To His Wife

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Book I.

Chapter I.--Design of the Treatise. Disavowal of Personal Motives in Writing It.

Chapter II.--Marriage Lawful, But Not Polygamy.

Chapter III.--Marriage Good: Celibacy Preferable.

Chapter IV.--Of the Infirmity of the Flesh, and Similar Pleas.

Chapter V.--Of the Love of Offspring as a Plea for Marriage.

Chapter VI.--Examples of Heathens Urged as Commendatory of Widowhood and Celibacy.

Chapter VII.--The Death of a Husband is God's Call to the Widow to Continence Further Evidences from Scripture and from Heathenism.

Chapter VIII.--Conclusion.

Book II.

Chapter I.--Reasons Which Led to the Writing of This Second Book.

Chapter II.--Of the Apostle's Meaning in 1 Cor. VII. 12-14.

Chapter III.--Remarks on Some of the "Dangers and Wounds" Referred to in the Preceding Chapter.

Chapter IV.--Of the Hindrances Which an Unbelieving Husband Puts in His Wife's Way.

Chapter V.--Of Sin and Danger Incurred Even with a "Tolerant" Husband.

Chapter VI.--Danger of Having to Take Part in Heathenish Rites, and Revels.

Chapter VII.--The Case of a Heathen Whose Wife is Converted After Marriage with Him Very Different, and Much More Hopeful.

Chapter VIII.--Arguments Drawn Even from Heathenish Laws to Discountenance Marriage with Unbelievers. The Happiness of Union Between Partners in the Faith Enlarged on in Conclusion.


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