Numbers 16:10
Text Analysis
7126 [e]וַיַּקְרֵב֙
That He has brought you near [to Himself]Conj-w | V-Hifil-ConsecImperf-3ms
853 [e]אֹֽתְךָ֔
youDirObjM | 2ms
853 [e]וְאֶת־
andConj-w | DirObjM
3605 [e]כָּל־
251 [e]אַחֶ֥יךָ
your brothersN-mpc | 2ms
1121 [e]בְנֵי־
the sons ofN-mpc
3878 [e]לֵוִ֖י
854 [e]אִתָּ֑ךְ
with youPrep | 2ms
1245 [e]וּבִקַּשְׁתֶּ֖ם
and are you seekingConj-w | V-Piel-ConjPerf-2mp
1571 [e]גַּם־
3550 [e]כְּהֻנָּֽה׃
the priesthoodN-fs

Hebrew Texts
במדבר 16:10 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וַיַּקְרֵב֙ אֹֽתְךָ֔ וְאֶת־כָּל־אַחֶ֥יךָ בְנֵי־לֵוִ֖י אִתָּ֑ךְ וּבִקַּשְׁתֶּ֖ם גַּם־כְּהֻנָּֽה׃

במדבר 16:10 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
ויקרב אתך ואת־כל־אחיך בני־לוי אתך ובקשתם גם־כהנה׃

במדבר 16:10 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
ויקרב אתך ואת־כל־אחיך בני־לוי אתך ובקשתם גם־כהנה׃

במדבר 16:10 Hebrew Bible
ויקרב אתך ואת כל אחיך בני לוי אתך ובקשתם גם כהנה׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
and that He has brought you near, Korah, and all your brothers, sons of Levi, with you? And are you seeking for the priesthood also?

King James Bible
And he hath brought thee near to him, and all thy brethren the sons of Levi with thee: and seek ye the priesthood also?

Holman Christian Standard Bible
He has brought you near, and all your fellow Levites who are with you, but you are seeking the priesthood as well.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

and seek

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