Ezekiel 20:11
Text Analysis
5414 [e]וָאֶתֵּ֤ן
And I gaveConj-w | V-Qal-ConsecImperf-1cs
themPrep | 3mp
853 [e]אֶת־
2708 [e]חֻקּוֹתַ֔י
My statutesN-fpc | 1cs
853 [e]וְאֶת־
andConj-w | DirObjM
4941 [e]מִשְׁפָּטַ֖י
My judgmentsN-mpc | 1cs
3045 [e]הוֹדַ֣עְתִּי
853 [e]אוֹתָ֑ם
themDirObjM | 3mp
834 [e]אֲשֶׁ֨ר
which [if]Pro-r
6213 [e]יַעֲשֶׂ֥ה
853 [e]אוֹתָ֛ם
-DirObjM | 3mp
120 [e]הָאָדָ֖ם
a manArt | N-ms
2425 [e]וָחַ֥י
and he shall liveConj-w | V-Qal-ConjPerf-3ms
by themPrep | 3mp

Hebrew Texts
יחזקאל 20:11 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וָאֶתֵּ֤ן לָהֶם֙ אֶת־חֻקֹּותַ֔י וְאֶת־מִשְׁפָּטַ֖י הֹודַ֣עְתִּי אֹותָ֑ם אֲשֶׁ֨ר יַעֲשֶׂ֥ה אֹותָ֛ם הָאָדָ֖ם וָחַ֥י בָּהֶֽם׃

יחזקאל 20:11 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
ואתן להם את־חקותי ואת־משפטי הודעתי אותם אשר יעשה אותם האדם וחי בהם׃

יחזקאל 20:11 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
ואתן להם את־חקותי ואת־משפטי הודעתי אותם אשר יעשה אותם האדם וחי בהם׃

יחזקאל 20:11 Hebrew Bible
ואתן להם את חקותי ואת משפטי הודעתי אותם אשר יעשה אותם האדם וחי בהם׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"I gave them My statutes and informed them of My ordinances, by which, if a man observes them, he will live.

King James Bible
And I gave them my statutes, and shewed them my judgments, which if a man do, he shall even live in them.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Then I gave them My statutes and explained My ordinances to them--the person who does them will live by them.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

I gave

Deuteronomy 4:8 And what nation is there so great, that has statutes and judgments …

Nehemiah 9:13,14 You came down also on mount Sinai, and spoke with them from heaven, …

Psalm 147:19,20 He shows his word to Jacob, his statutes and his judgments to Israel…

Romans 3:2 Much every way: chiefly, because that to them were committed the oracles of God.

shewed them [heb] made them to know

Ezekiel 20:13,21 But the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness: they …

Leviticus 18:5 You shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments: which if …

Deuteronomy 20:15,16 Thus shall you do to all the cities which are very far off from you, …

Luke 10:28 And he said to him, You have answered right: this do, and you shall live.

Romans 10:5 For Moses describes the righteousness which is of the law, That the …

Galatians 3:12 And the law is not of faith: but, The man that does them shall live in them.

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