Topical Bible
Topical Bible

Dates are Approximate

86. Joshua Becomes Israel's New Leader
Verses:   Numbers 27:12-23; Deuteronomy 31:1-8
People: Joshua; Moses; Eleazar; Eleazar the priest; Israelites
Places: Mount Nebo; Promised Land
Topics: Moses' successor; successor; leader of Israel
Dates: 1406 BC

87. Moses Dies
Verses:   Deuteronomy 34:1-12
People: Moses
Places: Mount Nebo; Pisgah Peak
Topics: death; death of Moses; God buried Moses
Dates: 1406 BC

88. The Israelites Enter Canaan
Verses:  Joshua 1:1-18
People: Joshua; Israelites
Places: Jordan River; Acacia
Topics: Promised Land; Canaan; entering Canaan; entering Promised Land
Dates: 1406 BC

89. Spies Visit Rahab
Verses:  Joshua 2:1-24
People: Rahab; spies
Places: Jericho; Rahab's house
Topics: prostitute; spies; scarlet rope; walls of Jericho
Dates: 1406 BC

90. Crossing the Jordan River
Verses:  Joshua 3:1-17; Joshua 4:1-24
People: Joshua; Israelites
Places: Jordan River
Topics: crossing Jordan River; flood; miracle
Dates: 1406 BC

91. Captain of the Lord's Army
Verses:  Joshua 5:13-15
People: Joshua; captain of the Lord's army; angel
Places: Jordan River
Topics: angel appearance
Dates: 1406 BC

92. Battle for Jericho
Verses:  Joshua 6:1-27
People: Joshua; Israelites
Places: Jericho
Topics: walls of Jericho; Ark of the Covenant
Dates: 1406 BC

93. Achan's Sin Brings Defeat
Verses:  Joshua 7:1-26
People: Achan; Israelites
Places: Ai
Topics: booty; stealing; deceit; Achan's sin
Dates: 1406 BC

94. Battle for Ai
Verses:  Joshua 8:1-35
People: Joshua; Israelites
Places: Ai
Topics: victory; defeat
Dates: 1406 BC

95. Gibeonites Trick Joshua
Verses:  Joshua 9:1-27
People: Joshua; Israelites; Gibeonites
Places: Gilgal; Gibeon
Topics: deceit; deception; tricking
Dates: 1406 BC

96. Sun Stands Still
Verses:  Joshua 10:1-43
People: Joshua; Israelites
Places: Valley of Aijalon
Topics: sun stand still; moon stand still; sun and moon stand still
Dates: 1406 BC

97. Conquering the Promised Land
Verses:  Joshua 11:1-23
People: Joshua; Israelites
Places: Promised Land; Canaan
Topics: conquest of Canaan
Dates: 1406-1375 BC

98. Ehud Defeats Moab
Verses:  Judges 3:12-30
People: Ehud; King Eglon; King Eglon of Moab; Moabite king; king of Moab
Places: Promised Land; Canaan
Topics: dagger; Ehud killed Eglon; left-handed; murder
Dates: 1309-1229 BC

99. Deborah and Barak
Verses:  Judges 4:1-24; Judges 5:1-31
People: Deborah; Barak; King Jabin of Hazor; Jabin; king of Hazor; Sisera; Jael; Canaanites
Places: Harosheth-haggoyim; Palm of Deborah; Ramah; Bethel; Mount Tabor
Topics: tent peg
Dates: 1209-1169 BC

100. Gideon Leads Israel
Verses:  Judges 6:1-40
People: Gideon; Jerubbaal; Israelites; Midianites; angel of the Lord
Places: Ophrah
Topics: oak tree; winepress; fleece; dew on fleece
Dates: 1162-1122 BC

101. Gideon's Army of 300
Verses:  Judges 7:1-25
People: Gideon; Jerubbaal; Israelite army
Places: spring of Harod; hill of Moreh
Topics: army of three hundred; pitchers; torches
Dates: 1162-1122 BC

102. Jephthah's Foolish Vow
Verses:  Judges 10:6-18; Judges 11:1-40
People: Jephthah; Jephthah's daughter
Places: Land of Gilead; Land of Manasseh; Mizpah
Topics: vow; foolish vow
Dates: 1122-1075 BC

103. Samson is Born
Verses:  Judges 13:1-25
People: Manoah; Manoah's wife; Samson; angel of God
Places: Zorah; Eshtaol; Mahaneh-dan
Topics: vows; Nazarite vow
Dates: Late Judges - uncertain dates

