1 Corinthians 2
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 When I came to you, Achim b'Moshiach, I did not come preaching and announcing to you the sod Hashem (mystery of G-d) as a ba'al melitzot (rhetorician, fine talker) or in the excellence of chochmah. 2 For I made the decision not to have da'as of anything among you except Moshiach and nivlato al haEtz (his body -gufa, kerper--on the Tree Boim (Yiddish for tree), DEVARIM 21:23). 3 And I came to you (Ac 18:1) in weakness (1:25,27) and in yir'at Shomayim and in fear and in much trembling I was with you, 4 And my speech and my hachrazah (proclamation, kyrygma, preaching) to you of the Besuras HaGeulah of Hashem was not in persuasive words but in the demonstration of the Ruach Hakodesh and the gevurat Hashem (power of G-d--1:17), 5 That the [orthodox Jewish] emunah (faith) of you may not be in the [Olam Hazeh] " chochmah" of Bnei Adam, but in the gevurat Hashem [1:17].

6 But we do speak chochmah (wisdom) to the man who is mevugar (mature, grown up), to those with mature ruchaniyut (spirituality in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach), yet, it is a chochmah (wisdom) not of the Olam Hazeh, neither of the rulers of the Olam Hazeh (Ro 13:3), the ones being brought to naught (1:28). [TEHILLIM 146:4] 7 But we speak the chochmah of Hashem in a hidden sod (mystery 2:1), which was nigzar merosh (determined from the beginning, preordained, predestined, decided beforehand) by Hashem lifnei yemei haOlam (before the days of eternity) for our kavod (glory, Ro 8:29-30); 8 A chochmah which not one of the rulers of the Olam Hazeh has known, for, if they had had da'as, they would not have made talui al HaEtz HaKelalat Hashem (being hanged on the Tree of the Curse of G-d- Dt 21:23) the [Moshiach] Adon HaKavod. [Ps 24:7]

9 But even as it has been written, " Things which no eye has seen and LO SHAMU (" they had not heard" ) nor did it come up into the heart of Bnei Adam, the things G-d prepared for the ones who have ahavah for him." Isa 64:3[4] TARGUM HASHIVIM; Isa 52:15

10 But Hashem has made the hitgalut haSod (the revelation of the mystery) to us of these things through the Ruach Hakodesh; for the Ruach Hakodesh searches all things, even the deep things of G-d. 11 For who of Bnei Adam has da'as of the things of Bnei Adam except the ruach of a man in him? So also the things of G-d no one has known except the Ruach Hashem. [Jer 17:9; Prov 20:27] 12 Now we have not received the ruach of the Olam Hazeh but the Ruach Hakodesh from Hashem, that we may have da'as of the things having been freely given to us by Hashem, 13 Which things also we speak, not in dvarim (words) taught by chochmah haBnei Adam, but in dvarim taught by the Ruach Hakodesh, making midrash [exposition, interpretation] of the things of the Ruach Hakodesh [2:12] by means of the words of the Ruach Hakodesh.

14 But a natural person does not receive the things of the Ruach Hakodesh of Hashem, for they are narrishkait (foolishness 1:2124) to him, and he is not able to have personal saving da'as of them, because they are discerned in the Ruach Hakodesh. 15 Now the man of the Ruach Hakodesh discerns all things, but, by no one is he discerned. 16 For, " Who has known the mind of Hashem so as to instruct Him" [Isa 40:13 TARGUM HASHIVIM]? But we have the mind of Moshiach. [YESHAYAH 40:13]

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