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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A narrow opening resulting from a split or crack in a junction; a cleft; a fissure; a rent.

2. (v. t.) To crack; to flaw.

3692. ope -- an opening, a hole
... an opening, a hole. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: ope Phonetic
Spelling: (op-ay') Short Definition: a crevice, cave Definition: a crevice (in ...
// - 6k
Strong's Hebrew
5366. neqarah -- a hole, crevice
... 5365, 5366. neqarah. 5367 . a hole, crevice. Transliteration: neqarah
Phonetic Spelling: (nek-aw-raw') Short Definition: caverns. ...
/hebrew/5366.htm - 6k

5357. naqiq -- cleft (of a rock)
... clefts. Word Origin from an unused word Definition cleft (of a rock) NASB
Word Usage clefts (1), crevice (1), ledges (1). hole. From ...
/hebrew/5357.htm - 5k

3975. muwrah -- a hole for light
... den Feminine passive participle of 'owr; something lighted, ie An aperture; by
implication, a crevice or hole (of a serpent) -- den. see HEBREW 'owr. ...
/hebrew/3975.htm - 5k

2352. chuwr -- a city in Asher
... hole Or (shortened) chur {khoor}; from an unused root probably meaning to bore;
the crevice of a serpent; the cell of a prison -- hole. 2351, 2352. ...
/hebrew/2352.htm - 5k

2337. chavach -- thicket
... Word Origin the same as choach, qv. thicket Perhaps the same as chowach; a dell
or crevice (as if pierced in the earth) -- thicket. see HEBREW chowach. ...
/hebrew/2337.htm - 5k


Under Ban of the Ritual
... Out of a crevice between the heights to the south the broad blue Nile rolled, sweeping
past one hundred and twenty stadia or sixteen miles of urban magnificence ...
// yoke/chapter ii under ban of.htm

On the Way to Thebes
... The north wind had risen and swept through the crevice between the hills with more
than usual strength, adding its reedy music to the sound of the swiftly ...
// yoke/chapter xxi on the way.htm

At Masaarah
... wall. There was an ample space formed by its slant against the cliff and
almost before she knew it, she had crept into this crevice. ...
// yoke/chapter xviii at masaarah.htm

How we May Live as the Bible Reads.
... To keep darkness out of a room, we need only to keep it filled with light. Carefully
closing up every crevice will not suffice if the light goes out. ...
// to live a holy life/how we may live as.htm

The River of Life
... True, the inconsiderable waters of Siloam"'which flow softly' because they were
so inconsiderable"rose from a crevice in the Temple rock, and beneath that ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture a/the river of life.htm

The Duty of the Present Moment the Only Rule.
... word, their disposition resembles the atmosphere, which is affected by every breeze;
or water, which flows into any shaped vessel exactly filling every crevice ...
/.../de caussade/abandonment to divine providence/section vi the duty of the.htm

October the Twenty-Fifth the Robe of Humility
... It is fine for defence! The devil cannot get at the man who is "clothed in humility."
There is no chink or crevice through which his deadly rapier can pierce. ...
/.../my daily meditation for the circling year/october the twenty-fifth the robe.htm

The Lessons of a Feast
... webs, and His act of mercy flew high above the webs, like some fair winged creature
glancing in the sunshine, while the spider sits in his crevice balked. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture e/the lessons of a feast.htm

The Release of Saint George.
... Slowly it trickled down through many a crevice, when the Knight, waiting patiently
for the oil to take effect, grasped the sword with his left hand, while he ...
/.../kingston/the seven champions of christendom/chapter eleven the release of.htm

Christ and his Captors
... as Moses could not look upon the Face, but could only see the back parts, so here
the one stray beam of manifest divinity that shot through the crevice, as it ...
/.../christ and his captors.htm

Crevice (1 Occurrence)
... cleft; a fissure; a rent. 2. (vt) To crack; to flaw. Multi-Version Concordance
Crevice (1 Occurrence). Jeremiah 13:4 Take the band ...
/c/crevice.htm - 6k

Peep (1 Occurrence)
... 3. (vi) To look cautiously or slyly; to peer, as through a crevice; to pry. ... 6. (n.)
A sly look; a look as through a crevice, or from a place of concealment. ...
/p/peep.htm - 8k

Cleft (15 Occurrences)
... 5. (a.) Incised nearly to the midrib; as, a cleft leaf. 6. (n.) A space or opening
made by splitting; a crack; a crevice; as, the cleft of a rock. ...
/c/cleft.htm - 12k

... kleft, klif, klift: The first of these words, from cleave, "to split," is a crevice
or narrow opening, as "of the ragged rocks" (Isaiah 2:21); "under the ...
/c/clift.htm - 7k

Crack (5 Occurrences)
... 10. (n.) A partial separation of parts, with or without a perceptible opening; a
chink or fissure; a narrow breach; a crevice; as, a crack in timber, or in a ...
/c/crack.htm - 9k

Cretians (1 Occurrence)

/c/cretians.htm - 6k

Crevices (3 Occurrences)

/c/crevices.htm - 7k

Cliff (11 Occurrences)
... kleft, klif, klift: The first of these words, from cleave, "to split," is a crevice
or narrow opening, as "of the ragged rocks" (Isaiah 2:21); "under the ...
/c/cliff.htm - 10k

Sing (147 Occurrences)
... 2. (vi) To utter sweet melodious sounds, as birds do. 3. (vi) To make a small,
shrill sound; as, the air sings in passing through a crevice. ...
/s/sing.htm - 36k

Divorce (18 Occurrences)
... By just as much as a crevice for relief of the miseries of married life is opened
by divorce, by so much the flood gates are opened into those miseries. ...
/d/divorce.htm - 41k

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Crevice (1 Occurrence)

Jeremiah 13:4
Take the band which you got for a price, which is round your body, and go to Parah and put it in a secret place there in a hole of the rock.



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