The Citizen of Zion a Worker of Righteousness
Psalm 15:2
He that walks uprightly, and works righteousness, and speaks the truth in his heart.

It is he that worketh righteousness now shall dwell in heaven.


1. He is a believer in Christ, and righteous by faith. He that does not work faith works no righteousness at all (John 6:29). For a man must first be righteous before he can work it. A soul not united to Christ cannot do this (John 15:5). All life and strength spiritual is in Christ (1 John 5:11, 12). Until the conscience be purged from dead works he cannot work righteousness (Hebrews 9:14). Truth is the spring of all good works (1 Timothy 1:5; 1 John 3:12; Hebrews 11:4). Therefore, let men work as they will, until they be true believers in Christ they cannot work righteousness. Works without faith ruin the soul. See the Pharisee (Luke 18:11, 12). But the citizen of Zion is a believer. Also faith without works ruins a man, for it is but a dead faith (James 2:11, 14).

2. He worketh righteousness towards God. He seeks to give God His due (Matthew 22:21; Isaiah 64:5; Acts 10:35).

3. He worketh righteousness towards man. He will wrong no man. He will be blameless and harmless (Philippians 2:15). He seeks to do as he would be done to (Matthew 7:12). And makes conscience of giving everyone their due (Romans 13:7). Not that they are perfect. Good Asa was not (2 Chronicles 16:10, and in Genesis 20:9). But their sins are not deliberate and of set purpose. He is a sincere worker of righteousness towards man. Hence in his particular relations, in the special duties of such relation as husband, wife, parent, master, etc. In a word, he is conscientiously righteous in all things that concern his neighbour (Micah 6:3).


1. God is a righteous God.

2. It is the great end of redemption that Christ's people may be righteous (Luke 1:74, 75).

3. And judgment will be according to works. Then be workers of righteousness.

(T. Boston, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.

WEB: He who walks blamelessly does what is right, and speaks truth in his heart;

The Citizen of Zion a Speaker of Truth in His Heart
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