1 Chronicles 3
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The Descendants of David

1Now these were the sons of David that were born to him in Chebron; the first-born Amnon, born of Achinaam the Jezraelitess; the second Damniel, of Abigaia the Carmelitess. 2The third, Abessalom, the son of Mocha the daughter of Tholmai king of Gedsur; the fourth, Adonia the son of Aggith. 3The fifth, Saphatia, the son of Abital; the sixth, Jethraam, born of Agla his wife. 4Six were born to him in Chebron; and he reigned there seven years and six months: and he reigned thirty-three years in Jerusalem. 5And these were born to him in Jerusalem; Samaa, Sobab, Nathan, and Solomon; four of Bersabee the daughter of Amiel: 6and Ebaar, and Elisa, and Eliphaleth, 7and Nagai, and Naphec, and Japhie, 8and Helisama, and Eliada, and Eliphala, nine. 9All these were the sons of David, besides the sons of the concubines, and there was also Themar their sister.

The Descendants of Solomon

10The sons of Solomon; Roboam, Abia his son, Asa his son, Josaphat his son, 11Joram his son, Ochozias his son, Joas his son, 12Amasias his son, Azarias his son, Joathan his son, 13Achaz his son, Ezekias his son, Manasses his son, 14Amon his son, Josia his son. 15And the sons of Josia; the first-born Joanan, the second Joakim, the third Sedekias, the fourth Salum. 16And the sons of Joakim; Jechonias his son, Sedekias his son.

The Royal Line After the Exile

17And the sons of Jechonias; Asir, Salathiel his son, 18Melchiram, and Phadaias, and Sanesar, and Jekimia, and Hosamath, and Nabadias. 19And the sons of Phadaias; Zorobabel, and Semei: and the sons of Zorobabel; Mosollam, and Anania, and Salomethi was their sister. 20And Asube, and Ool, and Barachia, and Asadia, and Asobed, five. 21And the sons of Anania, Phalettia, and Jesias his son, Raphal his son, Orna his son, Abdia his son, Sechenias his son. 22And the son of Sechenias; Samaia: and the sons of Samaia; Chattus, and Joel, and Berri and Noadia, and Saphath, six. 23And the sons of Noadia: Elithenan, and Ezekia, and Ezricam, three. 24And the sons of Elithenan; Odolia, and Heliasebon, and Phadaia, and Akub, and Joanan, and Dalaaia, and Anan, seven.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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