Topical Bible
Topical Bible

Dates are Approximate

218. An Angel Tells About John's Birth
Verses:  Luke 1:5-25
People: Zechariah; Zacharias; Elizabeth; Elisabeth; Angel Gabriel; John the Baptist
Places: Temple; holy place; Jerusalem; Ein Karim
Topics: birth announcement; pregnancy
Dates: 6-5 BC

219. An Angel Tells About Jesus' Birth
Verses:  Luke 1:26-38
People: Mary; Angel Gabriel; Joseph; Jesus
Places: Nazareth
Topics: birth announcement; pregnancy; virgin birth
Dates: 6-5 BC

220. Mary Visits Elizabeth
Verses:  Luke 1:39-56
People: Mary; Elizabeth; Elisabeth; Jesus; John the Baptist
Places: Ein Kerem
Topics: miracle baby; pregnancy; magnificat
Dates: 6-5 BC

221. John the Baptist is Born
Verses:  Luke 1:57-80
People: Elizabeth; Elisabeth; Zechariah; Zacharias; John the Baptist
Places: Ein Kerem
Topics: miracle baby; pregnancy; birth
Dates: 6-5 BC

222. An Angel Talks with Joseph
Verses:  Matthew 1:18-25
People: Joseph; Mary; Jesus; angel
Places: Nazareth
Topics: virgin birth; stoning; forgiveness; punishment
Dates: 6-5 BC

223. Jesus is Born
Verses:  Luke 2:1-7
People: Jesus; Mary; Joseph
Places: Bethlehem
Topics: virgin birth; stable; manger; inn
Dates: 6-5 BC

224. Angels Appear to Shepherds
Verses:  Luke 2:8-20
People: Jesus; shepherds; Mary; Joseph; angel army; angels
Places: Bethlehem; stable
Topics: annunciation; virgin birth; Messiah
Dates: 6-5 BC

225. Simeon and Anna
Verses:  Luke 2:21-38
People: Mary; Joseph; Simeon; Anna
Places: Temple; Jerusalem
Topics: Messiah; Son of God; circumcision; purification offering
Dates: 6-5 BC

226. Wise Men Visit Jesus
Verses:  Matthew 2:1-12
People: Wise Men; magi; Mary; Joseph; Jesus; Herod the Great
Places: Bethlehem; Jerusalem
Topics: gifts; gold; frankincense; myrrh
Dates: 4-3 BC

227. Mary and Joseph Take Jesus to Egypt
Verses:  Matthew 2:13-23
People: Mary; Joseph; Jesus
Places: Bethlehem; Egypt
Topics: angel; escape
Dates: 4-3 BC

228. The Boy Jesus at Nazareth
Verses:  Luke 2:39-40
People: Jesus; Joseph
Places: Nazareth
Topics: carpentry; carpenter; tools; woodworking; apprentice
Dates: 3 BC to 6-7 AD

229. Jesus Teaches the Teachers
Verses:  Luke 2:41-52
People: Jesus; Mary; Joseph; teachers
Places: Temple; Jerusalem
Topics: teaching; wisdom
Dates: 6-8 AD

230. John the Baptist Preaches
Verses:  Matthew 3:1-12; Mark 1:1-8; Luke 3:1-18; John 1:19-34
People: John the Baptist
Places: wilderness; Jordan River
Topics: preaching; repentance; leather belt; camel hair clothing; locusts; wild honey
Dates: 25-26 AD

231. Jesus is Baptized
Verses:  Matthew 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-22
People: Jesus; John the Baptist
Places: Jordan River
Topics: baptism
Dates: 25-26 AD

232. Jesus is Tempted
Verses:  Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13
People: Jesus; Satan; angels
Places: wilderness; Mount of Temptation
Topics: temptation
Dates: 25-26 AD

233. Jesus Makes His First Disciples
Verses:  John 1:35-51
People: Jesus; Andrew; Simon Peter; Peter; Philip; Nathanael
Places: Bethsaida; Nazareth
Topics: disciples; following; Messiah
Dates: 26-27 AD

234. Jesus Turns Water Into Wine
Verses:  John 2:1-12
People: Jesus; Mary
Places: Cana
Topics: wedding; water; wine; waterpots
Dates: 26-27 AD

235. Jesus Chases Bad Men from the Temple
Verses:  John 2:13-25
People: Jesus; moneychangers; merchants
Places: Jerusalem; Temple
Topics: cheating; stealing
Dates: 26-27 AD

236. Jesus Talks with Nicodemus
Verses:  John 3:1-21
People: Nicodemus; Jesus
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: born again; new birth; rooftop; wind
Dates: 26-27 AD

237. Jesus Talks with a Woman at a Well
Verses:  John 4:4-42
People: Samaritan woman; woman at well; Jesus
Places: Sychar; Samaria
Topics: well; water; drawing water; Samaritans; prejudice
Dates: 26-27 AD

