Topical Bible
Topical Bible

Dates are Approximate

1. God Creates Everything
Verses:  Genesis 1:1-31; Genesis 2:1-3
People: Creator
Topics: creation; world; earth; universe; sun; moon; stars; planets; animals; plants; seas
Dates: date not known

2. God Creates Adam and Eve
Verses:  Genesis 2:4-25
People: Adam; Eve
Places: Eden; Garden of Eden
Topics: creation
Dates: date not known

3. Adam and Eve Tempted
Verses:  Genesis 3
People: Adam; Eve; Satan; Devil
Places: Eden; Garden of Eden
Topics: temptation; sin
Dates: date not known

4. Cain Kills Abel
Verses:  Genesis 4:1-16
People: Cain; Abel
Topics: offering; sacrifice; murder; punishment
Dates: date not known

5. Noah Builds Ark
Verses:  Genesis 6:1-22; 7:1-10
People: Noah
Topics: Noah's ark; ark; flood; great flood
Dates: date not known

6. Great Flood
Verses:  Genesis 7:11-24; Genesis 8:1-22; Genesis 9:1-19
People: Noah; Ham; Shem; Japheth
Topics: Noah's ark; ark; flood; great flood
Dates: date not known

7. Tower of Babel
Verses:  Genesis 11:1-9
People: Babylonians; tower builders
Places: Babylon
Topics: Babel; tower of Babel; tower; ziggurat; pride
Dates: date not known

8. Job Loses Everything
Verses:  Job 1:1-2:10
People: Job; Job's wife; Job's family
Topics: prosperity; wealth; riches; testing
Dates: date not known

9. God Gives Job Good Gifts
Verses:  Job 42:1-17
People: Job
Topics: prosperity; wealth; riches; testing
Dates: date not known

10. Abraham Moves to New Lands
Verses:  Genesis 11:26-32; Genesis 12:1-9
People: Abraham; Abram; Terah; Sarah; Sarai; Lot; Haran
Places: Ur; Haran; Canaan
Topics: moving; migration; obey
Dates: 2096-2091 BC

11. Abraham and Sarah Visit Egypt
Verses:  Genesis 12:10-20
People: Abraham; Abram; Sarah; Sarai
Places: Canaan; Egypt
Topics: lying; deceit; wife; husband; half lie; half truth
Dates: 2091 BC

12. Lot Leaves Abraham
Verses:  Genesis 13:1-18
People: Abraham; Abram; Lot; Sarah; Sarai; herdsmen
Places: Negev; Canaan; Sodom; Mamre
Topics: quarreling; flocks; herds
Dates: 2091 BC

13. Abraham Rescues Lot
Verses:  Genesis 14:1-24
People: Abram; Abraham; Lot; Amraphel; Arioch; Kedorlaomer; Chedorlaomer; Tidal; Bera; Birsha; Shinab; Shemeber; Melchizedek
Places: Babylonia; Ellasar; Elam; Goiim; Sodom; Gomorrah; Admah; Zeboiim; Bela; Zoar; Siddim Valley
Topics: rescue; battle; kings; victory
Dates: 2091 BC

14. God Makes a Promise to Abraham
Verses:  Genesis 15:1-21
People: Abraham; Abram
Topics: covenant; Old Covenant
Dates: 2091 BC

15. Sarah is Jealous
Verses:  Genesis 16:1-16
People: Sarah; Sarai; Hagar; Ishmael; Abram; Abraham
Topics: jealousy; anger
Dates: 2073 BC

16. Angels Visit Abraham
Verses:  Genesis 18:1-15
People: Abraham; Sarah; Angel of God
Places: Mamre
Topics: miracle; doubt; baby; churn; butter churn
Dates: 2067 BC

17. Abraham Bargains for Sodom
Verses:  Genesis 18:16-33
People: Abraham
Places: Mamre; Sodom; Gomorrah
Topics: prayer
Dates: 2067 BC