104. Samson Gets Married
Verses:  Judges 14:1-20
People: Manoah; Manoah's wife; Samson; Philistines
Places: Timnah
Topics: Philistine wife; lion; honey
Dates: Late Judges - uncertain dates

105. Samson Fights Philistines
Verses:  Judges 15:1-20
People: Samson; Philistines
Places: Timnah; Lehi; rock of Etam
Topics: jawbone of donkey; three hundred foxes; foxes with fire
Dates: Late Judges - uncertain dates

106. Samson's Foolish Choices
Verses:  Judges 16:1-22
People: Samson; Delilah; Philistines
Places: Gaza
Topics: deceit; blinded; grinding grain
Dates: Late Judges - uncertain dates

107. Samson Pulls Down a Temple
Verses:  Judges 16:23-31
People: Samson; Philistines
Places: Zorah; Eshtaol
Topics: Philistine temple; suicide
Dates: Late Judges - uncertain dates

108. Ruth Goes Home with Naomi
Verses:  Ruth 1:1-22
People: Elimelech; Naomi; Mahlon; Kilion; Chilion; Ruth; Orpah
Places: Bethlehem; Moab
Topics: faithfulness; Moabite widow; widow
Dates: Late Judges - uncertain dates

109. Ruth Gleans in Fields
Verses:  Ruth 2:1-23
People: Ruth; Boaz; Naomi
Places: Bethlehem; fields of Boaz
Topics: gleaning; Moabite widow
Dates: Late Judges - uncertain dates

110. Ruth Marries Boaz
Verses:  Ruth 3:1-18; Ruth 4:1-22
People: Ruth; Boaz; Naomi; Obed
Topics: kinsman redeemer; Moabite widow; sandal
Dates: Late Judges - uncertain dates

111. Samuel is Born and Given to God
Verses:  1 Samuel 1:1-28
People: Elkanah; Hannah; Peninnah; Eli; Eli the priest
Places: Ramah; hill country of Ephraim; Shiloh
Topics: vow; miracle; childbirth
Dates: 1105 BC

112. God Speaks to Samuel
Verses:  1 Samuel 3:1-21
People: Samuel; Eli
Places: Tabernacle; Shiloh; Tabernacle at Shiloh
Topics: God speaking; lampstand; candlestick; menorah
Dates: 1105 BC

113. Philistines Capture Ark
Verses:  1 Samuel 4:1-22
People: Eli; Hophni; Phinehas; Philistines
Places: Ebenezer; Aphek
Topics: Ark of the Covenant; Ark of the Covenant captured
Dates: 1105-1080 BC

114. Philistines Are Punished
Verses:  1 Samuel 5:1-12
People: Philistines; Dagon; god Dagon
Places: Ebenezer; Ashdod; Gath; Ekron
Topics: Ark of the Covenant; temple of Dagon; god Dagon; Dagon
Dates: 1105-1080 BC

115. Philistines Return Ark
Verses:  1 Samuel 6:1:21; 1 Samuel 7:1-4
People: Philistines; Israelites
Places: Beth-shemesh
Topics: Ark of the Covenant; ox cart; gold rats; gold tumors
Dates: 1105-1080 BC

116. God Sends Thunder
Verses:  1 Samuel 7:5-14
People: Philistines; Samuel; goddess Ashtoreth; Ashtoreth; Baal; god Baal
Places: Mizpah; Beth-car
Topics: battle; war; thunder
Dates: 1105-1080 BC

117. Saul Becomes King
Verses:  1 Samuel 9:1-27; 1 Samuel 10:1-27
People: Saul; Samuel; Kish
Places: hill country of Ephraim; Shaalim; land of Benjamin; Zuph
Topics: anointing; lost donkeys
Dates: 1050 BC

118. Saul Defeats Ammonites
Verses:  1 Samuel 11:1-15
People: Saul; Ammonites; King Nahash; king of Ammonites; Samuel
Places: Ammon; Jabesh-gilead; Gibeah; Gilgal
Topics: gouge out right eye; disfigure; torture; blinding
Dates: 1050 BC

119. Saul's Foolish Mistake
Verses:  1 Samuel 13:1-23
People: Saul; Samuel; Philistines
Places: Micmash; Bethel; Gibeah; Giba; Gilgal
Topics: false sacrifice; false offering
Dates: 1050 BC

120. Jonathan's Brave Fight
Verses:  1 Samuel 14:1-23
People: Jonathan; Saul; Ahijah; Ahijah the priest; Philistines
Places: Micmash; Gibeah
Topics: armor bearer
Dates: 1030-1025 BC

