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A fringe of twisted threads attached to the bottom edge of Israelite men's cloaks. The Pharisees lengthened the tassels on their cloaks to draw attention to their piety.

Tassels attached to outer garments

On the corners of garments

Numbers 15:38 See also Deuteronomy 22:12

On the cloak of Jesus Christ

Matthew 9:20 pp Mark 5:27 pp Luke 8:44 The woman probably touched the tassels on Jesus Christ's cloak. See also Matthew 14:36 pp Mark 6:56

Tassels as a reminder of God's law

Numbers 15:39-41 The movement of the tassels would draw back wandering eyes to God and his law.

Ostentatious tassels symbolise outward religious show

Matthew 23:5-7 pp Mark 12:38-39 pp Luke 20:46 See also Matthew 6:1-6

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