Numbers 24
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1And Balaam saw that it was pleasing in the eyes of LORD JEHOVAH for his blessing of Israel and he did not go as in every other time to know divination and set his face to the wilderness. 2And Balaam lifted his eyes and he saw Israel encamped tribes by tribes, and there the Spirit of God was upon him.

3And he lifted up his proverb and speaking, Balaam said, the son of Beor said, the man with his eyes open.

4He who heard the speech of God and seeing the appearance of God said, when raising and opening his eyes.

5“How beautiful your Tabernacle, Yaquuv, and your tents, Israel!

6As the rivers flowing and like a gardenParadise beside the river and like the Tabernacle that LORD JEHOVAH planted and like the cedars by the waters.

7A man will come forth from his sons and his seed, by many waters, and he will be exalted more than Agag the King, and his Kingdom will be exalted.

8God has brought them forth from Egypt by his strength and with his majesty he will consume the nations of his haters, and their bones He will break and their loins he will cut off.

9He crouched and lay like a lion and like the whelp of a lion, and who will raise him up? Those blessing you are blessed and those cursing you are cursed.”

10And the passion of Balaq was angered against Balaam and he clapped his hands and Balaq said to Balaam: “I called you to curse my enemies and behold blessing you have blessed them, behold, three times. 11Now go out, go you to your place; I have said that, honoring, I would honor you, and behold, LORD JEHOVAH has held you back from honor.” 12And Balaam answered and said to Balaq: “Behold, I said also to your Messengers whom you sent to me. 13That if Balaq gives to me a house of full of silver or gold I cannot pass over the word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH and offer from my heart good or evil; anything that LORD JEHOVAH says to me, that I am speaking. 14Now behold, I shall go myself to my land; but come, I shall advise you what this people does to your people in the end of days.”

15And he lifted up his proverb and spoke saying, “Balaam, the son of Beor said, the man with his eyes open.

16He said, hearing the speech of God and knowing the mind of the Highest, and he saw the appearance of God, when raising and opening his eyes:

17“I saw him and not from now, and at the end and it is not near; the star shall shine from Yaquuv and the Prince shall arise from Israel, and he shall destroy the mighty men of Moab and he shall subject all the sons of Shayth.

18And Adum shall be his inheritance and Seir the inheritance of his enemies will be his, and Israel will possess the power.

19And he shall come down from Yaquuv and he will destroy him who is left from the city.”

20And he saw Amaliq and he lifted up his proverb and said: “The Head of the nations, Amaliq, and his end will be destroyed for eternities.”

21And he saw the Qainites and he lifted up his proverb and said: “Your habitat is strong and your nest is set on a cliff.

22If Qain shall be for burning, unto Assyria they shall take you captive.”

23And he lifted his proverb and said: “Woe! Who shall live when God puts these down?

24And a legion shall proceed from the land of Khethites and they shall destroy Assyria and they shall destroy also the Hebrews; also those shall be destroyed for eternities.”

25And Balaam stood and returning he went to his place also Balaq went his way.

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Glenn David Bauscher
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