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Smith's Bible Dictionary

(choled) occurs only in (Leviticus 11:29) in the list of unclean animals; but the Hebrew word ought more probably to be translated "mole." Moles are common in Palestine.

ATS Bible Dictionary

One of the unclean animals, Le 11:29. Several varieties of weasels are found in and around Palestine; but in the verse above probably the common mole is intended.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
(Hebrews holedh), enumerated among unclean animals (Leviticus 11:29). Some think that this Hebrew word rather denotes the mole (Spalax typhlus) common in Palestine. There is no sufficient reason, however, to depart from the usual translation. The weasel tribe are common also in Palestine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) Any one of various species of small carnivores belonging to the genus Putorius, as the ermine and ferret. They have a slender, elongated body, and are noted for the quickness of their movements and for their bloodthirsty habit in destroying poultry, rats, etc. The ermine and some other species are brown in summer, and turn white in winter; others are brown at all seasons.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

(1) Choledh is found only in Leviticus 11:29, where it stands first in the list of eight unclean "creeping things that creep upon the earth." the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) agree in rendering choledh by "weasel," and the Septuagint has gale, "weasel" or "marten." According to Gesenius, the Vulgate, Targum, and Talmud support the same rendering. In spite of this array of authorities, it is worth while to consider the claims of the mole-rat, Spalax typhlus, Arabic khuld. This is a very common rodent, similar in appearance and habits to the mole, which does not exist in Palestine. The fact that it burrows may be considered against it, in view of the words, "that creepeth upon the earth." The term "creeping thing" is, however, very applicable to it, and the objection seems like a quibble, especially in view of the fact that there is no category of subterranean animals. See MOLE.

(2) The weasel, Mustela vulgaris, has a wide range in Asia, Europe, and North America. It is from 8 to 10 inches long, including the short tail. It is brown above and white below. In the northern part of its range, its whole fur, except the tail, is white in winter. It is active and fearless, and preys upon all sorts of small mammals, birds and insects.


Alfred Ely Day

Strong's Hebrew
2467. choled -- weasel
... weasel. Transliteration: choled Phonetic Spelling: (kho'-led) Short Definition:
mole. Word Origin from an unused word Definition weasel NASB Word Usage mole (1) ...
/hebrew/2467.htm - 6k

When one at the Back of the North Wind Wanted to Know How Things ...
... And the spider grew and grew and went faster and faster, till all at once Diamond
discovered that it was not a spider, but a weasel; and away glided the weasel ...
/.../macdonald/at the back of the north wind/chapter 11 when one at.htm

Saint George Releases the Six Champions.
... "Stay," whispered the Fairy Sabrina, "she yet deeps with one eye open, like a weasel;
wait till she closes both, and snores." Accordingly they waited till both ...
/.../the seven champions of christendom/chapter two saint george releases.htm

Spiritual Significance of the Precepts of Moses Respecting ...
... Because that animal annually changes its sex, and is at one time male, and at
another female. Moreover, he has rightly detested the weasel. ...
/.../barnabas/the epistle of barnabas /chapter x spiritual significance of the.htm

Hence is Also that which Thou Hast Mentioned that they Speak Of...
... Nor is it only in authors of secular letters, as in Horace, [2437] that mouse speaks
to mouse, and weasel to fox, that through a fictitious narration a true ...
//christianbookshelf.org/augustine/against lying/section 28 hence is also.htm

Sikera, a Manufactured and Spurious Wine, yet Intoxicating; Things ...
... the mind around and confuse it; as it is indicated in another place, [2653] "Ye
shall not eat the hy├Žna and animals like it; nor the weasel and creatures of ...
/.../chapter vi sikera a manufactured and.htm

Imitation of an Earthquake.
... The sensation of an earthquake they cause in such a way, as that all things seem
set in motion; ordure of a weasel burned with a magnet upon coals (has this ...
/.../the refutation of all heresies/chapter xxxix imitation of an earthquake.htm

Plants and Animals.
... a few animals to preserve their stock on the earth in an exceptional way: for example,
the crow conceives through the mouth, and the weasel brings forth ...
/.../unknown/recognitions of clement /chapter xxv plants and animals.htm

Argument. --And Thus Unclean Animals are not to be Reproached ...
... Or when it forbids the hare? It rebukes men deformed into women. And who would use
the body of the weasel for food? But in this case it reproves theft. ...
/.../novatian/on the jewish meats/chapter iii argument and thus unclean.htm

The Three Parables of Warning: to the Individual, to the Nation ...
... compares man to the weasel, which laboriously gathers and deposits, not knowing
for whom, while the Midrash [4446] tells a story, how, when a Rabbi returned ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter xvi the three parables.htm

The Evolution of a Father
... to the east of Lake Lob-nor, from the middle of January nearly to the end of February;
the Canis Azarae and the Indian bison in winter; the weasel in March ...
/.../the lowell lectures on the ascent of man/chapter ix the evolution of.htm

Weasel (1 Occurrence)
... There is no sufficient reason, however, to depart from the usual translation. The
weasel tribe are common also in Palestine. ... Standard Bible Encyclopedia. WEASEL. ...
/w/weasel.htm - 9k

Mole (2 Occurrences)
... The Hebrews holed (Leviticus 11:29), rendered "weasel," was probably the
mole-rat. The true mole (Talpa Europoea) is not found in Palestine. ...
/m/mole.htm - 12k

Lizard (3 Occurrences)
... of unclean "creeping things" in Leviticus 11:29, 30 contains eight names, as follows:
1. Names: (1) choledh, English Versions of the Bible "weasel" (which see ...
/l/lizard.htm - 16k

Ferret (1 Occurrence)
... 1. (n.) An animal of the Weasel family (Mustela / Putorius furo), about fourteen
inches in length, of a pale yellow or white color, with red eyes. ...
/f/ferret.htm - 11k

Cockatrice (3 Occurrences)
... The weasel alone among animals was unaffected by the glance of its evil eye, and
attacked it at all times successfully; for when wounded by the monster's teeth ...
/c/cockatrice.htm - 10k

Weather (5 Occurrences)

/w/weather.htm - 10k

Huldah (2 Occurrences)
...Weasel, a prophetess; the wife of Shallum. ... HULDAH. hul'-da (chuldah, "weasel"; Holda):
A prophetess who lived in Jerusalem during the reign of Josiah. ...
/h/huldah.htm - 9k

Wearying (3 Occurrences)

/w/wearying.htm - 7k

Fisher (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) One who fishes. 2. (n.) A carnivorous animal
of the Weasel family (Mustela Canadensis); the pekan; the black cat. Int. ...
/f/fisher.htm - 10k

Teeming (18 Occurrences)
... Leviticus 11:29 And this 'is' to you the unclean among the teeming things which
are teeming on the earth: the weasel, and the mouse, and the tortoise after its ...
/t/teeming.htm - 12k

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