238. Jesus Heals a Nobleman's Son
Verses:  John 4:43-54
People: nobleman; officer; official; Jesus; boy
Places: Cana; Capernaum
Topics: healing; miracle
Dates: 27 AD

239. Jesus Preaches at the Nazareth Synagogue
Verses:  Luke 4:16-30
People: Jesus; Nazareth people
Places: Nazareth
Topics: preaching; prophecy; synagogue; rejection
Dates: 27 AD

240. Catching Fish with Jesus
Verses:  Luke 5:1-11
People: Jesus; Simon Peter; Peter; James; John; Zebedee
Places: Sea of Galilee
Topics: fishing; miracle; miraculous catch; boats; nets
Dates: 27 AD

241. Jesus Calls Four Disciples
Verses:  Matthew 4:18-22; Mark 1:16-20
People: Jesus; Peter; Andrew; James; John; Zebedee
Places: Sea of Galilee
Topics: calling; disciples; fishermen
Dates: 27 AD

242. Jesus Teaches in the Capernaum Synagogue
Verses:  Mark 1:21-28; Luke 4:31-37
People: Jesus; demoniac; demon-possessed man
Places: Capernaum; synagogue
Topics: healing; miracle; driving out demon
Dates: 27 AD

243. Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-In-Law
Verses:  Matthew 8:14-17; Mark 1:29-34; Luke 4:38-41
People: Jesus; Peter; Peter's mother-in-law
Places: Capernaum
Topics: healing; miracle; mother-in-law; son-in-law
Dates: 27 AD

244. Jesus Teaches and Heals in Galilee
Verses:  Matthew 4:23-25; Mark 1:35-39; Luke 4:42-44
People: Jesus; disciples
Places: Galilee
Topics: healing; teaching; miracle
Dates: 27 AD

245. Jesus Heals a Leper
Verses:  Matthew 8:1-4; Mark 1:40-45; Luke 5:12-16
People: Jesus; leper
Topics: leprosy; healing; cleansing; miracle
Dates: 27 AD

246. Man Through the Roof!
Verses:  Matthew 9:1-8; Mark 2:1-12; Luke 5:17-26
People: Jesus; paralyzed man
Places: Capernaum
Topics: paralysis; roof; letting man down through roof; healing; miracle
Dates: 27 AD

247. Jesus Calls Matthew
Verses:  Matthew 9:9-13; Mark 2:13-17; Luke 5:27-32
People: Jesus; Matthew; Levi
Places: Sea of Galilee
Topics: tax collector; publican; calling; following
Dates: 27 AD

248. Jesus Heals a Sick Man at the Pool of Bethesda
Verses:  John 5:1-18
People: Jesus; paralyzed man
Places: Pool of Bethesda; Sheep Gate; Jerusalem
Topics: healing; paralysis; miracle
Dates: 27 AD

249. Jesus' Disciples Pick Grain on Sabbath
Verses:  Matthew 12:1-8; Mark 2:23-28; Luke 6:1-5
People: Jesus; disciples; Pharisees
Places: grainfields; Turan
Topics: harvesting; Sabbath; eating grain
Dates: 27 AD

250. Jesus Heals a Man with a Withered Hand
Verses:  Matthew 12:9-14; Mark 3:1-6; Luke 6:6-11
People: Jesus; man with deformed hand
Places: synagogue
Topics: healing; healing hand
Dates: 27 AD

251. Jesus Chooses Twelve Disciples
Verses:  Mark 3:13-19; Luke 6:12-16
People: Jesus; Peter; James; John; Andrew; Philip; Bartholomew; Matthew; Thomas; James son of Alphaeus; Thaddaeus; Simon the Zealot; Judas Iscariot
Places: mountain
Topics: calling disciples; disciples; follow; followers
Dates: 28 AD

252. Jesus Heals a Centurion's Servant
Verses:  Matthew 8:5-13; Luke 7:1-10
People: Jesus; centurion; Roman officer; servant
Places: Capernaum
Topics: healing; miracle
Dates: 28-29 AD

253. Jesus Raises a Widow's Son
Verses:  Luke 7:11-17
People: Jesus; widow of Nain; widow's son
Places: Nain
Topics: resurrection; raising dead; life
Dates: 28-29 AD

254. John Asks Jesus If He is the Messiah
Verses:  Matthew 11:2-19; Luke 7:18-35
People: Jesus; John the Baptist; John's disciples
Topics: doubt; Messiah; confirmation
Dates: 28-29 AD

255. A Woman Anoints Jesus' Feet
Verses:  Luke 7:36-50
People: Jesus; Simon the Pharisee; immoral woman
Topics: courtesy; manners; perfume; washing feet
Dates: 28-29 AD

