Job 32:1
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New International Version
So these three men stopped answering Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes.

King James Bible
So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes.

Darby Bible Translation
And these three men ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes.

World English Bible
So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes.

Young's Literal Translation
And these three men cease from answering Job, for he is righteous in his own eyes,

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Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

These three men ceased to answer Job - They supposed that it was of no use to attempt to reason any longer with a man who justified himself before God. The truth is, they failed to convince Job of any point, because they argued from false principles; and, as we have seen, Job had the continual advantage of them. There were points on which he might have been successfully assailed; but they did not know them. Elihu, better acquainted both with human nature and the nature of the Divine law, and of God's moral government of the world, steps in, and makes the proper discriminations; acquits Job on the ground of their accusations, but condemns him for his too great self-confidence, and his trusting too much in his external righteousness; and, without duly considering his frailty and imperfections, his incautiously arraigning the providence of God of unkindness in its dealings with him. This was the point on which Job was particularly vulnerable, and which Elihu very properly clears up.

Because he was righteous tn his own eyes - The Septuagint, Syriac, Arabic, and Chaldee, all read, "Because he was righteous in Their eyes;" intimating, that they were now convinced that he was a holy man, and that they had charged him foolishly. The reading of these ancient versions is supported by a MS. of the thirteenth century, in Dr. Kennicott's collections; which, instead of בעיניו beeinaiv, in His eyes, has בעיניהם beeineyhem, in Their eyes. This is a reading of considerable importance, but it is not noticed by De Rossi. Symmachus translates nearly in the same way: Δια τον αυτον δικαιον φαινεσθαι επ' αυτων; Because he appeared more righteous than themselves.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

to answer. Heb. from answering. righteous

Job 6:29 Return, I pray you, let it not be iniquity; yes, return again, my righteousness is in it.

Job 10:2,7 I will say to God, Do not condemn me; show me why you contend with me...

Job 13:15 Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain my own ways before him.

Job 23:7 There the righteous might dispute with him; so should I be delivered for ever from my judge.

Job 27:4-6 My lips shall not speak wickedness, nor my tongue utter deceit...

Job 29:11-17 When the ear heard me, then it blessed me; and when the eye saw me, it gave witness to me...

Job 31:1 I made a covenant with my eyes; why then should I think on a maid?


Job 33:9 I am clean without transgression, I am innocent; neither is there iniquity in me.

"For they that are after the Flesh do Mind,"
Rom. viii. s 5, 6.--"For they that are after the flesh do mind," &c. "For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." There are many differences among men in this world, that, as to outward appearance, are great and wide, and indeed they are so eagerly pursued, and seriously minded by men, as if they were great and momentous. You see what a strife and contention there is among men, how to be extracted out of the dregs of the multitude, and set a little higher
Hugh Binning—The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning

Its Meaning
Deliverance from the condemning sentence of the Divine Law is the fundamental blessing in Divine salvation: so long as we continue under the curse, we can neither be holy nor happy. But as to the precise nature of that deliverance, as to exactly what it consists of, as to the ground on which it is obtained, and as to the means whereby it is secured, much confusion now obtains. Most of the errors which have been prevalent on this subject arose from the lack of a clear view of the thing itself, and
Arthur W. Pink—The Doctrine of Justification

Cross References
Job 10:7
though you know that I am not guilty and that no one can rescue me from your hand?

Job 13:18
Now that I have prepared my case, I know I will be vindicated.

Job 27:5
I will never admit you are in the right; till I die, I will not deny my integrity.

Job 27:6
I will maintain my innocence and never let go of it; my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live.

Job 31:6
let God weigh me in honest scales and he will know that I am blameless--

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