Ezra 10
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1And when Azra prayed, and when he confessed, he was lying down and weeping before the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and a very great multitude from Israel were gathered to him, men and women and children, because the children were weeping very greatly. 2And Shekania, son of Nekhayel of the children of Ilam, answered and said to Azra the Scribe: “We have been unfaithful with LORD JEHOVAH our God, and we married foreign women of the Gentiles of the Earth! Now there is hope for Israel because of this! 3And now we will speak an oath before our God, to cast out all foreign women and those who were born of them, and according to the counsel of LORD JEHOVAH, and those who are in awe of the law of our God, act and be strong! 4Because this decree is decreed for you, because we are with you, and be strengthened and act!”

5And Azra the Scribe stood and made the Elders, the Priests and the Levites and all Israel swear to do according to this commandment, and they swore.

6And Azra the Scribe stood before the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and he went on to the chamber of Yokhanan, son of Elisha, and he sat down there. He did not eat bread, and he did not drink water, because he had grief for the evil of the people. 7And they read a proclamation in Yehuda and in Jerusalem for all the children of the captivity to be brought near to the city Jerusalem. 8And everyone whoever will not come in three days, it shall be done to him according to the counsel of the Elders and of the Princes: his possessions shall be destroyed and he shall be separated from the people of Israel.

9And all the men of Yehuda and Benjamin assembled to Jerusalem within three days in the ninth month on the tenth of the month, and all the people of LORD JEHOVAH gathered in the street of the temple of LORD JEHOVAH, shaking and fearful for the matter. 10And Azra the Priest stood and said to them: “You have denied God and you have taken foreign wives and you have added to the sins of Israel. 11Therefore make confession to LORD JEHOVAH God of your fathers, and do his pleasure and be separated from the Gentiles of the land and from foreign women!” 12And all the people answered and they were saying to Azra in a loud voice: “Beautiful is your answer to us, and everything that you tell us to do is acceptable, in truth! 13But now the people are many and it is the time of rain and we have no power to stand in the street, and it is not the work of one day, or two, because our sins in this matter are many. 14Therefore let the Elders and all the people and everyone who is in our villages, those who have married foreign women, arise, and they shall come for a time of prayer, and the Elders of the cities and the cities and their Judges with them, until they shall turn the heat of the anger of our God from us, because of this oath!” 15However, Jonathan, son of Ammanuyel, and Nekhezyah, son of Taqwa, and Mashlam stood up against this matter, and Mattai the Levite supported them.

16And thus did the children of the captivity, and Azra the Priest separated ten men, Chiefs of the fathers, for the house of their fathers, and all of them were called by name, and they sat down in the first day of the tenth month to investigate the matter. 17And all the men who married foreign women finished up until the first day of the first month.

18And some of the sons of the Priests who married foreign women were found from the children of Yeshua, son of Yozedeq, and his brothers, Massia and Eliazar and Yonadab and Gedaliah. 19And they were persuaded also that they would send away their wives, and they offered rams of sheep for their sins. 20From children of Amir: Khanani and Zekaryah. 21And from the sons of Kharam: Massia and Elia and Shemaia and Khananiel and Uzayel. 22From the sons of Pashkhur: Ilyan and Massia and Ishmayel and Nathaniel and Yuzabar and Elasa.

23From the Levites: Yuzabar and Shemi and Qelna and Qelta and Petakhya and Yehuda and Eliazar.

24And from the Ministers: Elisha and from the Porters: Shlimu and Atlam and Udi.

25From Israel, of the sons of Parash: Eramyah, Izanyah, Melakyah, Benjamin, Lazir, Melakyah, Benayah. 26From the sons of Ilam: Nethaniah, Zechariah, Nayayel, Abdi, Yarmuth, Elihu. 27From the sons of Zithaiah: Elani, Elishab, Nethaniah, Yarmuth, Zabur, Uzziah. 28From the sons of Babi: Yokhanan, KhananYah, Zabi, Athli. 29From the sons of Baki of Tashlum: Maluk, Uzziah and Yushab and Shawal and Yarmuth. 30And from the sons of Shultan: Moab, Gedalia, Kelal, Benayah, Massia, Methanya, Betsalieil and his sons, the sons of Manasheh. 31The sons of Kharam: Eliazar, Melakyah, Anshu, Shemaiah, Shemun. 32Benjamin, Maluk, Shemaiah. 33Of the sons of Kheshum: Mathni, Methitha, Zakar, Eliphlat and Karmi and Manasheh and Shami. 34Of the sons of Baki: Mudai, Amram and Yuyel. 35And Benaiah, son of Kelihu. 36And Nehaiel, Marmuth, Elishab. 37Methanya, Mathni, Uthi. 38And the sons of his sons: Shami. 39And Shelamiah and Nathan and Azaryah. 40And Mekizab and Shishay and Saray. 41And Ardayel and Shemaria. 42And Shalum and Amariah and Yauseph. 43From the sons of Nabu: Nebuyel and Matitha and Zakuur and Zebina and Joel and Benaiah. 44All of these took foreign wives, but there were some of the men who begot children.

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