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kir-i-ath-se'-fer (qiryath cepher; translated by many, as if it were Hebrew, as "house of books." Septuagint polis grammaton; the King James Version, Kirjath Sepher; other suggestions have been made: "border-town" (Moore) or "tolltown" (G.A. Smith): In two parallel passages (Joshua 15:15 Judges 1:11 f), it is mentioned as identical with DEBIR (which see), which has been frequently identified with edh-Dhaheriyeh. Sayce would place Kiriath-Sepher to the W. of Gath. See P E F S, 1893, 33-35.


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Kiriath-sepher (4 Occurrences)
Kiriath-sepher. Kiriathsepher, Kiriath-sepher. Kir'iath-se'pher . Int. ... (ASV
BBE JPS NAS). Kiriathsepher, Kiriath-sepher. Kir'iath-se'pher . Reference Bible
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Kir'iath-san'nah (1 Occurrence)
Kir'iath-san'nah. Kiriath-sannah, Kir'iath-san'nah. Kiriathsepher . ...
Kiriath-sannah, Kir'iath-san'nah. Kiriathsepher . Reference Bible.
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