256. Jesus Teaches Parables from a Boat
Verses:  Matthew 13:1-3; Mark 4:1-2; Luke 8:4
People: Jesus; crowd
Places: Sea of Galilee
Topics: parable; parable of sower; sower; seed; soil
Dates: 28-29 AD

257. Jesus Stills a Storm
Verses:  Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25
People: Jesus; disciples
Places: Sea of Galilee
Topics: storm; stilling storm; miracle
Dates: 29 AD

258. Jesus Heals a Man with a Demon
Verses:  Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20; Luke 8:26-39
People: Jesus; demon-possessed man
Places: Gadara; land of Gadarenes; land of Gerasenes; land of Gergesenes
Topics: demons; healing; miracle
Dates: 29 AD

259. Jesus Heals Jairus' Daughter
Verses:  Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5:21-43; Luke 8:40-56
People: Jesus; Jairus; Jairus' wife; Jairus daughter
Topics: resurrection; raising from dead; alive
Dates: 29 AD

260. Jesus Sends His Disciples Two by Two
Verses:  Matthew 9:35--11:1; Mark 6:7-13; Luke 9:1-6
People: Jesus; disciples; twelve apostles
Topics: sending disciples; sending
Dates: 29 AD

261. John the Baptist is Killed
Verses:  Matthew 14:1-12; Mark 6:14-29; Luke 9:7-9
People: Herod Antipas; Herodias; John the Baptist; Salome
Topics: incest; behead; head on a silver platter; silver platter
Dates: 29 AD

262. Jesus Feeds 5000
Verses:  Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-15
People: Jesus; 5000
Topics: bread; fish; feeding 5000; miracle
Dates: 29 AD

263. Jesus Walks on the Water
Verses:  Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-52; John 6:16-21
People: Jesus; disciples
Places: Sea of Galilee
Topics: walking on water; miracle
Dates: 29 AD

264. Jesus Heals Sick People at Gennesaret
Verses:  Matthew 14:34-36; Mark 6:53-56
People: sick people; Jesus
Places: Gennesaret
Topics: healing; miracle
Dates: 29 AD

265. Jesus Helps a Foreign Woman
Verses:  Matthew 15:21-28; Mark 7:24-30
People: Jesus; Gentile woman; Syro-phoenician woman; foreigner
Places: Tyre; Sidon
Topics: healing; demons; driving out demons
Dates: 29 AD

266. Jesus Heals a Man Who is Deaf and Dumb
Verses:  Mark 7:31-37
People: Jesus; deaf man
Places: Sea of Galilee; Ten Towns; Decapolis
Topics: healing; miracle; deaf; mute
Dates: 29 AD

267. Jesus Feeds 4000
Verses:  Matthew 15:29-39; Mark 8:1-10
People: Jesus; 4000
Topics: food; bread; fish; miracle
Dates: 29 AD

268. Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Bethsaida
Verses:  Mark 8:22-26
People: Jesus; blind man
Places: Bethsaida
Topics: healing; sight to blind; healing blindness
Dates: 29 AD

269. Peter Tells Who Jesus is
Verses:  Matthew 16:13-20; Mark 8:27-30; Luke 9:18-21
People: Jesus; Peter
Places: Caesarea Philippi
Topics: Messiah; Son of God
Dates: 29 AD

270. The Transfiguration
Verses:  Matthew 17:1-13; Mark 9:2-13; Luke 9:28-36
People: Jesus; Moses; Elijah; Peter; James; John
Places: mountain top
Topics: transfiguration
Dates: 29 AD

271. The Disciples Cannot Heal a Boy with Demons
Verses:  Matthew 17:14-21; Mark 9:14-29; Luke 9:37-45
People: Jesus; disciples; demon-possessed boy
Topics: healing; demon; demon-possessed; miracle; faith; mustard seed
Dates: 29 AD

272. Peter Finds Tax Money in a Fish
Verses:  Matthew 17:24-27
People: Jesus; Peter
Places: Capernaum
Topics: tax money; taxes; shekel; money in fish
Dates: 29 AD

273. Who Will Be the Greatest?
Verses:  Matthew 18:1-9; Mark 9:33-37; Luke 9:46-48
People: Jesus; child; disciples
Topics: great; greatness; pride
Dates: 29 AD

274. Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
Verses:  John 9:1-41
People: Jesus; man born blind; beggar; blind beggar; Pharisees
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: blindness; sight; healing; miracle
Dates: 29-30 AD

275. Jesus the Good Shepherd
Verses:  John 10:1-21
People: Jesus; Good Shepherd
Topics: shepherd; sheep
Dates: 29-30 AD

276. Jesus Sends Seventy Helpers
Verses:  Luke 10:1-24
People: Jesus; seventy helpers; seventy-two disciples
Topics: evangelism; witnessing
Dates: 29-30 AD

