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Easton's Bible Dictionary
(R.V. Micah 1:10), house of dust. The Authorized Version reads "in the house of Aphrah." This is probably the name of a town in the Shephelah, or "low country," between Joppa and Gaza.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

beth-le-af'-ra (beth le`aphrah; Septuagint ex oikou kata gelota, "house of dust"): The name of a place found only in Micah 1:10. From the connection in which it is used it was probably in the Philistine plain. There seems to be a play upon the name in the sentence, "at Beth le-`apharah have I rolled myself in the dust," `aphrah meaning "dust," and possibly another on Philistine in rolled, hith-palldshithi (see G. A. Smith, The Book of the Twelve Prophets, called Minor, in the place cited.).

Strong's Hebrew
1036. Beth Leaphrah -- "house to dust," a place in Palestine
... "house to dust," a place in Palestine. Transliteration: Beth Leaphrah Phonetic
Spelling: (bayth le-af-raw') Short Definition: Beth-le-aphrah. ...
/hebrew/1036.htm - 6k
... BETH-LEAPHRAH. beth-le-af'-ra (bethle`aphrah; Septuagint ex oikou kata gelota,
"house of dust"): The name of a place found only in Micah 1:10. ...
/b/bethleaphrah.htm - 7k

Beth-le-aphrah (1 Occurrence)
Beth-le-aphrah. Beth-leaphrah, Beth-le-aphrah. Beth-le-aph'rah . Easton's Bible
Dictionary ... Multi-Version Concordance Beth-le-aphrah (1 Occurrence). ...
/b/beth-le-aphrah.htm - 7k

Beth-leaphrah. Bethleaphrah, Beth-leaphrah. Beth-le-aphrah . Int. Standard
Bible Encyclopedia ... Bethleaphrah, Beth-leaphrah. Beth-le-aphrah . Reference Bible
/b/beth-leaphrah.htm - 7k

Beth-le-aph'rah (1 Occurrence)
Beth-le-aph'rah. Beth-le-aphrah, Beth-le-aph'rah. Bethlebaoth . Multi-Version
Concordance ... (See RSV). Beth-le-aphrah, Beth-le-aph'rah. Bethlebaoth . ...
/b/beth-le-aph'rah.htm - 6k

Beth-joab (1 Occurrence)
Beth-joab. Bethjesimoth, Beth-joab. Bethleaphrah . Multi-Version Concordance ...
(ASV BBE DBY JPS YLT NAS). Bethjesimoth, Beth-joab. Bethleaphrah . ...
/b/beth-joab.htm - 6k

Rolling (32 Occurrences)
... me. (BBE). Micah 1:10 Give no word of it in Gath, let there be no weeping
at all: at Beth-le-aphrah be rolling in the dust. (BBE). ...
/r/rolling.htm - 16k

Beth-le-aphrah (1 Occurrence)

Micah 1:10
Tell it not in Gath, weep not at all: at Beth-le-aphrah have I rolled myself in the dust.



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