18. God's Fire Destroys Sodom
Verses:  Genesis 19:1-29
People: Lot; Abraham; angels; Moab; Ben-ammi; Moabites; Ammonites
Places: Sodom; Gomorrah
Topics: fire; brimstone; punishment; rescue; drunkenness; sex; incest; sexual abuse; abuse
Dates: 2067 BC

19. Abraham Deceives Abimelech
Verses:  Genesis 20:1-18
People: Abraham; Sarah; Abimelech
Places: Negev; Gerar
Topics: deceit; lying
Dates: 2067 BC

20. Isaac is Born
Verses:  Genesis 21:1-7
People: Abraham; Sarah; Isaac
Places: Beersheba
Topics: miracle; baby; birth; born
Dates: 2066 BC

21. Abraham Sends Hagar Away
Verses:  Genesis 21:8-21
People: Abraham; Sarah; Hagar; Ishmael; angel
Places: Beersheba; Wilderness of Beersheba
Topics: jealousy; rejection
Dates: 2066 BC

22. Abraham Offers Isaac
Verses:  Genesis 22:1-19
People: Abraham; Isaac
Places: Beersheba; Mount Moriah; Temple Mount
Topics: obedience; sacrifice; offering
Dates: 2055-2045 BC

23. Sarah Dies
Verses:  Genesis 23:1-20
People: Abraham; Sarah; Hittites; Ephron son of Zohar
Places: Hebron; Kiriath-arba; Cave of Machpelah
Topics: tomb; burial; death; pieces of silver; silver; money
Dates: 2030-2029 BC

24. Isaac Finds His Bride
Verses:  Genesis 24:1-67
People: Abraham; Isaac; Eliezer; Rebekah; Bethuel; Nahor; Milcah; Laban
Places: Hebron; Haran; Aram-naharaim; Negev; Beer-lahaioi; Padan-aram
Topics: camels; well; gold rings; nose rings; bride; marriage
Dates: 2026 BC

25. Esau and Jacob Are Born
Verses:  Genesis 25:19-26
People: Isaac; Rebekah; Esau; Jacob
Topics: barren; baby; prayer; twins; birthright; firstborn
Dates: 2006 BC

26. Esau Sells His Birthright
Verses:  Genesis 25:27-34
People: Jacob; Esau; Isaac; Rebekah
Topics: birthright; stew; soup; lentils; lentil stew; lentil soup
Dates: 1985-1980 BC

27. Isaac Deceives Abimelech
Verses:  Genesis 26:1-11
People: Isaac; Rebekah; Abinelech; Philistines
Places: Gerar
Topics: lying; deceit
Dates: 1980-1970 BC

28. Isaac Gives Up His Wells
Verses:  Genesis 26:12-33
People: Isaac; Philistines; Abimelech; Phicol; Ahuzzath
Places: Gerar; Gerar Valley; Beersheba
Topics: wells; stealing; water; peace; treaty; oath; peace; pacifism
Dates: 1980-1970 BC

29. Jacob Tricks Isaac
Verses:  Genesis 27:1-46; Genesis 28:1-9
People: Jacob; Esau; Isaac; Rebekah
Places: Beersheba
Topics: trickery; steal; birthright; deceive; blessing
Dates: 1929 BC

30. Jacob's Ladder
Verses:  Genesis 28:10-22
People: Jacob; angels; Laban
Places: Beersheba; Bethel; Luz; Paddan-aram; Haran
Topics: ladder to heaven; stairway to heaven; ladder; stairway; heaven
Dates: 1929 BC

31. Jacob Meets Rachel
Verses:  Genesis 29:1-14
People: Jacob; Rachel; Laban; shepherds
Places: Paddan-aram; Haran
Topics: well; water; cousins
Dates: 1929 BC

32. Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel
Verses:  Genesis 29:14-30
People: Jacob; Rachel; Leah; Laban; Bilhah; Zilpah
Places: Paddan-aram; Haran
Topics: marriage; wedding; deceit; trickery
Dates: 1922 BC