277. Jesus Visits Mary and Martha
Verses:  Luke 10:38-42
People: Jesus; Mary; Martha
Places: Bethany
Topics: food; meals; preparation; listening; working
Dates: 29-30 AD

278. Jesus Teaches His Disciples How to Pray
Verses:  Luke 11:1-13
People: Jesus; disciples
Topics: praying; Lord's Prayer
Dates: 29-30 AD

279. Jesus Heals a Woman on the Sabbath
Verses:  Luke 13:10-17
People: Jesus; crippled woman; Pharisees
Places: synagogue
Topics: healing; miracles; Sabbath
Dates: 29-30 AD

280. Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
Verses:  John 11:1-44
People: Jesus; Lazarus; Mary; Martha
Places: Bethany
Topics: resurrection; raise from dead; alive
Dates: 29-30 AD

281. Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
Verses:  Luke 17:11-19
People: Jesus; ten lepers
Places: Galilee; Samaria;
Topics: lepers; leprosy; healing; miracle; Samaritan
Dates: 30 AD

282. Jesus and the Children
Verses:  Matthew 19:13-15; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:15-17
People: Jesus; children; parents; disciples
Topics: Jesus and children; Jesus loves children
Dates: 30 AD

283. Jesus and the Rich Young Man
Verses:  Matthew 19:16-30; Mark 10:17-31; Luke 18:18-30
People: Jesus; rich young man; rich man
Topics: riches; wealth; money
Dates: 30 AD

284. James and John Want to Sit at Jesus' Right Hand
Verses:  Matthew 20:20-28; Mark 10:35-45
People: Jesus; James; John; mother of James and John
Topics: honor; right hand; humility; serving
Dates: 30 AD

285. Blind Bartimaeus is Healed
Verses:  Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43
People: Jesus; Bartimaeus
Places: Jericho
Topics: blind; blindness; healing; miracle
Dates: 30 AD

286. Jesus Gives Zacchaeus a New Life
Verses:  Luke 19:1-10
People: Jesus; Zacchaeus
Places: Jericho
Topics: tax collector; publican; short; Sycamore tree
Dates: 30 AD

287. The Triumphal Entry
Verses:  Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; John 12:12-19
People: Jesus; disciples; crowd
Places: Jerusalem; Bethphage; Bethany; Mount of Olives; Golden Gate
Topics: triumphal entry; praise; cloaks; riding donkey
Dates: 30 AD

288. Jesus Teaches in the Temple
Verses:  Matthew 21:23-27; Mark 11:27-33; Luke 19:47-48; Luke 20:1-8; John 12:20-5
People: Jesus; Pharisees; teachers; priests
Places: Temple; Jerusalem
Topics: teaching; authority of Jesus; Messiah
Dates: 30 AD

289. Jesus Talks About Caesar and God
Verses:  Matthew 22:15-22; Mark 12:13-17; Luke 20:20-26
People: Jesus; Pharisees; teachers; priests
Places: Temple; Jerusalem
Topics: Caesar; Roman taxes; denarius; coin; giving
Dates: 30 AD

290. The Widow's Small Coin
Verses:  Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4
People: Jesus; disciples; widow
Places: Temple; treasury of Temple; Jerusalem
Topics: giving; generosity
Dates: 30 AD

291. Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet
Verses:  Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:1-11
People: Jesus; Mary of Bethany; Mary; Simon; disciples
Places: Bethany
Topics: ointment; perfume; giving; anointing feet
Dates: 30 AD

292. Judas Bargains for Jesus
Verses:  Matthew 26:14-16; Mark 14:10-11; Luke 22:3-6
People: Jesus; Judas; Pharisees; priests
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: betray; selling Jesus; thirty pieces of silver; coins
Dates: 30 AD

293. The Last Supper
Verses:  Matthew 26:17-30; Mark 14:12-26; Luke 22:7-30; John 13:1-30
People: Jesus; disciples
Places: Upper Room; Jerusalem
Topics: last supper
Dates: 30 AD

294. Jesus Prays in Gethsemane
Verses:  Matthew 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42; Luke 22:39-46; John 18:1
People: Jesus; disciples
Places: Gethsemane; Garden of Gethsemane; Mount of Olives
Topics: praying
Dates: 30 AD

295. Judas Betrays Jesus
Verses:  Matthew 26:47-56; Mark 14:43-52; Luke 22:47-53; John 18:2-11
People: Jesus; disciples; Judas Iscariot; Temple guards
Places: Gethsemane; Garden of Gethsemane; Mount of Olives
Topics: betray; betray with a kiss
Dates: 30 AD

296. Jesus is Taken Before the Rulers
Verses:  Matthew 26:57-68; Mark 14:53-65; Luke 22:63-71; John 18:12-14; John 18:19-24
People: Jesus; Caiaphas; high priest; council; Sanhedrin; Annas
Places: Caiaphas' home; council chambers; Sanhedrin
Topics: judging; false witnessing
Dates: 30 AD

