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Cyre'ne (5 Occurrences)

Matthew 27:32
And coming forth, they found a man, a Cyrenian, by name Simon: him they impressed that he might bear his cross;
(See RSV)

Mark 15:21
And they impress a certain one passing by -- Simon, a Cyrenian, coming from the field, the father of Alexander and Rufus -- that he may bear his cross,
(See RSV)

Luke 23:26
And as they led him away, having taken hold on Simon, a certain Cyrenian, coming from the field, they put on him the cross, to bear 'it' behind Jesus.
(See RSV)

Acts 2:10
Phrygia also, and Pamphylia, Egypt, and the parts of Libya, that 'are' along Cyrene, and the strangers of Rome, both Jews and proselytes,
(See RSV)

Acts 11:20
and there were certain of them men of Cyprus and Cyrene, who having entered into Antioch, were speaking unto the Hellenists, proclaiming good news -- the Lord Jesus,
(See RSV)

Cyre'ne (5 Occurrences)
Cyre'ne. Cyrene, Cyre'ne. Cyrenian . Multi-Version Concordance Cyre'ne
(5 Occurrences). Matthew 27:32 And coming forth, they found ...
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Cyrene (7 Occurrences)

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Cyrenian (3 Occurrences)

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