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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A sudden squall; a violent blast of wind; a sudden and brief rushing or driving of the wind. Snow, and hail, stormy gust and flaw.

2. (n.) A sudden violent burst of passion.

3. (n.) The sense or pleasure of tasting; relish; gusto.

4. (n.) Gratification of any kind, particularly that which is exquisitely relished; enjoyment.

5. (n.) Intellectual taste; fancy.

6. (v. t.) To taste; to have a relish for.

4157. pnoe -- a blowing, wind, breath
... Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: pnoe Phonetic Spelling: (pno-ay')
Short Definition: breath, wind Definition: (a) breath, (b) gust, breeze, wind ...
// - 6k

417. anemos -- wind
... 417 -- properly, a gust of air (wind); (figuratively) something with gusting,
storm-like force, like someone bent in a particular direction (cf. ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
5302. Nophach -- a city of Moab
... Nophah. From naphach; a gust; Nophach, a place in Moab -- Nophah. see HEBREW
naphach. 5301, 5302. Nophach. 5303 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/5302.htm - 6k

The Angel of Death
... bent upon his horse's neck. Gust after gust of icy air swept down on his
head, as if winnowed by frozen wings. Then with a backward ...
// yoke/chapter xli the angel of.htm

Touching Certain Forms of Immediate Acts, &C. ...
... pitched upon any act or affection contained in the said exercises, let her tarry
as long upon each of them, without passing to another, as her gust unto such ...
/.../chapter ii touching certain forms.htm

Of the Mortification of Sensual Love to Meats, &C. ...
... willingly admits extraordinary feastings; 3. if being alone she does not entertain
herself with the thought of such things, nor talks of them with gust; 4. if ...
/.../chapter vi of the mortification.htm

The Monk of Thagaste
... of the boat which carried him, he did not feel the force of the immense element,
asleep now under his feet, but quick to be unchained at the first gust of wind ...
// augustin/iii the monk of thagaste.htm

The Distracted Mind
... Literally, Do not be up in the air"blown helpless hither and thither, by every gust
of wind, instead of keeping on the firm ground, and walking straight on ...
/.../kingsley/all saints day and other sermons/sermon xxxix the distracted mind.htm

Wind and Spirit
... Perhaps a gust of night wind swept round the chamber where Nicodemus sat listening
to Jesus, and gave occasion for this condensed parable. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture i/wind and spirit.htm

... der Kirchenväter, vols. I. and II., Leipzig, 1839); Jos. Lutz (Tübingen,
2d ed.1859); Gust. Leonhardi (Leipzig, 1888, selected ...
// the priesthood/chapter i literature.htm

Of Exercises of the Will: to Wit, Forced Immediate Acts...
... Such are acts of humiliation, resignation, &c., the producing of which does not
cause any gust in inferior nature; whereas affections of love, joy, hope, desire ...
/.../chapter i of exercises of.htm

A Change from Meditation to Prayer of the Will is Necessary in an ...
... ought then to forbear meditation, and to betake herself to the exercise of immediate
acts, which she will then doubtless perform with great gust and facility ...
/.../chapter v a change from.htm

A Daily Constant Exercise.
... recollection; but wheresoever she finds any act or prayer relishing to her, let
her insist and dwell upon it with her mind as long as the gust thereof shall ...
/.../a daily constant exercise.htm

Gust (1 Occurrence)
... 1. (n.) A sudden squall; a violent blast of wind; a sudden and brief rushing or
driving of the wind. Snow, and hail, stormy gust and flaw. ...Gust (1 Occurrence). ...
/g/gust.htm - 7k

Gutter (3 Occurrences)

/g/gutter.htm - 8k

Violent (151 Occurrences)
... desire. (BBE). Mark 4:37 And there comes a violent gust of wind, and the
waves beat into the ship, so that it already filled. (DBY). ...
/v/violent.htm - 36k

Gushing (1 Occurrence)

/g/gushing.htm - 7k

Flaw (3 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) A sudden burst of noise and disorder; a tumult; uproar; a quarrel.
4. (n.) A sudden burst or gust of wind of short duration. ...
/f/flaw.htm - 7k

Reed (41 Occurrences)
... jointed like the bamboo, "with a magnificent panicle of blossom at the top, and
so slender and yielding that it will lie perfectly flat under a gust of wind ...
/r/reed.htm - 29k

Puff (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A sudden and single emission of breath from the
mouth; hence, any sudden or short blast of wind; a slight gust; a whiff. ...
/p/puff.htm - 8k

Blast (28 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A violent gust of wind. 2. (n.) A forcible stream
of air from an orifice, as from a bellows, the mouth, etc. ...
/b/blast.htm - 20k

Squall (2 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A sudden violent gust of wind often
attended with rain or snow. 2. (vi) To cry out; to scream ...
/s/squall.htm - 7k

... leaves up to a certain point-to about the size of a small cherry-and then the great
majority of them fall to the ground, carried down with every gust of wind. ...
/f/figtree.htm - 15k

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