297. Peter Denies That He Knows Jesus
Verses:  Matthew 26:69-75; Mark 14:66-72; Luke 22:54-62; John 18:15-18; John 18:25-27
People: Peter; accusers
Places: courtyard of high priest home
Topics: denying; cursing
Dates: 30 AD

298. Judas Hangs Himself
Verses:  Matthew 27:1-10; Acts 1:18-19
People: Judas Iscariot
Places: Aceldama; Hakeldama; potter's field
Topics: suicide; hanging; remorse
Dates: 30 AD

299. Jesus is Taken to Pilate
Verses:  Matthew 27:11-14; Mark 15:1-5; Luke 23:1-5; John 18:28-37
People: Jesus; Pilate; Pontius Pilate; Pharisees; priests
Places: Pilate's judgment hall; Jerusalem
Topics: judging; Roman governor
Dates: 30 AD

300. Jesus is Taken to Herod Antipas
Verses:  Luke 23:6-12
People: Jesus; Herod Antipas
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: judging
Dates: 30 AD

301. Jesus Returns to Pilate
Verses:  Matthew 27:15-26; Mark 15:6-15; Luke 23:13-25; John 18:38-40; John 19:1-16
People: Jesus; Pilate; Pontius Pilate
Places: Pilate's judgment hall; Jerusalem
Topics: judging; Roman governor
Dates: 30 AD

302. Roman Soldiers Beat Jesus
Verses:  Matthew 27:27-30; Mark 15:16-19
People: Jesus; Roman soldiers; soldiers
Places: Antonia Fortress; Temple area; Jerusalem
Topics: flogging; whips; crown of thorns
Dates: 30 AD

303. Way to the Cross
Verses:  Matthew 27:31-34; Mark 15:20-23; Luke 23:26-31; John 19:17
People: Jesus; Simon of Cyrene
Places: Way of the Cross; Via Dolorosa; Jerusalem; Cyrene
Dates: 30 AD

304. Jesus is Crucified
Verses:  Matthew 27:35-56; Mark 15:24-41; Luke 23:32-49; John 19:18-30
People: Jesus; robbers; Pharisees; centurion; Roman soldiers
Places: Golgotha; Calvary; Jerusalem
Topics: crucifixion; cross
Dates: 30 AD

305. Jesus is Buried
Verses:  Matthew 27:57-66; Mark 15:42-47; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:31-42
People: Jesus; Nicodemus; Joseph of Arimathea
Places: Garden Tomb; Jerusalem
Topics: death; burial; tomb
Dates: 30 AD

306. Women Visit Jesus' Tomb
Verses:  Matthew 28:1-10; Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-12;
People: Mary mother of Jesus; Mary mother of James; Salome; Mary Magdalene
Places: Garden Tomb; Jerusalem
Topics: resurrection; angels; arisen; risen
Dates: 30 AD

307. Peter and John Visit Jesus' Tomb
Verses:  Luke 24:11-12; John 20:1-10
People: Peter; John
Places: Garden Tomb; Jerusalem
Topics: resurrection; arisen; risen
Dates: 30 AD

308. Mary Magdalene Visits Jesus' Tomb
Verses:  Mark 16:9-11; John 20:11-18
People: Jesus; Mary Magdalene
Places: Garden Tomb; Jerusalem
Topics: resurrection; arisen; risen
Dates: 30 AD

309. Leaders Lie About Resurrection
Verses:  Matthew 28:11-15
People: Pharisees; guards
Topics: lying; deceiving
Dates: 30 AD

310. Road to Emmaus
Verses:  Mark 16:12-13; Luke 24:13-35
People: Jesus; Cleopas
Places: Emmaus; road to Emmaus
Topics: resurrection; prophecy
Dates: 30 AD

311. Jesus Appears to His Disciples
Verses:  Mark 16:14; Luke 24:36-43; John 20:19-31
People: Jesus; disciples
Places: Upper Room; Jerusalem
Topics: resurrection; Messiah; Son of God
Dates: 30 AD

312. Catching Fish with Jesus' Help
Verses:  John 21:1-25
People: Jesus; disciples
Places: Sea of Galilee
Topics: fishing miracle; fish; miracle; Messiah; Son of God
Dates: 30 AD

313. Jesus Appears to 500 Disciples
Verses:  Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 16:15-18; Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:1-8
People: Jesus; disciples
Topics: Messiah; Son of God
Dates: 30 AD

314. Jesus Ascends Into Heaven
Verses:  Mark 16:19-20; Luke 24:50-53; Acts 1:9-11
People: Jesus; disciples; angels
Places: Mount of Olives; Jerusalem
Topics: ascension
Dates: 30 AD

