fidus, on the Baptism of Infants.
... with respect to what you say, that the aspect of an infant in the first days after
its birth is not pure, so that any one of us would still shudder at kissing ...
/.../cyprian/the epistles of cyprian/epistle lviii to fidus on.htm

His Earliest Oracles. (ii. 2-iv. 4. )
... Yet My people exchanged their(149) Glory For that which is worthless. Be
heavy,(150) O heavens, for this, 12 Shudder and shudder again! ...
// his earliest oracles ii.htm

Philippians i. 22-26
... We all shudder at death, I am wont to say, some by reason of our many sins, of whom
I too am one, others from love of life, and cowardice, of whom may I never ...
/.../homily iv philippians i 22-26.htm

In this Beginning, O God, Hast Thou Made Heaven and Earth...
... Who shall comprehend? Who declare it? What is that which gleams through me, and
strikes my heart without hurting it; and I shudder and kindle? ...
/.../augustine/the confessions of saint augustine/chapter ix in this beginning.htm

Wisdom and the Beginning.
... Who shall comprehend? who shall relate it? What is that which shines through me,
and strikes my heart without injury, and I both shudder and burn? ...
/.../the confessions and letters of st/chapter ix wisdom and the beginning.htm

Further References to Cyprian.
... 2847] As far as we can, we must strive that, if possible, no soul be lost." [2848]
And a little afterwards he says: "Nor ought any of us to shudder at what God ...
/.../augustine/anti-pelagian writings/chapter 23 further references to cyprian.htm

John xvi. 16, 17
... Do ye shudder, when ye hear that I require as much love in the case of God, as we
have shown towards a harlot? ... Perhaps again ye shudder; for so do I myself. ...
/.../homilies on the gospel of st john and hebrews/homily lxxix john xvi 16.htm

Shudder (8 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Shudder (8 Occurrences). James 2:19 You believe that
God is one. You do well. The demons also believe, and shudder. ...
/s/shudder.htm - 8k

Quake (23 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (vi) To be agitated with quick, short motions continually
repeated; to shake with fear, cold, etc.; to shudder; to tremble. ...
/q/quake.htm - 12k

Quiver (9 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (a.) Nimble; active. 2. (vi) To shake or move with
slight and tremulous motion; to tremble; to quake; to shudder; to shiver. ...
/q/quiver.htm - 11k

Tremble (92 Occurrences)
... 1. (vi) To shake involuntarily, as with fear, cold, or weakness; to quake; to
quiver; to shiver; to shudder; -- said of a person or an animal. ...
/t/tremble.htm - 34k

Shuddereth (1 Occurrence)

/s/shuddereth.htm - 6k

Shu'ba-el (2 Occurrences)
Shu'ba-el. Shubael, Shu'ba-el. Shudder . Multi-Version Concordance Shu'ba-el
(2 Occurrences). ... Shubael, Shu'ba-el. Shudder . Reference Bible.
/s/shu'ba-el.htm - 6k

Shrink (10 Occurrences)
... horror, or distress. 3. (vi) To express fear, horror, or pain by contracting
the body, or part of it; to shudder; to quake. 4. (vt) To ...
/s/shrink.htm - 10k

Quite (55 Occurrences)
... James 2:19 You believe that God is one, and you are quite right: evil spirits
also believe this, and shudder." (WEY). Revelation ...
/q/quite.htm - 22k

Horrible (12 Occurrences)
... Horribly is the translation of sa`ar, "to shudder," "to be whirled away," in Jeremiah
2:12, and of sa`ar, "fear," "trembling," in Ezekiel 32:10; in Ezekiel 27 ...
/h/horrible.htm - 11k

Lying (203 Occurrences)
... The story of Peter's denial of his Lord, and his persistent asseverations that he
did not know Him and was not one of His followers, makes us shudder to think ...
/l/lying.htm - 44k

Bible Concordance
Shudder (8 Occurrences)

James 2:19 You believe that God is one. You do well. The demons also believe, and shudder.

Isaiah 19:16 In that day the Egyptians will be like women: and the land will be shaking with fear because of the waving of the Lord's hand stretched out over it.
(See NIV)

Isaiah 32:10 In not much more than a year, you, who are not looking for evil, will be troubled: for the produce of the vine-gardens will be cut off, and there will be no getting in of the grapes.
(See RSV)

Isaiah 32:11 Be shaking with fear, you women who are living in comfort; be troubled, you who have no fear of danger: take off your robes and put on clothing of grief.

Jeremiah 2:12 Be astonished, ye heavens, at this, and shudder; be amazed very much, saith Jehovah.

Ezekiel 12:18 Son of man, eat your bread with quaking, and drink your water with trembling and with fearfulness;
(See NIV)

Ezekiel 27:35 All the inhabitants of the islands are astonished at you, and their kings are horribly afraid; they are troubled in their face.
(See NIV)

Ezekiel 32:10 Yes, I will make many peoples amazed at you, and their kings shall be horribly afraid for you, when I shall brandish my sword before them; and they shall tremble at every moment, every man for his own life, in the day of your fall.



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