1 Chronicles 3
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The Descendants of David
(2 Samuel 3:1–5)

1These were the sons of David who were born to him in Hebron:

The firstborn was Amnon by Ahinoam of Jezreel;

the second was Daniel by Abigail of Carmel;

2the third was Absalom the son of Maacah daughter of King Talmai of Geshur;

the fourth was Adonijah the son of Haggith;

3the fifth was Shephatiah by Abital;

and the sixth was Ithream by his wife Eglah.

4These six sons were born to David in Hebron, where he reigned seven years and six months.

And David reigned in Jerusalem thirty-three years, 5and these sons were born to him in Jerusalem:

Shimea,a Shobab, Nathan, and Solomon. These four were born to him by Bathshebab daughter of Ammiel.c

6David’s other sons were Ibhar,d Elishua,e Eliphelet, 7Nogah, Nepheg, Japhia, 8Elishama, Eliada, and Eliphelet—nine in all.

9These were all the sons of David, besides the sons by his concubines. And Tamar was their sister.

The Descendants of Solomon

10Solomon’s son was Rehoboam:

Abijah was his son, Asa his son, Jehoshaphat his son, 11Joramf his son, Ahaziah his son, Joash his son, 12Amaziah his son, Azariahg his son, Jotham his son, 13Ahaz his son, Hezekiah his son, Manasseh his son, 14Amon his son, and Josiah his son.

15The sons of Josiah:

Johanan was the firstborn, Jehoiakim the second, Zedekiah the third, and Shallumh the fourth.

16The successors of Jehoiakim:

Jeconiahi his son, and Zedekiah.

The Royal Line After the Exile

17The descendants of Jeconiah the captive:

Shealtiel his son, 18Malchiram, Pedaiah, Shenazzar, Jekamiah, Hoshama, and Nedabiah.

19The sons of Pedaiah:

Zerubbabel and Shimei.

The children of Zerubbabel:

Meshullam and Hananiah, their sister Shelomith, 20and five others: Hashubah, Ohel, Berechiah, Hasadiah, and Jushab-hesed.

21The descendants of Hananiah:

Pelatiah, Jeshaiah, and the sons of Rephaiah, of Arnan, of Obadiah, and of Shecaniah.

22The six descendants of Shecaniah were Shemaiah and his sons:

Hattush, Igal, Bariah, Neariah, and Shaphat.

23The sons of Neariah:

Elioenai, Hizkiah, and Azrikam—three in all.

24The sons of Elioenai:

Hodaviah, Eliashib, Pelaiah, Akkub, Johanan, Delaiah, and Anani—seven in all.

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