315. In the Upper Room, Matthias Chosen
Verses:  Acts 1:12-26
People: Peter; Matthias; Joseph Barsabbas
Places: Upper Room; Jerusalem
Topics: disciple chosen
Dates: 30 AD

316. Pentecost
Verses:  Acts 2:1-41
People: Holy Spirit; Peter; disciples; crowd
Places: Upper Room; Jerusalem
Topics: Pentecost; Holy Spirit comes; tongues of fire
Dates: 30 AD

317. Peter and John Heal a Lame Man
Verses:  Acts 3:1-26
People: Peter; John; lame man
Places: Temple; Beautiful Gate; Jerusalem
Topics: lame; healing; miracle
Dates: 30 AD

318. Peter and John Before the Leaders
Verses:  Acts 4:1-31
People: Peter; John; council; Sanhedrin; Annas; Caiaphas; Alexander
Places: Jerusalem; council chambers
Topics: persecution
Dates: 30 AD

319. Early Christians Work Together
Verses:  Acts 4:32-37
People: Joseph Barnabas; Barnabas; Christians; believers
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: unity; working together
Dates: 30-35 AD

320. Ananias and Sapphira
Verses:  Acts 5:1-11
People: Peter; Ananias; Sapphira
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: lying; deceiving; punishment
Dates: 30-35 AD

321. Apostles Heal the Sick
Verses:  Acts 5:12-16
People: apostles
Places: Solomon's Porch; Solomon's Colonnade; Temple; Jerusalem
Topics: healing; miracles
Dates: 30-35 AD

322. Apostles Thrown Into Prison, Advice of Gamaliel
Verses:  Acts 5:17-42
People: Peter; apostles; high priest; Gamaliel; Sanhedrin; council
Places: Temple; Sanhedrin chambers; council chambers
Topics: jealous; arrest; Temple guards
Dates: 30-35 AD

323. Seven Deacons
Verses:  Acts 6:1-7
People: Stephen; Philip; Procorus; Nicanor; Timon; Parmenas; Nicolas of Antioch
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: deacons; food distribution
Dates: 30-35 AD

324. Stephen is Stoned
Verses:  Acts 6:8-15; Acts 7:1-60; Acts 8:1
People: Stephen; Sanhedrin; council; Saul
Places: Jerusalem; council chambers; Sanhedrin chambers
Topics: martyr; stoning; Stephen stoned
Dates: 35 AD

325. Saul Persecutes the Christians
Verses:  Acts 8:1-3
People: Saul; Saul of Tarsus
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: persecution
Dates: 35 AD

326. Philip Preaches at Samaria
Verses:  Acts 8:4-25
People: Philip; Simon the Sorcerer; Samaritans; Peter; John
Places: Samaria
Topics: preaching; teaching; evangelism; witnessing
Dates: 35 AD

327. Philip and the Ethiopian
Verses:  Acts 8:26-40
People: Philip; Ethiopian eunuch; Ethiopian official; Queen Candace; queen of Ethiopia
Places: Samaria; Gaza Road; Ethiopia
Topics: teaching; chariot; eunuch; Africa
Dates: 35 AD

328. Saul Meets Jesus
Verses:  Acts 9:1-9
People: Saul; Jesus; high priest
Places: Jerusalem; Damascus Road; Damascus; Syria
Topics: persecution; revelation; light from heaven; blindness
Dates: 35 AD

329. Saul Preaches in Damascus
Verses:  Acts 9:10-22
People: Saul; Ananias
Places: Damascus; Straight Street; house of Judas; Syria
Topics: laying hands; blindness; obedience; preaching; Jesus the Messiah
Dates: 35 AD

330. Saul Escapes from a Window
Verses:  Acts 9:23-25
People: Saul
Places: walls of Damascus; city gate of Damascus; Damascus; Syria
Topics: basket; escape in basket; basket over city walls
Dates: 35 AD

331. Barnabas Helps Paul
Verses:  Acts 9:26-31
People: Saul; Barnabas; believers
Places: Jerusalem; Caesarea; Tarsus
Topics: friend; helper; accepting
Dates: 35 AD

332. Peter Heals Aeneas
Verses:  Acts 9:32-35
People: Peter; Aeneas
Places: Lydda; Sharon
Topics: healing; miracle
Dates: 35-45 AD

333. Peter Raises Dorcas
Verses:  Acts 9:36-43
People: Peter; Dorcas; Tabitha; Simon the tanner; Simon the leatherworker
Places: Joppa
Topics: resurrection; alive; live; raise from dead; miracle
Dates: 35-45 AD

334. Peter's Vision of Unclean Animals
Verses:  Acts 10:1-48
People: Peter; Cornelius; angel; Simon the tanner; Simon the leatherworker
Places: Joppa; Caesarea
Topics: sheet of animals; unclean animals; kosher food; clean food; vision; Gentiles
Dates: 35-45 AD