121. Saul's Foolish Vow
Verses:  1 Samuel 14:24-46
People: Saul; Jonathan; Philistines
Places: Micmash; Aijalon
Topics: vow; foolish vow; honey
Dates: 1030-1025 BC

122. Saul Defeats Amalek
Verses:  1 Samuel 15:1-35
People: Samuel; Saul; Amalekites; Amalek; Agag; King Agag
Places: Havilah; Shur; Gilgal; Ramah
Topics: disobedience; booty; plunder
Dates: 1030-1025 BC

123. Samuel Anoints David
Verses:  1 Samuel 16:1-13
People: Samuel; David; Jesse; Abinadab; Shammah; Eliab
Places: Bethlehem; Ramah
Topics: anointing
Dates: 1025 BC

124. David Plays for Saul
Verses:  1 Samuel 16:14-23
People: David; King Saul; Jesse
Places: Gibeah
Topics: harp; lyre; music; playing; depression; tormenting spirit
Dates: 1025 BC

125. David Fights Goliath
Verses:  1 Samuel 17:1-58
People: David; Goliath; King Saul; Israelite army; Philistine army
Places: Socoh; Azekah; valley of Elah
Topics: Philistines; giants; weapons; sling; sword; shield bearer; shield
Dates: 1025 BC

126. David and Jonathan Become Friends
Verses:  1 Samuel 18:1-5
People: David; Jonathan
Places: valley of Elah
Topics: belt; sword; spear; robe; tunic; bow; friendship
Dates: 1025 BC

127. Saul is Jealous of David
Verses:  1 Samuel 18:6-16
People: David; King Saul; women of Israel
Places: Gibeah
Topics: women of Israel; tambourines; cymbals; praise; depression; jealousy; tormenting spirit; depression
Dates: 1025 BC

128. Saul Tries to Kill David
Verses:  1 Samuel 19:1-24
People: David; King Saul; Jonathan; Michal
Places: Gibeah; Naioth; Ramah
Topics: assassination; murder; idol
Dates: 1025 BC

129. Jonathan Warns David
Verses:  1 Samuel 20:1-42
People: David; King Saul; Jonathan
Places: Naioth in Ramah; Gibeah
Topics: jealousy; friendship; bow; arrows
Dates: 1025 BC

130. David Hides from Saul
Verses:  1 Samuel 21:1-15; 1 Samuel 22:1-5
People: David; King Saul; Ahimelech the priest; Doeg the Edomite; King Achish
Places: Gibeah; Nob; Gath
Dates: 1025-1010 BC

131. Saul Kills Priests
Verses:  1 Samuel 22:6-23
People: David; Gad the prophet; King Saul; Doeg the Edomite; Abiathar
Places: Gath; cave of Adullam; Mizpeh in Moab; forest of Hereth; Gibeah; Nob
Topics: priests; murder
Dates: 1025-1010 BC

132. David and Jonathan Renew Friendship
Verses:  1 Samuel 23:15-18
People: David; King Saul; Jonathan
Places: Ziph; Keilah; Horesh
Topics: friendship
Dates: 1025-1010 BC

133. Ziphites Betray David
Verses:  1 Samuel 23:19-29
People: David; King Saul; Ziphites
Places: Ziph; Gibeah; Horesh; Hakilah; Jeshimon
Dates: 1025-1010 BC

134. David Refuses to Hurt Saul
Verses:  1 Samuel 24:1-22
People: David; King Saul;
Places: En-gedi
Topics: robe; cave; mercy; forgiveness
Dates: 1025-1010 BC

135. Abigail Stops a Fight
Verses:  1 Samuel 25:1-44
People: David; Nabal; Abigail
Places: Carmel
Topics: food; provision; shearing sheep
Dates: 1025-1010 BC

136. David Visits Saul's Camp at Night
Verses:  1 Samuel 26:1-25
People: David; King Saul; Abishai; Abner
Places: Ziph; Gibeah; Hakilah; Jeshimon
Topics: spear; water jug
Dates: 1025-1010 BC

137. David Lives with Philistines
Verses:  1 Samuel 27:1-12; 1 Samuel 28:1-2; 1 Chronicles 12:1-18
People: David; King Achish; Ahinoam; Abigail; Philistines
Places: Gath; Ziklag
Topics: protection; escape
Dates: 1025-1010 BC

138. Saul Visits Witch of Endor
Verses:  1 Samuel 28:3-25
People: King Saul; witch of Endor; Samuel
Places: Endor; En-dor
Topics: witch; medium
Dates: 1010 BC

139. David Leaves Philistines
Verses:  1 Samuel 29:1-11; 1 Samuel 30:1-31; 1 Chronicles 12:1-40
People: David; King Achish
Places: Gath; Aphek; Jezreel; Ziklag
Topics: loyalty; rejection
Dates: 1010 BC