33. Jacob's Children
Verses:  Genesis 29:31-35; Genesis 30:1-24
People: Jacob; Rachel; Leah; Bilhah; Zilpah; Laban; Reuben; Simeon; Levi; Judah; Dan; Naphtali; Gad; Asher; Issachar; Zebulun; Dinah; Joseph; Benjamin
Places: Paddan-aram; Haran
Topics: children; babies; surrogate mothers; birth; childbirth; Jacob's children; mothers
Dates: 1922-1915 BC

34. Jacob Works for Laban
Verses:  Genesis 30:25-43
People: Jacob; Laban
Places: Paddan-aram; Haran
Topics: wages; flocks; herds; money
Dates: 1915-1909 BC

35. Jacob Runs Away
Verses:  Genesis 31:1-55
People: Jacob; Leah; Rachel; Laban
Places: Paddan-aram; Haran
Topics: running away; treaty; peacemaking
Dates: 1909 BC

36. Jacob Wrestles An Angel
Verses:  Genesis 32:1-32
People: Jacob; Leah; Rachel; Angel of God
Places: Mahanaim; Jabbok River
Topics: wrestling with God; wrestling
Dates: 1909 BC

37. Jacob Meets Esau
Verses:  Genesis 33:1-20
People: Jacob; Esau
Places: Succoth; Shechem
Topics: reconciliation; peacemaking; gifts; forgiveness
Dates: 1909 BC

38. Rachel Dies
Verses:  Genesis 35:16-20
People: Jacob; Rachel; Benjamin
Places: Bethel; Bethlehem; Ephrath; Mamre
Topics: childbirth; death
Dates: 1909 BC

39. Joseph's Brothers Sell Him
Verses:  Genesis 37:1-36
People: Joseph; Jacob; Joseph's brothers; Ishmaelite traders
Places: Shechem; Hebron; Dothan; Egypt
Topics: selling as a slave; selling brother; brothers; selling
Dates: 1898 BC

40. Potiphar Buys Joseph
Verses:  Genesis 39:1-23
People: Joseph; Potiphar; Potiphar's wife
Places: Egypt
Topics: lust; deceit; prison; Joseph in prison; sex
Dates: 1898 BC

41. The Butler and the Baker
Verses:  Genesis 40:1-23
People: Joseph; butler; baker; cup-bearer; chief baker
Places: Egypt
Topics: dreams; interpret dreams; meaning of dreams
Dates: 1887 BC

42. Joseph Becomes Ruler
Verses:  Genesis 41:1-57
People: Pharaoh; Joseph
Places: Egypt
Topics: dreams; Pharaoh's dreams; meaning of dreams; governor; Joseph becomes governor
Dates: 1885 BC

43. Joseph's Brothers Buy Grain
Verses:  Genesis 42:1-36
People: Joseph; Joseph's brothers
Places: Egypt; Canaan
Topics: buying grain; Joseph's brothers buy grain; Joseph's brothers; buying; grain; famine
Dates: 1876 BC

44. Joseph's Brothers Return to Egypt
Verses:  Genesis 43:1-34; Genesis 44:1-34
People: Joseph; Joseph's brothers
Places: Egypt; Canaan
Topics: buying grain; Joseph's brothers buy grain; Joseph's brothers; famine; buying; grain
Dates: 1876 BC

45. Joseph Tells His Secret
Verses:  Genesis 45:1-15
People: Joseph; Joseph's brothers
Places: Egypt
Topics: Joseph reveals secret; Joseph tells brothers who he is; secret; reveal identity; identity
Dates: 1876 BC

46. Jacob Moves to Egypt
Verses:  Genesis 45:16-28; Genesis 47:1-12
People: Joseph; Jacob; Jacob's family
Places: Canaan; Egypt; Goshen
Topics: moving to Egypt; moving
Dates: 1876 BC

47. Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons
Verses:  Genesis 47:27-31; Genesis 48:1-22
People: Jacob; Joseph; Ephraim; Manasseh
Places: Egypt
Topics: bless; blessing; heritage; grandfather; grandsons
Dates: 1859 BC