335. Christians Start a New Church
Verses:  Acts 11:19-26
People: Barnabas; believers; Antioch believers
Places: Antioch of Syria; Antioch; Phoenicia; Cyprus
Topics: preaching; evangelizing; witnessing; church; new church; Gentiles; Christians
Dates: 35-45 AD

336. Peter is Put Into Prison
Verses:  Acts 12:1-5
People: Peter; Herod Agrippa I; King Herod; Agrippa; King Herod Agrippa I; James; Apostle James
Places: Jerusalem; prison
Topics: prison; prisoner; execution; murder
Dates: 44 AD

337. Peter is Released from Prison
Verses:  Acts 12:6-19
People: Peter; angel; Mary mother of John Mark; Rhoda; believers
Places: home of Mary mother of John Mark; Mary's home
Topics: prison; prisoner; free; freedom; prayer
Dates: 44 AD

338. Herod Agrippa I Dies
Verses:  Acts 12:20-25
People: Herod Agrippa I; King Herod Agrippa I; Agrippa; King Herod; Blastus; angel of the God; angel of the Lord; Barnabas; Saul; Mark; John Mark
Places: Caesarea; Tyre; Sidon
Topics: worms; death; punishment; royal robes; sickness
Dates: 44 AD

339. Saul (Paul) Begins His First Missionary Journey
Verses:  Acts 13:1-5
People: Saul; Paul; Barnabas; church at Antioch; Antioch church; Simeon; Lucius; Manaen; John Mark; Mark; Holy Spirit
Places: Antioch; Antioch of Syria; Seleucia; Cyprus
Topics: laying on hands; commissioning; sending; missionary; First Missionary Journey; sorcerer; governor
Dates: 46 AD

340. Bar-Jesus Tries to Keep the Governor from Believing
Verses:  Acts 13:6-12
People: Saul; Paul; Barnabas; John Mark; Mark; Bar-jesus; Elymas; Sergius Paulus; Holy Spirit
Places: Cyprus; Paphos
Topics: First Missionary Journey; sorcerer; governor; blindness; miracle
Dates: 46 AD

341. Some People Think Paul and Barnabas Are Gods
Verses:  Acts 14:1-20
People: Paul; Barnabas; Zeus; Hermes; lame man
Places: Iconium; Lycaonia; Lystra; Derbe
Topics: First Missionary Journey; healing; miracle; gods; worship
Dates: 46-48 AD

342. Paul and Barnabas Separate
Verses:  Acts 15:36-41
People: Paul; Barnabas; John Mark; Silas
Places: Syria; Cilicia
Topics: Second Missionary Journey
Dates: 50 AD

343. Timothy is Paul's Helper
Verses:  Acts 16:1-5
People: Paul; Silas; Timothy
Places: Derbe; Lystra
Topics: Second Missionary Journey; helper; circumcision
Dates: 50-52 AD

344. Paul Goes to Philippi
Verses:  Acts 16:6-15
People: Paul; Silas; Holy Spirit
Places: Phrygia; Galatia; Asia; Mysia; Bithynia; Macedonia; Greece
Topics: Second Missionary Journey; man of Macedonia
Dates: 50-52 AD

345. Paul and Silas Sing in Jail
Verses:  Acts 16:16-40
People: Paul; Silas; slave girl; demon-possessed girl; Philippian jailer; demon
Places: Philippi; prison; jail
Topics: Second Missionary Journey; prisoner; jailer; miracle; singing; salvation
Dates: 50-52 AD

346. Paul Visits Thessalonica and Berea
Verses:  Acts 17:1-15
People: Paul; Silas; Timothy
Places: Amphipolis; Appolonia; Thessalonica; Berea; Athens
Topics: Second Missionary Journey; jealousy; troublemaking; preaching; evangelism; Gospel
Dates: 50-52 AD

347. Paul Preaches on Mars Hill
Verses:  Acts 17:16-34
People: Paul; Stoics; Dionysius; Damaris; Athenians
Places: Athens; Mars Hill
Topics: Second Missionary Journey; Council of Philosophers; Areopagus; unknown god
Dates: 50-52 AD

348. Paul Works with Priscilla and Aquila
Verses:  Acts 18:1-11
People: Paul; Priscilla; Aquila; Claudius Caesar; Silas; Timothy; Titius Justus; Crispus
Places: Corinth
Topics: Second Missionary Journey; tentmakers; tentmaking; synagogue; Gentiles
Dates: 51-52 AD

349. Gallio Frees Paul--Sosthenes Beaten
Verses:  Acts 18:12-17
People: Paul; Gallio; Sosthenes
Places: Corinth
Topics: Second Missionary Journey; governor of Achaia; synagogue
Dates: 51-52 AD