140. Saul Dies in Battle
Verses:  1 Samuel 31:1-13; 1 Chronicles 10:1-14
People: King Saul; Jonathan; Abinadab; Malkishua; Philistines
Places: Mount Gilboa; Jezreel Valley; Beth-shan; Jabesh-gilead
Topics: armor bearer; temple of Ashtoreth; defeat
Dates: 1010 BC

141. David Learns of Saul's Death
Verses:  2 Samuel 1:1-27
People: David; Amalekite
Places: Ziklag; Mount Gilboa
Topics: mourn; grieve
Dates: 1010 BC

142. David Becomes King of Judah
Verses:  2 Samuel 2:1-32; 2 Samuel 3:1
People: David; Ishbosheth; Abner; Joab; Abishai; Asahel
Places: Hebron; Mahanaim; Gibeon; Ammah
Topics: king of Judah; king of Israel; kings
Dates: 1010 BC

143. David Becomes King of All Israel
Verses:  2 Samuel 5:1-5; 1 Chronicles 11:1-3
People: David
Places: Hebron
Topics: king of Israel; kings
Dates: 1003 BC

144. David Captures Jerusalem
Verses:  2 Samuel 5:6-10; 1 Chronicles 11:4-9
People: David; Joab; Jebusites
Places: Jerusalem; Millo; Zion; city of David
Topics: water tunnel
Dates: 1000 BC

145. A Battle with Philistines
Verses:  2 Samuel 5:17-25; 1 Chronicles 14:8-17
People: David; Philistines
Places: Jerusalem; valley of Rephaim; Baal-perazim; Rephaim; Gezer; Gibeah
Topics: victory; conquest
Dates: 1000 BC

146. David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem
Verses:  2 Samuel 6:1-23; 1 Chronicles 13:1-14; 1 Chronicles 15:1-29; 1 Chronicles 16:1-43
People: David
Places: Jerusalem; Baalah of Judah; Perez-uzzah; Gath
Topics: Ark of the Covenant
Dates: 1000 BC

147. David Plans Temple
Verses:  2 Samuel 7:1-29; 1 Chronicles 17:1-27
People: David; Nathan the prophet
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: temple
Dates: 1000 BC

148. David is Kind to Mephibosheth
Verses:  2 Samuel 9:1-13
People: David; Jonathan; Mephibosheth; Ziba; Makir son of Ammiel
Places: Jerusalem; Lo-debar
Topics: kindness; vow
Dates: 1000 BC

149. A King Shames David's Men
Verses:  2 Samuel 10:1-19; 1 Chronicles 19:1-19
People: David; King Nahash; Ammonites; Hanun; Arameans; Joab; Abishai; Hadadezer; Shobach
Places: Ammon; Jerusalem; Beth-rehob; Zobah; Tob; Maacah; Helam
Topics: ambassadors; shaming; mercenaries
Dates: 1000-997 BC

150. David and Bathsheba
Verses:  2 Samuel 11:1-27; 2 Samuel 12:1-25
People: David; Bathsheba; Bath-sheba; Uriah; Joab
Places: Rabbah; Jerusalem
Topics: adultery; lust; sex; murder
Dates: 997 BC

151. Absalom Rebels
Verses:  2 Samuel 15:1-37
People: David; Absalom; Abiathar; Zadok; Ahimaaz; Hushai the Arkite; Gittites
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: rebellion
Dates: 997-980 BC

152. Shimei Insults David
Verses:  2 Samuel 16:5-14
People: David; Shimei; Abishai
Places: Bahurim
Topics: rebellion; insult
Dates: 997-980 BC

153. Absalom Chooses His Helpers
Verses:  2 Samuel 16:15-23; 2 Samuel 17:1-23
People: David; Absalom; Ahithophel; Hushai; concubines
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: advice; counsel
Dates: 997-980 BC

154. Absalom is Defeated
Verses:  2 Samuel 17:24-29; 2 Samuel 18:1-33
People: Absalom; David; Joab; Amasa; Abishai; Jether; Abigail daughter of Nahash; Zeruiah; Shobi son of Nahash; Makir; Barzillai
Places: Mahanaim; Gilead; Ephraim forest; Absalom's Monument
Topics: victory; defeat; hair
Dates: 997-980 BC

155. David's Men Bring Water from Bethlehem
Verses:  2 Samuel 23:8-39; 1 Chronicles 11:10-47
People: Jashobeam the Hacmonite; Eleazar son of Dodai; Shammah son of Agee
Places: Adullam cave; Bethlehem
Dates: 997-980 BC

