Nehemiah 1
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1And it was in the month Canun, in the twentieth year, I was standing in Shushan the palace. 2And Khanan, one of my brothers, came, he and the men, the Jews, and I asked them concerning those Jews who remain of the captivity, also concerning Jerusalem the city. 3And these men whom I asked were saying to me: “Those men who escaped from the captivity, behold, they are in the city dwelling in great affliction and in much reproach, and behold, the wall of Jerusalem is broken down and its gates are burned up in fire!”

4Then when I heard these words, I was sitting and weeping and mourning for many days, and was fasting and praying before the God of Heaven. 5And I was saying: “I beg of you, LORD JEHOVAH, God of Heaven, God The Mighty Man, and great and awesome, keeping the truth and grace for his friends and for those keeping his commandments, 6Let therefore your eyes be opened, and let your ears listen to us to hear the prayer that I, your Servant, pray before you by day and by night for the children of Israel, your Servants, and I confess concerning the sins of the children of Israel that they have sinned against you, and I and the house of my father, we have sinned before you. 7And we have not kept the commandments and the Law that you commanded Moshe your Servant. 8Remember all the commandments that you commanded Moshe your Servant, and you said to him: “You all shall deny me, and I shall scatter you among the nations. 9And you shall return to me, and you shall keep my laws and you shall do them, and if they shall scatter you into the ends of Heaven, from there I shall bring you, and I shall bring you to the place where I have chosen to encamp my name.” 10And those are your Servants and your people which you have saved by your great power and by your mighty hand 11In intercession before you, LORD JEHOVAH, your ear will be listening to the prayer of your Servant, and to the prayer of those who desire to worship your name, and save your Servant today, and give him in mercy before this man!” And I was the Butler to the King.

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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