350. Paul Begins His Third Journey
Verses:  Acts 18:23-28; Acts 19:1-12
People: Paul; Apollos; Priscilla; Aquila; Holy Spirit
Places: Ephesus; Tyrannus lecture hall; Achaia
Topics: Third Missionary Journey; eloquent; preaching
Dates: 53 AD

351. Some Books of Evil Are Burned
Verses:  Acts 19:13-20
People: Paul; Sceva's sons; Sceva
Places: Ephesus
Topics: Third Missionary Journey; burning books; evil books; books; black magic
Dates: 53-55 AD

352. The Silversmith Riot
Verses:  Acts 19:21-41
People: Paul; Demetrius; Diana; Artemis; Gaius; Aristarchus; Alexander
Places: Ephesus
Topics: Third Missionary Journey; silversmith; silversmith riot; theater; Ephesus theater
Dates: 55-56 AD

353. Sleepy Eutychus
Verses:  Acts 20:7-12
People: Paul; Eutychus
Places: Troas
Topics: Third Missionary Journey; preaching; upstairs room; death; resurrection; alive; live; lamps; Lord's Supper
Dates: 57 AD

354. Agabus Tells About Trouble
Verses:  Acts 21:1-14
People: Paul; Agabus; Ephesian elders; Philip the evangelist; Philip the deacon; deacon; Holy Spirit
Places: Cos; Rhodes; Patara; Phoenicia; Cyprus; Tyre; Ptolemais; Caesarea
Topics: Third Missionary Journey; belt; imprisonment; prison
Dates: 57 AD

355. Paul Returns to Jerusalem
Verses:  Acts 21:15-26
People: Paul; Mnason
Places: Jerusalem; Temple
Topics: purification ceremony; shave heads; return to Jerusalem
Dates: 57 AD

356. Paul Arrested at the Temple--Romans Beat Paul
Verses:  Acts 21:27-40; Acts 22:1-30; Acts 23:1-11
People: Paul; Trophimus; Roman soldiers; Roman commander; Pharisees; Sadducees; council; Sanhedrin
Places: Jerusalem; Temple; Antonia; Tower of Antonia
Topics: mob; riot; lying; Gentiles; chains; arrested; Roman citizenship; citizenship
Dates: 57 AD

357. Paul's Nephew Warns Him
Verses:  Acts 23:12-35
People: Paul; Paul's nephew; nephew; Roman soldiers; Roman commander
Places: Jerusalem; Temple; Antonia; Tower of Antonia
Topics: vow; pledge
Dates: 57 AD

358. Paul Before Felix
Verses:  Acts 24:1-27
People: Paul; Felix; Ananias; high priest; Tertullus; Drusilla
Places: Caesarea
Topics: judge; governor; imprisonment; prison; trial
Dates: 57 AD

359. Paul Before Festus
Verses:  Acts 25:1-12
People: Paul; Festus; Porcius Festus; Caesar; Nero
Places: Caesarea
Topics: judge; governor; imprisonment; prison; trial; appeal to Caesar
Dates: 57-59 AD

360. Paul Before Herod Agrippa II
Verses:  Acts 25:13-27; Acts 26:1-32
People: Paul; Herod Agrippa II; King Herod; King Herod Agrippa II; Agrippa; Bernice
Places: Caesarea
Topics: judge; king; imprisonment; prison; trial; appeal to Caesar
Dates: 59 AD

361. Paul's Shipwreck
Verses:  Acts 27:1-44
People: Paul; Julius; Aristarchus
Places: Adramyttium; Sidon; Myra; Alexandria; Cnidus; Crete; Salmone; Fair Havens; Lasea; Phoenix; Cauda; sandbars of Syrtis; Malta; Melita
Topics: storm; typhoon; northeaster; shipwreck; ship
Dates: 59 AD

362. Paul on Malta
Verses:  Acts 28:1-10
People: Paul; Publius
Places: Malta; Melita
Topics: shipwreck; ship; fire; firewood; sickness; dysentery; fever; governor; healing; miracle
Dates: 59 AD

363. Paul at Rome
Verses:  Acts 28:11-31
People: Paul; Roman believers
Places: Syracuse; Rhegium; Puteoli; Forum on the Apiian Way; Apiian Way; Three Taverns; Rome
Topics: house arrest; arrest; imprisonment; guards; Alexandrian ship; ship
Dates: 59-62 AD

364. Onesimus the Runaway Slave--Paul Writes to Philemon
Verses:  Philemon 1:1-25
People: Paul; Philemon; Onesimus
Places: Colossae; Rome
Topics: slave; slavery; forgiveness; Christian
Dates: 59-62 AD

365. On Patmos, John Writes to Seven Churches
Verses:  Revelation 1:9-20; Revelation 2:1-29; Revelation 3:1-22
People: John
Places: Patmos
Topics: Revelation; Book of Revelation; inspiration; Scripture
Dates: 95 AD

Bible Story Lists

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