156. David Buys a Threshing Floor
Verses:  2 Samuel 24:1-25; 1 Chronicles 21:1-30
People: David; Joab; Araunah; Gad the prophet; angel of God
Places: Mount Moriah; Temple mount; Jerusalem
Topics: census; plague; threshing floor
Dates: 980 BC

157. David and Solomon Plan Temple
Verses:  1 Chronicles 22:1-19; 1 Chronicles 23:1-32; 1 Chronicles 24:1-31; 1 Chronicles 25:1-31; 1 Chronicles 26:1-32
People: David; Solomon
Places: Mount Moriah; Temple mount; Jerusalem
Topics: Temple; Temple mount; Mount Moriah; Jerusalem; cedar logs
Dates: 980-970 BC

158. Solomon Becomes King
Verses:  1 Kings 1:1-53; 1 Chronicles 28:1-21; 1 Chronicles 29:1-25
People: David; Solomon; Abishag; Adonijah; Joab; Abiathar; Zadok; Benaiah; Nahan; Bathsheba; Bath-sheba; Jonathan son of Abiathar
Places: Jerusalem; Gihon Springs; Zoheleth; En-rogel;
Topics: rebellion; succession; horns of the altar; altar; Tabernacle
Dates: 980-970 BC

159. Solomon Asks for Wisdom
Verses:  1 Kings 3:1-15; 2 Chronicles1:1-12
People: Solomon; Pharaoh's daughter
Places: Gibeon
Topics: wisdom; altar; Ark of the Covenant; dream; vision; sacrifices; offerings
Dates: 970 BC

160. Solomon Shows Wisdom
Verses:  1 Kings 3:16-28
People: Solomon
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: prostitutes; mother; baby; sword; wisdom
Dates: 970 BC

161. Solomon Builds Temple
Verses:  1 Kings 5:1-18; 1 Kings 6:1-7
People: Solomon; King Hiram
Places: Jerusalem; Tyre; Gebel
Topics: Temple; cedar; cypress
Dates: 966-959 BC

162. Temple is Dedicated
Verses:  1 Kings 8:1-66; 2 Chronicles 5:2-14; 2 Chronicles 7:1-22
People: Solomon
Places: Jerusalem; Temple; Mount Moriah; Temple Mount; City of David; Zion; Most Holy Place
Topics: Ark of the Covenant; Festival of Shelters; dedication; prayer
Dates: 959 BC

163. Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon
Verses:  1 Kings 10:1-29; 2 Chronicles 9:1-28
People: Solomon; Queen of Sheba
Places: Jerusalem; Sheba
Topics: queen; riches; wisdom; gifts; gold; jewels
Dates: 959-930 BC

164. Solomon Turns from God
Verses:  1 Kings 11:1-25
People: Solomon; Hadad; Queen Tahpanes; Genubath; Rezon; King Hadadezer; Hittites
Places: Jerusalem; Mount of Olives; Midian; Paran; Aram; Moab; Ammon; Edom; Sidon;
Topics: backsliding; idols; gods; Molech; Chemosh; shrines; worship
Dates: 959-930 BC

165. Ahijah Warns That Kingdom Will Divide
Verses:  1 Kings 11:26-43; 2 Chronicles 9:29-31
People: Ahijah; Solomon; Jeroboam; Zeruah
Places: Jerusalem; Shiloh; Zeredah; Ephraim
Topics: division; destruction; kingdom divides; cloak; tearing cloak
Dates: 959-930 BC

166. The Kingdom Divides
Verses:  1 Kings 12:1-24; 2 Chronicles 10:1--11:4
People: Rehoboam; Jeroboam; Shemaiah
Places: Shechem; Jerusalem
Topics: rejection; counsel; advice; rebellion; division; kingdom divides
Dates: 930 BC

167. Jeroboam Makes Two Golden Calves
Verses:  1 Kings 12:25-33; 1 Kings 13:1-10
People: Jeroboam
Places: Shechem; Bethel
Topics: gold calves; golden calves; calf idols; idols; worship
Dates: 930 BC

168. Ahab Marries Jezebel
Verses:  1 Kings 16:29-33
People: Ahab; Jezebel; King Ethbaal; Ethbaal
Places: Samaria
Topics: evil; wickedness; idols; gods; Asherah; Asherah pole; king; queen
Dates: 874 BC

169. Ravens Feed Elijah
Verses:  1 Kings 17:1-6
People: Elijah
Places: Tishbe; Gilead; Kerith Brook; Cherith
Topics: ravens; food; feeding; prophet; brook; river; drought; rain
Dates: 870-848 BC

