2 Kings 9:35
Text Analysis
1980 [e]וַיֵּלְכ֖וּ
So they wentConj-w | V-Qal-ConsecImperf-3mp
6912 [e]לְקָבְרָ֑הּ
to bury herPrep-l | V-Qal-Inf | 3fs
3808 [e]וְלֹא־
but no moreConj-w | Adv-NegPrt
4672 [e]מָ֣צְאוּ
they foundV-Qal-Perf-3cp
of herPrep | 3fs
3588 [e]כִּ֧י
518 [e]אִם־
1538 [e]הַגֻּלְגֹּ֛לֶת
the skullArt | N-fs
7272 [e]וְהָרַגְלַ֖יִם
and the feetConj-w, Art | N-fd
3709 [e]וְכַפּ֥וֹת
and the palmsConj-w | N-fpc
3027 [e]הַיָּדָֽיִם׃
of [her] handsArt | N-fd

Hebrew Texts
מלכים ב 9:35 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וַיֵּלְכ֖וּ לְקָבְרָ֑הּ וְלֹא־מָ֣צְאוּ בָ֗הּ כִּ֧י אִם־הַגֻּלְגֹּ֛לֶת וְהָרַגְלַ֖יִם וְכַפֹּ֥ות הַיָּדָֽיִם׃

מלכים ב 9:35 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
וילכו לקברה ולא־מצאו בה כי אם־הגלגלת והרגלים וכפות הידים׃

מלכים ב 9:35 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
וילכו לקברה ולא־מצאו בה כי אם־הגלגלת והרגלים וכפות הידים׃

מלכים ב 9:35 Hebrew Bible
וילכו לקברה ולא מצאו בה כי אם הגלגלת והרגלים וכפות הידים׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
They went to bury her, but they found nothing more of her than the skull and the feet and the palms of her hands.

King James Bible
And they went to bury her: but they found no more of her than the skull, and the feet, and the palms of her hands.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
But when they went out to bury her, they did not find anything but her skull, her feet, and the palms of her hands.
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