Daniel 12
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1“And at that time Michael stands up, the great head, who is standing up for the sons of your people, and there has been a time of distress, such as has not been since there has been a nation until that time, and at that time your people escape, everyone who is found written in the scroll. 2And the multitude of those sleeping in the dust of the ground awake, some to continuous life, and some to reproaches—to continuous abhorrence. 3And those teaching shine as the brightness of the expanse, and those justifying the multitude as stars for all time and forever.” 4“And you, O Daniel, hide the things, and seal the scroll until the time of the end, many go to and fro, and knowledge is multiplied.”

5“And I have looked—I, Daniel—and behold, two others are standing, one here at the edge of the flood and one there at the edge of the flood, 6and he says to the one clothed in linen, who [is] on the waters of the flood, Until when [is] the end of these wonders? 7And I hear the one clothed in linen, who [is] on the waters of the flood, and he lifts up his right hand and his left to the heavens, and swears by Him who is living for all time, that, After a time, times, and a half, and at the completion of the scattering of the power of the holy people, all these are finished. 8And I have heard, and I do not understand, and I say, O my lord, what [is] the latter end of these? 9And he says, Go, Daniel; for hidden and sealed [are] the things until the time of the end. 10Purify themselves, indeed, make themselves white, indeed, many are refined: and the wicked have done wickedly, and none of the wicked understand, and those acting wisely understand; 11and from the time of the turning aside of the continuous [sacrifice], and to the giving out of the desolating abomination, [are] one thousand, two hundred, and ninety days. 12O the blessedness of him who is waiting earnestly, and comes to the one thousand, three hundred, thirty-five days. 13And you, go on to the end, then you rest, and stand in your lot at the end of the days.”

Literal Standard Version
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