48. Jacob Blesses His Sons
Verses:  Genesis 49:1-28
People: Jacob; sons of Jacob
Places: Egypt
Topics: bless; blessing; father; sons; heritage
Dates: 1859 BC

49. Jacob Dies
Verses:  Genesis 49:29-33; Genesis 50:1-14
People: Jacob; Joseph
Places: Egypt; Machpelah; Cave of Machpelah
Topics: death; burial; embalming; funeral
Dates: 1859-1858 BC

50. Joseph is Kind to His Brothers and Dies
Verses:  Genesis 50:1-26
People: Joseph; Joseph's brothers
Places: Egypt
Topics: brothers; fear
Dates: 1859-1805 BC

51. Moses is Born and Adopted
Verses:  Exodus 2:1-10
People: Moses; Aaron; Miriam; Amram; Jochebed
Places: Egypt
Topics: basket of bulrushes; Moses in basket; princess adopts Moses; bulrushes; basket; princess; adoption
Dates: 1526 BC

52. The Hebrews Become Slaves
Verses:  Exodus 1:1-22
People: Hebrews; Pharaoh
Places: Egypt
Topics: slavery; slaves; Hebrews in Egypt
Dates: 1525 BC

53. Moses Runs Away
Verses:  Exodus 2:11-15
People: Moses; Pharaoh
Places: Egypt; Midian
Topics: murder; Moses kills Egyptian; Moses runs away; running away; escaping
Dates: 1486 BC

54. Moses Meets Jethro's Daughters
Verses:  Exodus 2:16-25
People: Moses; Reuel; Jethro; Jethro's daughters; Reuel's daughters; Zipporah; Gershom
Places: Midian
Topics: priest of Midian; marriage; birth; son
Dates: 1486 BC

55. The Burning Bush
Verses:  Exodus 3:1-22; Genesis 4:1-17
People: Moses
Places: Midian; Sinai; wilderness of Sinai
Topics: burning bush; bush; burning; sandals
Dates: 1446 BC

56. Bricks Without Straw
Verses:  Exodus 5:1-23
People: Moses; Aaron; Pharaoh; Hebrews; Israelites
Places: Egypt
Topics: slaves; slavery; brickmaking; bricks; straw
Dates: 1446 BC

57. Moses' Rod Becomes a Snake and Other Miracles
Verses:  Exodus 7:8-25; Exodus 8:1-32; Exodus 9:1-35; Exodus 10:1-29
People: Moses; Aaron; Pharaoh; Hebrews; Israelites
Places: Egypt
Topics: rod; snake; Moses' rod; rod becomes snake; miracles; blood; Nile River; Nile River blood; frogs; lice; flies; plagues; boils; hail; locusts; darkness
Dates: 1446 BC

58. The Great Plague and the Passover
Verses:  Exodus 11:1-10; Exodus 12:1-36
People: Moses; Aaron; Pharaoh; Hebrews; Israelites; angel
Places: Egypt
Topics: plague; great plague; death of firstborn; Passover; Festival of Unleavened Bread
Dates: 1446 BC

59. The Exodus
Verses:  Exodus 12:37-51; Exodus 13:1-16
People: Moses; Aaron; Pharaoh; Egyptian army; Hebrews; Israelites
Places: Egypt; Succoth; Etham
Topics: Exodus; escape; freedom
Dates: 1446 BC

60. Pillars of Cloud and Fire
Verses:  Exodus 13:17-22
People: Moses; Aaron; Hebrews; Israelites
Places: Egypt; Succoth; Etham
Topics: pillars; cloud; fire; pillar of cloud; pillar of fire; pillars of cloud and fire; lead; guide
Dates: 1446 BC

61. Crossing the Red Sea
Verses:  Exodus 14:1-31; Exodus 15:1-21
People: Moses; Aaron; Miriam; Hebrews; Israelites
Places: Egypt; Pihahiroth; Migdol; Baal-zephon; Red Sea; Reed Sea
Topics: crossing Red Sea or Reed Sea
Dates: 1446 BC