170. Elijah Helps a Widow of Zarephath
Verses:  1 Kings 17:7-24
People: Elijah; widow of Zarephath
Places: Kerith Brook; Cherith; Zarephath
Topics: food; oil; flour; miracle
Dates: 870-848 BC

171. Elijah Defeats Prophets of Baal
Verses:  1 Kings 18:1-46
People: Elijah; Baal; Obadiah; King Ahab; Ahab
Places: Mount Carmel
Topics: prophets of Baal; false prophets; fire from heaven; prophets of Asherah; Baal; Asherah
Dates: 870-848 BC

172. Elijah Listens to a Quiet Voice
Verses:  1 Kings 19:1-18
People: Elijah; Queen Jezebel; Jezebel
Places: Beersheba; Mount Sinai; Horeb
Topics: broom tree; mountain of God; angel of God; windstorm; fire; earthquake; quiet voice; still small voice
Dates: 870-848 BC

173. Elijah Gives His Mantle to Elisha
Verses:  1 Kings 19:19-21
People: Elijah; Elisha
Topics: anoint; anointing; successor; assistant
Dates: 870-848 BC

174. Ahab Steals Naboth's Vineyard
Verses:  1 Kings 21:1-29
People: Naboth; Elijah; Ahab; King Ahab; Jezebel; Queen Jezebel
Places: Jezreel; Tishbe
Topics: vineyard; Naboth's vineyard; murder
Dates: 857 BC

175. Micaiah's Prophecy
Verses:  1 Kings 22:1-40; 2 Chronicles 18:1-34; 2 Chronicles 19:1-11
People: Micaiah; Jeshoshaphat; King Jehoshaphat; Ahab; King Ahab; Amon; Joash; Zedekiah son of Kenaanah
Places: Ramoth-gilead
Topics: royal robes; robes; thrones; prophecy; warning; defeat
Dates: 853 BC

176. Elijah Goes Away in a Whirlwind
Verses:  2 Kings 2:1-18
People: Elijah; Elisha
Places: Bethel; Jericho; Jordan River
Topics: chariot of fire; horses of fire; whirlwind; heaven
Dates: 848 BC

177. Elisha Helps a Poor Widow
Verses:  2 Kings 4:1-7
People: Elisha; widow
Topics: oil; jars of oil; miracle
Dates: 848-797 BC

178. A Room for Elisha
Verses:  2 Kings 4:8-17
People: Elisha; Gehazi; woman of Shunem
Places: Shunem
Topics: room; rooftop; rooftop room; son; miracle
Dates: 848-797 BC

179. Elisha Raises a Dead Boy
Verses:  2 Kings 4:18-37
People: Elisha; Gehazi; woman of Shunem; dead boy
Places: Shunem
Topics: raising dead; resurrection; alive; dead boy
Dates: 848-797 BC

180. Naaman is Healed
Verses:  2 Kings 5:1-14
People: Elisha; Naaman; slave girl; Gehazi; king of Aram; king of Israel
Places: Jordan River; Aram; Syria
Topics: leprosy; healing; miracle
Dates: 848-797 BC

181. Elisha's Greedy Servant
Verses:  2 Kings 5:15-27
People: Elisha; Gehazi; Naaman
Topics: leprosy; punishment; greed; silver
Dates: 848-797 BC

182. A Servant Sees An Angel Army
Verses:  2 Kings 6:8-17
People: Elisha; Gehazi; king of Aram; Arameans; Aramean army
Places: Dothan
Topics: angel army; angels; horses of fire; chariots of fire; army
Dates: 848-797 BC

183. Blind Syrians
Verses:  2 Kings 6:18-23
People: Elisha; Aramean army; king of Israel
Places: Dothan; Samaria
Topics: blindness; blind; kindness
Dates: 848-797 BC

184. Four Lepers Visit Enemy Camp
Verses:  2 Kings 6:24-33; 2 Kings 7:1-20
People: lepers; king of Israel; Elisha
Places: Samaria
Topics: lepers; leprosy; miracle; famine; food; prophecy
Dates: 848-797 BC

185. Jehu is Anointed
Verses:  2 Kings 8:25-29; 2 Kings 9:1-13; 2 Chronicles 22:1-9
People: Elisha; Jehu; prophet
Places: Ramoth-gilead
Topics: anointing
Dates: 841 BC

186. Joash the Boy King
Verses:  2 Kings 11:1-21; 2 Chronicles 22:10-12; 2 Chronicles 23:1-21
People: Joash; Athaliah; Queen Athaliah; Jehosheba; Jehoiada
Places: Jerusalem; Temple
Topics: Temple; crown; king
Dates: 835 BC

