A Treatise on the Anger of God. Addressed to Donatus

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Chap. I.--Of Divine and Human Wisdom.

Chap. II.--Of the Truth and Its Steps, and of God.

Chap. III.--Of the Good and Evil Things in Human Affairs, and of Their Author.

Chap. IV.--Of God and His Affections, and the Censure of Epicurus.

Chap. V.--The Opinion of the Stoics Concerning God; Of His Anger and Kindness.

Chap. VI.--That God is Angry.

Chap. VII.--Of Man, and the Brute Animals, and Religion.

Chap. VIII.--Of Religion.

Chap. IX.--Of the Providence of God, and of Opinions Opposed to It.

Chap. X.--Of the Origin of the World, and the Nature of Affairs, and the Providence of God.

Chap. XI.--Of God, and that the One God, and by Whose Providence the World is Governed and Exists.

Chap. XII.--Of Religion and the Fear of God.

Chap. XIII.--Of the Advantage and Use of the World and of the Seasons.

Chap. XIV.--Why God Made Man.

Chap. XV.--Whence Sins Extended to Man.

Chap. XVI.--Of God, and His Anger and Affections.

Chap. XVII.--Of God, His Care and Anger.

Chap. XVIII.--Of the Punishment of Faults, that It Cannot Take Place Without Anger.

Chap. XIX.--Of the Soul and Body, and of Providence.

Chap. XX.--Of Offences, and the Mercy of God.

Chap. XXI.--Of the Anger of God and Man.

Chap. XXII.--Of Sins, and the Verses of the Sibyls Respecting Them Recited.

Chap. XXIII.--Of the Anger of God and the Punishment of Sins, and a Recital of the Verses of the Sibyls Respecting It; And, Moreover, a Reproof and Exhortation.

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