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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. t.) To remain; to await; to abide; as to bide one's time until favorable conditions arise; to continue or be permanent in a place or state; to continue to be.

2. (v. t.) To dwell; to inhabit; to abide; to stay.

3. (v. t.) To encounter; to remain firm under (a hardship); to endure; to suffer; to undergo.

4. (v. t.) To wait for; as, I bide my time. See Abide.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

bid: A variant of "abide" (which see); is the rendering of perimeno, in The Wisdom of Solomon 8:12 (the Revised Version (British and American) "they shall wait for me"). In Acts 1:4 the same word is translated "wait for."


That Lovers of God Shall Deem with Him: and of the Love of ...
... that any man has received this, never afterwards shall he fully go from it; but
evermore shall heat, sweetness, or singing"if all these be not near"bide. ...
// fire of love/chapter xi that lovers of.htm

... a case like this. He could not be content to bide his time. Either the
claims of Christ were true or false. If false, then they ...
/.../sell/bible studies in the life of paul/study ii conversion.htm

The Struggle for Life
... With fifty other breakfastless birds, it had to bide its time, to scour the country;
to prospect the trees, the grass, the ground; to lie in ambush; to attack ...
/.../the lowell lectures on the ascent of man/chapter vi the struggle for.htm

Hymn for Christmas-Day
... Why headlong thus to ruin stride? If aught of soundness in you bide, Behold
in Him the Lord divine Of all your patriarchal line. ...
/.../prudentius/the hymns of prudentius/xi hymn for christmas-day.htm

Third Tractate. On Dialectic [The Upward Way].
... But this highest degree must bide its time: let us first try to speak of the initial
process of conversion. We must begin by distinguishing the three types. ...
/.../plotinus/the six enneads/third tractate on dialectic the.htm

Who Can Tell?
... And now the King himself bide him come into his presence, and the fearless still
propounds the threatening of God. Then comes the effect. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 5 1859/who can tell.htm

How the Work of this Book Shall be Wrought, and of the Worthiness ...
... affection. And therefore shape thee to bide in this darkness as long as
thou mayest, evermore crying after Him that thou lovest. ...
/.../anonymous/the cloud of unknowing/here beginneth the third chapter.htm

Which is Chaste Love; and How in Some Creatures Such Sensible ...
... If they come, welcome them: but lean not too much on them for fear of feebleness,
for it will take full much of thy powers to bide any long time in such sweet ...
/.../anonymous/the cloud of unknowing/here beginneth the fiftieth chapter.htm

The Outlaw
... Nor I wadna be a clerk, mither, to bide aye ben, Scrabbling ower the sheets o'
parchment with a weary weary pen; Looking through the lang stane windows at a ...
// and other poems/the outlaw.htm

The Oubit {260}
... It was an hairy oubit, sae proud he crept alang, A feckless hairy oubit, and merrily
he sang" 'My Minnie bad me bide at hame until I won my wings; I show her ...
// and other poems/the oubit 260.htm

... 1. (vt) To remain; to await; to abide; as to bide one's time until favorable conditions
arise; to continue or be permanent in a place or state; to continue to ...
/b/bide.htm - 7k

Bidding (13 Occurrences)

/b/bidding.htm - 10k

Bidkar (1 Occurrence)

/b/bidkar.htm - 7k

Caiaphas (9 Occurrences)
... But Caiaphas pointed a way out of their dilemma: let them bide their time till the
momentary enthusiasm of the populace was spent (compare Matthew 26:5), and ...
/c/caiaphas.htm - 14k

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