Hosea 14
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1“Turn back, O Israel, to your God YHWH, "" For you have stumbled by your iniquity.

2Take words with you, and turn to YHWH, "" Say to Him, Take away all iniquity, and give good, "" And we render the fruit of our lips.

3Asshur does not save us, we do not ride on a horse, "" Nor do we say anymore, Our god, to the work of our hands, "" For in You the fatherless find mercy.

4I heal their backsliding, I love them freely, "" For My anger has turned back from him.

5I am as dew to Israel, he flourishes as a lily, "" And he strikes forth his roots as Lebanon.

6His shoots go on, "" And his splendor is as an olive, "" And he has fragrance as Lebanon.

7The dwellers return under his shadow, "" They revive [as] grain, and flourish as a vine, "" His memorial [is] as wine of Lebanon.

8O Ephraim, what have I anymore to do with idols? I have answered, and I look after him: I [am] as a green fir-tree, "" Your fruit is found from Me.

9Who [is] wise, and understands these? Prudent, and knows them? For upright are the ways of YHWH, "" And the righteous go on in them, "" And the transgressors stumble therein!”

Literal Standard Version
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