62. Bitter Waters at Marah
Verses:  Exodus 15:22-27
People: Moses; Aaron; Hebrews; Israelites
Places: Shur Desert; Marah; Elim
Topics: thirst; water; bitter water; bitter water at Marah; springs; oasis
Dates: 1446 BC

63. Manna and Quail
Verses:  Exodus 16:1-36
People: Moses; Hebrews; Israelites
Places: Elim; Sin Desert; Mount Sinai
Topics: food; hunger; manna; quail; meat; bread; omer
Dates: 1446 BC

64. Moses Strikes a Rock
Verses:  Exodus 17:1-7
People: Moses; Hebrews; Israelites
Places: Sin Desert; Rephidim; Massah; Meribah
Topics: thirst; water; water from rock
Dates: 1446 BC

65. Aaron and Hur Help Moses
Verses:  Exodus 17:8-16
People: Moses; Aaron; Joshua; Hur; Israelites; Hebrews
Places: Rephidim
Topics: Amalekites; Amalek; war; battle; holding hands up; Moses' staff
Dates: 1446 BC

66. Jethro Helps Moses
Verses:  Exodus 18:1-27
People: Moses; Jethro; Reuel; Israelites; Hebrews; Zipporah; Gershom; Eliezer
Places: Rephidim
Topics: father-in-law; son-in-law; reunion; advice; counsel; delegation; help
Dates: 1446 BC

67. The Israelites Reach Mt. Sinai
Verses:  Exodus 19:1-25
People: Moses; Israelites; Hebrews
Places: Rephidim; wilderness of Sinai; Mount Sinai; Sinai; Mt. Sinai
Topics: covenant; God's appearance
Dates: 1446 BC

68. The Ten Commandments
Verses:  Exodus 20:1-26
People: Moses; Israelites; Hebrews
Places: Mount Sinai; Mt. Sinai; Sinai; wilderness of Sinai
Topics: Ten Commandments; commandments
Dates: 1446 BC

69. The Golden Calf
Verses:  Exodus 32:1-35
People: Moses; Aaron; Israelites; Hebrews
Places: Mount Sinai; Mt. Sinai; Sinai; wilderness of Sinai
Topics: golden calf; calf worship; worship; gold; jewelry; earrings
Dates: 1446 BC

70. Moses Talks with God
Verses:  Exodus 34:1-35
People: Moses; Israelites; Hebrews
Places: Mount Sinai; Mt. Sinai; Sinai; wilderness of Sinai
Topics: covenant; Law; revelation; tables of stone; tablets of stone
Dates: 1446 BC

71. Gifts for the Tabernacle
Verses:  Exodus 35:1-29
People: Moses; Israelites; Hebrews
Places: Mount Sinai; Mt. Sinai; Sinai; wilderness of Sinai
Topics: Tabernacle; gifts; giving
Dates: 1446 BC

72. The Tabernacle is Built
Verses:  Exodus 39:32-43; Exodus 40:1-38
People: Moses; Israelites; Hebrews
Places: Mount Sinai; Mt. Sinai; Sinai; wilderness of Sinai
Topics: Tabernacle; Ark of the Covenant; table of showbread; table of showbread; showbread; showbread; altar of burnt offering; burnt offering; incense altar; candlestick; lampstand; menorah; laver
Dates: 1446-1445 BC

73. Aaron's Sons Are Burned
Verses:  Leviticus 10:1-20
People: Aaron; Nadab; Abihu; Moses; Israelites; Hebrews
Places: Mount Sinai; Sinai; wilderness of Sinai
Topics: incense; strange fire; fire; wrong offering; false offering; sin of Nadab and Abihu
Dates: 1445 BC

