Exodus 11
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 And Hashem said unto Moshe, Yet will I bring one nega (plague; T.N. see Isa 53:8 regarding Moshiach) more upon Pharaoh, and upon Mitzrayim; afterwards he will let you go hence: when he shall let you go, he shall surely drive you out hence altogether. 2 Speak now in the ears of HaAm, let every ish request of his neighbor, every isha of her neighbor, articles of kesef and articles of zahav. 3 And Hashem gave the people chen in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover the ish Moshe was gadol me'od in Eretz Mitzrayim, in the sight of Pharaoh's avadim, and in the sight of the people.

4 And Moshe said, Thus saith Hashem, About khatzot halailah (midnight) will I go out into the midst of Mitzrayim; 5 And all the bechor in Eretz Mitzrayim shall die, from the bechor Pharaoh that sitteth upon his kisse, even unto the bechor hashifchah that is behind the millstone; and all the bechor behemah. 6 And there shall be a great cry throughout kol Eretz Mitzrayim, such as there was none like it, nor shall be like it any more. 7 But against any of the Bnei Yisroel shall not a kelev move his leshon, against ish or behemah; that ye may have da'as that Hashem doth differentiate between Mitzrayim and Yisroel. 8 And all these thy avadim shall come down unto me, and bow down themselves unto me, saying, Get thee out, and kol HaAm that follow thee; and after that I will go out. And he went out from Pharaoh in a great anger.

9 And Hashem said unto Moshe, Pharaoh shall not pay heed unto you; that My mofetim may be multiplied in Eretz Mitzrayim. 10 And Moshe and Aharon did all these mofetim before Pharaoh; and Hashem hardened lev Pharaoh, so that he would not let the Bnei Yisroel go out of his land.

The Orthodox Jewish Bible fourth edition, OJB. Copyright 2002,2003,2008,2010, 2011 by Artists for Israel International. All rights reserved.
Used by permission.

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