187. Joash Repairs Temple
Verses:  2 Kings 12:1-16; 2 Chronicles 24:1-14
People: Joash; Jehoiada
Places: Jerusalem; Temple
Topics: repair Temple; Temple repairs; gifts; money chest
Dates: 835-796 BC

188. A Great Fish Swallows Jonah
Verses:  Jonah 1:1-17; Jonah 2:1-10
People: Jonah
Places: Nineveh; Joppa; Tarshish; sea
Topics: storm; great fish; fish swallows Jonah; running away
Dates: 793-785 BC

189. Jonah Preaches at Nineveh
Verses:  Jonah 3:1-10; Jonah 4:1-11
People: Jonah
Places: Nineveh
Topics: preaching; forgiveness; gourd; vine; worm
Dates: 793-785 BC

190. God Calls Isaiah
Verses:  Isaiah 6:1-13
People: Isaiah; King Uzziah; Uzziah
Places: Jerusalem; Temple
Topics: God's throne; seraphim; wings; holiness; sending; calling Isaiah
Dates: 740 BC

191. King Uzziah's Leprosy
Verses:  2 Chronicles 26:1-23
People: Uzziah; King Uzziah
Places: Jerusalem; Temple; Corner Gate; Valley Gate
Topics: leprosy; leper; incense offering; incense altar; incense burner; sacrifice; pride; proud;
Dates: 739 BC

192. Israel Into Captivity
Verses:  2 Kings 17:1-41
People: King Hoshea; Hoshea; King Shalmaneser; Shalmaneser; Assyrians; Israelites
Places: Samaria
Topics: rebellion; captivity; foreign settlers; Samaritans
Dates: 734 BC

193. Angel Destroys Assyrian Army
Verses:  2 Kings 18:13-37; 2 Kings 19:1-37; 2 Chronicles 32:9-23
People: King Hezekiah; Hezekiah; King Sennacherib; Sennacherib; Assyrians; Israelites; Eliakim; Shebna; Joah
Places: Jerusalem; Lachish
Topics: angel of God; Assyrian army; tribute
Dates: 701 BC

194. Hezekiah Gets Well
Verses:  2 Kings 20:1-11; 2 Chronicles 32:24-31
People: Hezekiah; King Hezekiah; Isaiah; Eliakim; Shebna
Places: Jerusalem; Lachish; Libnah
Topics: health; healing; forgiveness
Dates: 701-696 BC

195. Book of the Law is Found and Read
Verses:  2 Kings 22:1-20; 2 Kings 23:1-27; 2 Chronicles 34:14-28
People: Josiah; King Josiah; Shaphan; Hilkiah; Huldah
Places: Jerusalem; Temple
Topics: repair Temple; Temple repair; Book of the Law; Law
Dates: 640-622 BC

196. God Calls Jeremiah
Verses:  Jeremiah 1:1-19
People: Jeremiah
Places: Anathoth; Anata
Topics: calling Jeremiah; fetus; unborn child
Dates: 627-586 BC

197. Daniel Refuses to Eat the King's Food
Verses:  Daniel 1:1-21
People: Daniel; Belteshazzar; Hananiah; Shadrach; Mishael; Meshach; Azariah; Abednego; Ashpenaz; Nebuchadnezzar; King Nebuchadnezzar
Places: Babylon
Topics: convictions; refuses to eat; refuses to drink; vegetarian
Dates: 604 BC

198. Daniel Interprets Dream for King Nebuchadnezzar; Daniel is Promoted
Verses:  Daniel 2:1-49
People: Daniel; Nebuchadnezzar; King Nebuchadnezzar; Arioch
Places: Babylon
Topics: dreams; interpret dreams; meaning of dreams
Dates: 604 BC

199. King Jehoiakim Burns Jeremiah's
Verses:  Jeremiah 36:1-32
People: Jeremiah; Baruch; Micaiah; Jehoiakim; King Jehoiakim
Places: Jerusalem; king's palace
Topics: scroll; Book of Jeremiah; word of God
Dates: 603 BC

200. Ebed-Melech Rescues Jeremiah
Verses:  Jeremiah 37:11-21; Jeremiah 38:1-28
People: Jeremiah; Ebed-Melech; King Zedekiah
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: prison; prisoner; rescue
Dates: 603 BC