74. Israelites Leave Mt. Sinai
Verses:  Numbers 10:11-36
People: Moses; Israelites; Hebrews; Nahshon; Nahshon son of Amminadab; Amminadab; Nethanel; Nethanel son of Zuar; Zuar; Eliab; Eliab son of Helon; Helon; Elizur; Elizur son of Shedeur; Shelumiel; Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai; Zurishaddai; Eliasaph; Eliasaph son of Deuel; Deuel; Elishama; Elishama son of Ammihud; Ammihud; Gamaliel; Gamaliel son of Pedahzur; Pedahzur; Abidan; Abidan son of Gideoni; Gideoni; Ahiezer; Ahiezer son of Ammishaddai; Ammishaddai; Pagiel; Pagiel son of Ocran; Ocran; Ahira; Ahira son of Enan; Enan; Hobab; Hobab son of Reuel; Habab son of Jethro
Places: Mount Sinai; Sinai; wilderness of Sinai; wilderness of Paran
Topics: moving Tabernacle; Tabernacle
Dates: 1445 BC

75. Seventy New Leaders
Verses:  Numbers 11:4-35
People: Moses; Israelites; Hebrews; seventy leaders; leaders; Eldad; Medad; Joshua
Places: Taberah
Topics: leaders; leadership; delegation
Dates: 1445 BC

76. Miriam Gets Leprosy
Verses:  Numbers 12:1-16
People: Moses; Aaron; Miriam; Moses' Cushite wife; Cushite; wife
Places: Hazaroth
Topics: Miriam's leprosy; leprosy; rebellion
Dates: 1445 BC

77. The Twelve Spies
Verses:  Numbers 13:1-33
People: Moses; Israelites; twelve spies; spies; Joshua; Caleb
Places: wilderness of Paran; Kadesh; Kadesh Barnea; Promised Land; valley of Eshcol; Hebron
Topics: spies; scouts; grapes; cluster of grapes; giants; rebellion
Dates: 1445 BC

78. Forty Years in the Wilderness
Verses:  Numbers 14:1-45
People: Moses; Israelites
Places: wilderness of Paran; Paran; Kadesh; Kadesh Barnea
Topics: rebellion; punishment; wilderness wandering
Dates: 1445-1406 BC

79. Korah Rebels
Verses:  Numbers 16:1-40
People: Moses; Aaron; Korah; Korah son of Izhar; Izhar; Dathan; Dathan son of Eliab; Eliab; Abiram; Abiram son of Eliab; On; On son of Peleth; Peleth; Eleazar; Eleazar the priest
Places: wilderness
Topics: rebellion; punishment; earth swallows tents
Dates: 1445-1406 BC

80. Aaron's Rod Buds
Verses:  Numbers 16:41-50; Numbers 17:1-13
People: Moses; Aaron; Israelites
Places: wilderness
Topics: rebellion; Aaron's rod; Aaron's rod buds; rod
Dates: 1445-1406 BC

81. Moses Disobeys God
Verses:  Numbers 20:1-13
People: Moses; Israelites; Miriam; Aaron
Places: wilderness of Zin; Kadesh; Meribah
Topics: striking rock; water from rock
Dates: 1445-1406 BC

82. Edom Says No
Verses:  Numbers 20:14-21
People: Moses; Israelites; Edomites; king of Edom
Places: Kadesh; Edom
Topics: Edom refuses passage; Edom says no
Dates: 1445-1406 BC

83. The Bronze Snake
Verses:  Numbers 21:4-9
People: Moses; Israelites
Places: Mount Hor; Edom
Topics: bronze snake; poisonous snakes; snakes; snake bite
Dates: 1445-1406 BC

84. Balak Sends for Balaam
Verses:  Numbers 22:1-41
People: Balak; Balak son of Zippor; Zippor; king of Moab; Moabite king; Balaam; Israelites
Places: Moab; Pethor; Euphrates River
Topics: curse Israel; curse
Dates: 1445-1406 BC

85. Balaam Will Not Curse Israel
Verses:  Numbers 23:1-30; Numbers 24:1-25
People: Balak; Balak son of Zippor; Zippor; king of Moab; Moabite king; Balaam; Israelites
Places: Moab; Pethor; Euphrates River
Topics: curse Israel; curse; donkey; talking donkey
Dates: 1445-1406 BC

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