Leviticus 6
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1And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 2“When a soul will sin and will do evil against LORD JEHOVAH and will lie against his neighbor in a trust, or in a partnership of the hand, or by violence, or cheats his neighbor; 3Or has found a lost thing and will lie about it and will swear with a lie about anything of all that a man does to sin in these things: 4And it will be, when he will sin and will be guilty, he will return the thing that he takes by force or oppression, cheating, or a trust that was entrusted him, or a lost thing that he found, 5Or of anything that he will swear upon himself with lies, he shall pay it with the principal and will add a fifth to it for him whose it is; he shall give it in the day of his offering. 6And he shall bring his offering to LORD JEHOVAH, a ram without defect from a flock, with the price offering to the Priest: 7And the Priest shall atone for him before LORD JEHOVAH and it shall be forgiven to him concerning anything of all that a man does to sin in such things.”

8And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 9“Command Ahron and his sons and say to them, 'This is the Law of burnt offering: it is a burnt offering because it burns on the altar all night until the morning and fire of the altar will be burning in it. 10And the Priest shall put on clothing of fine white linen and he shall wear on his body a garment of fine white linen and he shall take out the ashes that the fire of the burnt offering consumed, that are upon the altar, and he shall place them on the side the altar. 11And the Priest shall strip off his garment and shall put on another garment and shall take the ashes outside of the camp to a clean place. 12And fire will be burning on the altar and you shall not put it out, and the Priest shall pile wood upon it from morning to morning and he shall arrange the burnt offering upon it and shall offer up the fat of peace upon it. 13And fire will be constantly burning on the altar and you shall not put it out.

14And this is the Law of the meal offering: the sons of Ahron shall offer it before LORD JEHOVAH before the altar. 15And he shall take his full handful of the fine flour of the meal offering and of oil and of all frankincense that is upon the meal offering, and he shall offer up on the altar a pleasant fragrance, a remembrance to LORD JEHOVAH. 16And what is left of it, Ahron and his sons shall eat; unleavened bread shall be eaten in the holy place; they shall eat it in the court of the Time Tabernacle. 17Their portion shall not be baked with leaven; I have given it from my offering; it is a Holy of Holy things, like the sin offering and like a gift offering. 18Every male of the children of Ahron shall eat it; it is a covenant to eternity for your generations from the offering of LORD JEHOVAH; everything that will touch them will be hallowed.'"

19And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 20“This is the offering of Ahron and of his sons to bring to LORD JEHOVAH in the day when he is anointed: one tenth seah fine flour, a meal offering constantly; half of it at dawn and half in the evening, constantly. 21It shall be made on a griddle with oil; he shall make it soft and he shall break the meal offering in pieces, morsel by morsel, and bring a pleasing savor to LORD JEHOVAH. 22And the Priest who is anointed after him, of his sons, shall make it a covenant for a lifetime to LORD JEHOVAH; you shall offer it up completely. 23And the entire meal offering of the Priest shall be offered completely and shall not be eaten.”

24And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 25“Speak with Ahron and with his sons and say to them, ‘This is the Law of sin in the place where the burnt offering is slaughtered: sin shall be slaughtered before LORD JEHOVAH; it is the Holy of Holy things. 26And the Priest who sacrifices it shall eat it in the holy place; it shall be eaten in the court of the Time Tabernacle. 27Everyone who will touch its flesh shall be made holy and he who will sprinkle of its blood on the implements, the implement that was sprinkled will be washed in the holy place. 28And the earthenware vessel in which it is cooked shall be broken, and if it is cooked in a vessel of brass it shall be scoured and it shall be washed in water. 29Every male of the sons of Ahron shall eat it, because it is Holy of Holy things. 30And no sin offering that brought in some of its blood to the Time Tabernacle to make atonement in the Holy Place shall be eaten, but it shall burn in fire.'"

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