201. Judah Falls, Jerusalem Destroyed
Verses:  2 Kings 24:18-20; 2 Kings 25:1-21; 2 Chronicles 36:1-23
People: Zedekiah; King Zedekiah; Nebuchadnezzar; King Nebuchadnezzar; Babylonians
Places: Judah; Babylon
Topics: captivity; fall of Judah
Dates: 586 BC

202. The Fiery Furnace
Verses:  Daniel 3:1-30
People: Daniel; Belteshazzar; Hananiah; Shadrach; Mishael; Meshach; Azariah; Abednego; Nebuchadnezzar; King Nebuchadnezzar
Places: Babylon
Topics: fiery furnace; angel of God
Dates: 584 BC

203. Handwriting on the Wall
Verses:  Daniel 5:1-31
People: Daniel; Belshazzar; King Belshazzar; Darius the Mede; nobles; noblemen
Places: Babylon
Topics: handwriting; God's writing; banquet; temple vessels; purple robe
Dates: 542 BC

204. Daniel in the Lion's Den
Verses:  Daniel 6:1-28
People: Daniel; Darius the Mede; administrators
Places: Babylon
Topics: lions' den; den of lions; lions; angel
Dates: 540-539 BC

205. People Return Home
Verses:  Ezra 1:1-11; Ezra 2:1-70
People: Cyrus; King Cyrus; Zerubbabel
Places: Persia
Topics: exiles return; return to the land
Dates: 538 BC

206. A New Temple
Verses:  Ezra 3:1-13; Ezra 4:1-24; Ezra 5:1-17; Ezra 6:1-22
People: Zerubbabel; Jeshua; Cyrus; King Cyrus; Xerxes; King Xerxes; Artaxerxes; King Artaxerxes;
Places: Jerusalem; Temple
Topics: rebuild Temple; Festival of Shelters
Dates: 536 BC

207. Trouble in the Palace
Verses:  Esther 1:1-22
People: Xerxes; King Xerxes; Vashti; Queen Vashti; Memucan
Places: Susa
Topics: celebration; banquet; eunuchs
Dates: 486-479 BC

208. Esther Becomes Queen
Verses:  Esther 2:1-20
People: Esther; Mordecai; Xerxes; King Xerxes; Vashti; Queen Vashti; Hegai; Shashgaaz
Places: Susa
Topics: queen; beauty; cosmetics; eunuchs
Dates: 486-479 BC

209. Mordecai Discovers Treason
Verses:  Esther 2:21-23
People: Esther; Mordecai; Xerxes; King Xerxes; Bigthana; Teresh
Places: Susa
Topics: plot; assassinate; hanging; gallows
Dates: 479-474 BC

210. Haman Tricks the King
Verses:  Esther 3:1-15; Esther 4:1-17
People: Haman; Xerxes; King Xerxes; Esther; Mordecai; Jews; Hathach
Places: Susa
Topics: tricking; massacre
Dates: 474 BC

211. Queen Esther Defeats Haman
Verses:  Esther 5:1-14; Esther 8:1-17
People: Haman; Xerxes; King Xerxes; Esther; Mordecai; Jews; Zeresh
Places: Susa
Topics: banquets; hanging; gallows
Dates: 474 BC

212. Ezra Goes to Jerusalem
Verses:  Ezra 7:1-28; Ezra 8:1-36
People: Ezra; King Artaxerxes; Artaxerxes
Places: Persia; Jerusalem
Topics: exiles return; return to the land
Dates: 457 BC

213. Nehemiah Begs to Go Home
Verses:  Nehemiah 1:1-11; Nehemiah 2:1-10
People: Nehemiah; Artaxerxes; King Artaxerxes
Places: Susa; Persia; Jerusalem
Topics: cup bearer
Dates: 445 BC

214. Nehemiah Visits Walls at Night
Verses:  Nehemiah 2:11-16
People: Nehemiah; Artaxerxes; King Artaxerxes
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: walls of Jerusalem; rebuilding walls
Dates: 445 BC

215. Nehemiah Builds Walls
Verses:  Nehemiah 4:1-23
People: Nehemiah; Artaxerxes; King Artaxerxes
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: walls of Jerusalem; rebuilding walls
Dates: 445 BC

216. Nehemiah Finishes Walls
Verses:  Nehemiah 6:1-19; Nehemiah 7:1-3
People: Nehemiah; Artaxerxes; King Artaxerxes
Places: Jerusalem
Topics: walls of Jerusalem; rebuilding walls
Dates: 445 BC

217. Ezra Reads Law
Verses:  Nehemiah 8:1-18
People: Ezra
Places: Jerusalem; Water Gate
Topics: Scriptures; Law; Law of Moses; Book of the Law; celebrate
Dates: 445 BC

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