Genesis 7:8
The clean and unclean animals, the birds, and everything that crawls along the ground
Realized SalvationR.A. Redford Genesis 7:7-16
And Noah went in, &c. "And the Lord shut him in" (vers. 7, 10, 16).

I. The CONTRAST between the position of the BELIEVER and that of the UNBELIEVER. The difference between a true freedom and a false. "Shut in" by the Lord to obedience, but also to peace and safety. The world's judgment shut out. The restraints and privations of a religious life only temporary. The ark will be opened hereafter.

II. THE METHOD OF GRACE ILLUSTRATED. He that opens the ark for salvation shuts in his people for the completion of his work. We cannot shut ourselves in. Our temptation to break forth into the world and be involved in its ruin. The misery of fear. Are we safe? Perseverance not dependent upon our self-made resolutions or provisions. By various means we are shut in to the spiritual life. Providentially; by ordinances; by bonds of fellowship. We should look for the Divine seal. - R.

Because of the waters of the flood.
There are many motives urging men to seek the safety of their souls.

I. BECAUSE RELIGION IS COMMANDED. Some men are good because God requires moral rectitude from all His creatures, they feel it right to be pure. They wish to be happy, and they find that the truest happiness is the outcome of goodness.

II. BECAUSE OTHERS ARE RELIGIOUS. Multitudes are animated by a desire to cultivate a good life because their comrades do. They enter the ark because of the crowds that are seen wending their way to its door.

III. BECAUSE RELIGION IS A SAFETY. We are told that Noah's family went into the ark "because of the waters of the flood." Many only become religious when they see the troubles of life coming upon them; they regard piety as a refuge from peril.

(J. S. Exell, M. A.)

I. THE WARNED ACCEPTING ADMONITION. The warning we have corresponds with the warning Noah had, in —

1. Its source;

2. Its medium;

3. Its subject;

4. Its design.


1. The urgently-needed refuge.

2. The divinely-appointed refuge.

3. The wisely-adapted refuge.

4. The only-existing refuge (Acts 4:12).



(J. Poulter, B. A.)

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