Psalm 114
International Standard Version Par ▾ 

Deliverance of Israel from Egypt

1When Israel came out of Egypt—

the household of Jacob from a people of foreign speech—

2Judah became his sanctuary

and Israel his place of dominion.

3The sea saw thisa and fled,

the Jordan Riverb ran backwards,

4the mountains skipped like rams,

and the hills like lambs.

5What happened to you, sea, that you fled?

Jordan, that you ran backwards?

6Mountains, that you skipped like rams?

and you hills, that you skippedc like lambs?

7Tremble then, earth, at the presence of the Lord,

at the presence of the God of Jacob,

8who turned the rock into a pool of water,

the flinty rock into flowing springs.

a 114:3 The Heb. lacks this
b 114:3 The Heb. lacks River
c 114:6 The Heb. lacks that you skipped

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